A simple shot of Mount Rainier reflecting in a perfectly still lake at sunrise. I took this one about 30 - 45 minutes...
Last: October 14, 2020

Sandia Peak Albuquerque

View from the top of the Tramway Peak (10,650 ft)


I had just begun my journey of photography in new avatar, learning and understandings. Back then had older cropped...


An evening stroll at the beach. A lot is to be heard and seen in the moments of peace. The waves come and go. Yet the...
Last: October 13, 2020

Mystical Forest

Take a walk through the woods. It's good for the soul. Fall is such a great time for photography. Would love to know...
Last: October 13, 2020


My favorite season of the year in the alpine is fall. The majority of the bugs are dead, temperatures are moderate, and...
Last: October 13, 2020

Foggy Sunrise

Photo taken while on the way to work. Sunrise through the early morning east coast fog and the tree. Taken at Macraes...

Some of Florida's springs

Camped my way through North Florida visiting various springs. This set is from Madison Blue Spring.
Last: October 12, 2020


I was lucky to spend my honeymoon in the Adirondacks in New York. I was also lucky that my Wife was very happy to watch...

The Legend of Matterhorn Rock

This spectacular scene was caught off the Big Sur Coast in California, just as the sun broke through the storm clouds...
Last: October 12, 2020

Autumn's Mornings

My fav mountain in Europe after some morning's fogs rolls over. Had the chance to visit that place 2 times, but still...

Autumn at the Tetons

Nearest to the southern most Entrance to the Tetons, this spot was crowded with photographers and one can see why.

Autumn Colors Separated

Just return from our 26th anniversary road trip. The trip started in western Maryland and went as far as Cody, Wyoming.
Last: October 11, 2020

cool CAT poses...

So this cool cat poses...oh man
Last: October 10, 2020


Taken after a big storm in Jan 20, the sky was on fire and the colors were amazing.


Tall ship...sitting at the dock.

Great Salt Lake salt flats

I was out this week and saw this opportunity. I took several shots, some high, some low, some horizontal and some...

Misty Autumn Morning

We spent the night in the village of Glenorchy and awoke at dawn to chill winds and an ominously overcast sky. 🌐...

Autumn in Oregon

Ahh yes... Autumn is upon us and couldn't have come fast enough! It's cliche to say but this is by far my favorite...


It’s been a dream of mine to experience an inversion and this past weekend we were lucky enough to see it happen for...