Alone at sunset

It was a difficult task - Hengifoss waterfall at sunset, Eastern Iceland. Maybe a pretty rare scene for Icelandic criteria.
I am interested in your opinion, how have I gotten through with a huge dynamic range and how do you like photography, since it is not the most ideal time of day to visit this big waterfall?

The Bald Mountain

Hey guys, I'm new to landscape photography and I wanted to get some critique on this panorama I took. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



Does it make sense?

My opinion is that with increasing the contrast and saturation, we destroy the atmosphere (dreamy look, serene mood...) and vice versa.
This photo may be a good example as there is enough room to raise contrast and saturation. What do you think about my observation?

Silver Creek

So I finally finished editing the picture I took before work the other day and I'm very pleased with the result, I even made an A3 print and it looks gorgeous. What do you think?

Tomorrow I'll be on site again, this time around I will have all the time I need, well until sunset, that is. My wading boots will make the trip as well, so I...

Feedback on another Blackwater Fall

Looking for feedback and CC on this one. Still banging away on waterfalls trying punch up the artistic look. Suggestions welcome! Thanks for the great feedback on the previous one!

This is one of the waterfalls deep in the forest in the Elakala river gorge. The water is stained with tannins leached out of pine needles and the forest...

The story of my mistake

Lake Limedes at sunset near Falzarego Pass - Late September in Dolomites, Italy.
All day, the boring drizzle,with totally low cloudy weather, and what to do. Still, my wife and I decide to do short hike to Limedes Lake before sunset. And so halfway from the parking lot to the lake, I recall that I did not take a tripod,then I look into...

Elephant Rock at Sunset. CC welcome.

A sunset pic from the end of summer, taken at the Elephant Rock formation near Dillon Beach CA. This is a well known spot but seems to have relatively few decent pics of it online. I'd taken a BW film pic here decades ago when I was in school at SSU and doing my own printing. I'd always wanted to come back.

You have to be careful...

Removing distracting elements or not?

Santa Maddalena with a view on Geisler/Odle mountain peaks - Dolomites, Italy - late September 2016.
When I came to the location the first thing I saw was the mess (construction work) around the church and immediately I was disappointed.
(I did not know about the traditional festival - some village celebration in early October)....

Land(scape) of the Rising Sun

This is a sunrise drone shot from my visit to California last month. I really appreciated all the helpful criticism on my last one, would love to hear thoughts on this!

Happy shooting everyone!

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

What do I need to improve

These are few images that show overall how I shoot... Please be harsh, I want to improve my landscape photography skills. pictures have been taken in Thailand; the structure in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
Thank you

playing with s curves

went out this morning looking for nice foggy scenes but im no Thomas Heaton...i was able to find some s curves to play with i wish i had better subjects to shoot but ill keep practicing till i can get somewhere amazing

Looking for critique... Any and all is welcome!

On a recent trip into the Wind River Range of Wyoming, USA, I captured this image. I have had a hard time editing the image and am attributing it to the idea that there is a warm cast from bounced sunlight filling the valley causing an almost vintage film look... With my experience, editing it out gives the image an unnatural blue tone... Any...

Dappled Elakala

Looking for suggestions and CC on this one. Trying to get more artistic with waterfall shots. This is a waterfall in Blackwater National Park in West Virginia. The water is this color because of tannins leached from pine needles (like tea).

Cold sunrise in Marken

These ice cold conditions with a feel temperature of -15°C were last March here in Holland. For the moment the Siberian bear seems to sleep. But who knows what a winter can bring....?