Midsummer night

Canon 7D Mark II
Sigma 18-50 2.8
18mm · f/7.1 · 1/3s · ISO 100

Taken in Finland midsummer night at 1am, beautifull time here becouse you can see sunlight allmoust all night :)

The Three Giants

3 giant Douglas Firs standing inside a wet old growth rainforest. I find the best colours in the forests happen after and during a rainfall.

Brisk Morning

A cold -13 C morning here on Vancouver Island BC. I really like the leading lines in the snow which bring your eye to the trees and mist.

Miami Sunset - Bill Baggs Park

I took this image at 5:30 PM. (Taken handheld.)
Lens: Neewer 35mm, F8, S: 1/400, ISO: 100

I am a beginner in landscape photography. Got my new camera Sony A6000 and I am really excited to go out and click a few images.

I am really thankful to fstoppers for their amazing Youtube videos and tutorials. You guys are really an...

Golden hour - Moor reflections

Hey folks!

Taken in a beautiful location a couple of weeks ago in a local moor/swamp. The alps loom in the background and the reflections in the lake really caught my eye.
What I'm still not quite happy about is the tree line in the middle, light was great in the area but kinda looks odd. Sky is also a questionmark for me, no...

Unusual places

Seagulls nesting place in like a cave rock formation next to the Hellnar village on Snaefellsnes peninsula, Iceland.
Pretty seedy, it smells like hell and incredibly slippery for access. I watched two curious guys how they fell in very inconvenient manner, fortunately without consequences.
Image is somehow bizarre, what do you think...

My landscape photography Composition Notes...

I've noticed a lot of posts from what seem like relatively new shooters here. I'm a new shooter as well, at least in terms of purposeful landscape photography. But I have the benefit of having been involved in photography in general for a very long time as well as other visual design fields. So I'm not coming to this as a total novice. But in...

Severely overcast day in Malham

Went for a walk but the overcast skies meant that there were no shadows to play with. It was my first time visiting Malham and there are lots of interesting places but the light flattened a lot of pictures.

The below picture is the only picture I thought was serviceable from the day. I think it is due to taking the ant's eye view of the...