Canyon River Sunset - Critique me?

I am trying to do more work with long exposure. This was I believe my first real success at getting a long exposure...
Last: February 15, 2020

Central Park at dusk

I took it on a cold evening at dusk - any feedback is welcome - done handheld using Olympus omd- Mark 2


Glacier national park has so many photographic opportunities, many of which are areas that are just beside the main...
Last: February 14, 2020

A view along Porlock Weir

We discovered Porlock Weir as a result of taking the wrong turn on a trip to Porlock Hill. The passengers in the car...

The Harbour at Whitby

One of my favourite locations in the UK is Whitby in Yorkshire. This is one of my favourite views looking out over the...

Sailor's Warning

A beautiful morning at Sheringham Lighthouse on the coast of Vancouver Island. The snow capped Olympic range also made...
Last: February 14, 2020

Sunrise in cityscape

Cities are growing rapidly every year and taller houses are also made rapidly. This sunrise is in Kathmandu.
Last: February 13, 2020

Mondeval plateau

I spent last week of summer photography trip in 2019 near Passo Giau,on Mondeval Plateau. This is the end result of...
Last: February 13, 2020

Transition Zone

Hi All, I took the a few days ago. I have posted it recently in a different group - sorry to you 'overlappers"! I am...
Last: February 12, 2020

Still trying to get good result, did I overthink it ?

Hi ! I buy a 30 mm prime (50 mm equivalent on my camera ) some weeks ago and still trying to figure how to use it. For...
Last: February 12, 2020


On December 19, 2018, the captain of the dry cargo ship Natalia called for help at 04.30. The ship drifted to the shore...
Last: February 11, 2020

mountain glow

Early morning in the swiss alps. Not my favorite comp though but still a nice image with the mountain top caching light.
Last: February 11, 2020

so this is the grand canyon

I made this picture in the spring on the east rim of the Grand Canyon. This was day 2 of a 3 day backpack and said to...
Last: February 10, 2020


After experiencing the wonders on Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, Bryce Mironuck and I spent another 3 days...
Last: February 10, 2020


Serene evening by the beach. Setting sun and all peace.
Last: February 9, 2020

Mount Kazbeg Before Sunset

Hey guys! Haven't been here a while but it's nice to be back. These are two little different shots from the same...
Last: February 9, 2020