Giveaway challenge

I'm giving these three correctly exposed LE RAW files from Bled lake (of course in Jpeg format in full resolution) for everyone who accept the challenge and make your final photo (without ugly instant software HDR solutions) with basic blending this three exposures without clipping on white or black side, and normally post it here.
I hope...

Santorini sunset light

I took this picture in Santorini, Greece. I loved the light that day and when I say the church on the island, I realized that I should use it for scale, while also using the island in the distance to balance the image.

Feedback welcome.

The Melt is on at Buntzen Lake

Buntzen Lake was formed by the creation of a hydro-electric dam. It is a fantastic recreational hiking area. For whatever reason they didn't log the area first, leaving rotting trees poking out of the water at the south end.

I am open to all critique. I know this is the best way to improve.

Three chimneys

Three Cime or Drei Zinnen - Dolomites, Italy.
After this photo, I'm clear why and how names are given to some of the mountains. It seems to me that associativity here is very clearly highlighted.
Do you also see the smoke from this factory as I called this picture?

Always bring a camera

In landscape photography there is a lot of focus on gear. You have to bring a tripod, ND filters, grading filters, full format camera and so on.
My experience is simple. You have to bring a camera!
Many of my pictures is taken on the go, because landscape photography is about being at the right spot at the right time. This is not...

Icy Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls is so often photographed that it feels difficult to take a photo of it that doesn't feel like it's already been done to death, but here's my attempt. :)

Critique request for "sunset supermoon"

After returning from an (unsuccessful) sunset shoot I came across this scene. I was attracted by the remnants of the falling sun casting a rose glow on sparse clouds, along with the February supermoon in the Eastern sky.

My initial posting did not fare well, so I have re-edited and am presenting here for critique.
- what is the...

Hōlei Sea Arch

This photo is from my last trip to Island of Hawaii. There was high surf warning in that area so waves hitting the cliff was massive. I picked the one that I like the most out of hundreds of attempts to capture the wave impact. I know this angle has been photographed many many time as there was a view point, but I still want to share it with...

Long Exposure CC

I was in San Francisco this weekend and had a chance to try out my new filter system for my Sigma Art 14-24. The below shot is about a 2 minute single exposure using a 10 stop ND filter just after sunrise. I've never done this type of long exposure photography before, so any suggestions would be great--on both shooting these types of shots and...

Do you know where this was taken?

Can anyone guess where this image was made? ;)

I'll edit this post with the answer if no one guesses correctly.

EDIT: It’s at The Falls Shopping Center in Miami. I used to live right across the street from here. 😊 The place was built in the early ‘80s and was slightly remodeled after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. All of the stores...

Setting cloudscape

Does anyone have anything that you can tell me good or bad about this picture,as I was looking up towards the hill as the sun was setting, and had this beautiful Bad i couldn't catch it earlier!