Parahelio sunset

I would appreciate CC on this photo. I believe this phenomenon is called parahelio. The sun was setting and it was just beautiful, and fleeting! Any advice to improve would be greatly appreciated. I see more of the rainbow effect on screen than when I print the photo. Canon EOS Rebel XS, ISO 200, 1/320 sec, f/8.0, 18 mm.

(Very) first shot of 2019

This is my second attempt at a fireworks picture, the one from last year went into the trash the very same day.

This time around I did much better, considering I only get a single shot a year.

Oh and Happy New Year 2019 all :-)

Critique Needed

I'm looking for some feedback on a few photos

-Was wondering what you liked or didn't?
-And what I could do to improve these shots?

(please mind the weird crop)

Critique request - Snow Willow

I'd love to hear feedback on this image. I adore the gold tones of the willow trees set against a new snowfall and cloudy sky, but my wife doesn't like it at all.
All sincere comments (good or bad) would be gratefully received;
- what do you like?
- what do you not like
- what would you suggest to improve?

we got a dusting ...

so we got a dusting of snow over night but i only had 35min available to shoot so i took a walk but didn't get out to the most photogenic or ideal place but i was able to get a couple shots off

Frost on the mountain

We had the pleasure of spending our Christmas holiday in a cabin in the NC mountains near Maggie Valley. Although it wasn't as cold as it usually is this time of year, but it was still chilly enough to keep some snow and ice on the mountains. On Christmas Eve morning, I decided to get out to find some photos and saw the coolest thing (pardon...

Winter birding at my local pond

If you have a pond close by as I do, then you have no excuse not to be birding down there. My local pond hosts sparrows of all types, wrens, warblers, finches, and hawks. Included are a few of my shots from yesterday.

Critique appreciated

Hi everyone.

I'm a new member and this is my first post.

As an amateur I'd appreciate some constructive thoughts from people who aren't friends and family. Ha.

This shot was taken at Lake Windermere from a tour boat on a gloomy day so isn't the sharpest shot. If i'd have been shooting from a static position I'd possibly...

Into Darkness

So I was waiting for decent weather, week after week, yet all I got was overcast skies, no rain and bleak colors. No snow either, of course. Which, in all, doesn't exactly make for great landscape pictures. Oh and not to mention that the sun rises and sets while I'm still at work.

A colleague of mine, who used to be a professional...

To photograph a mockingbird

I like to open myself up to surprises when birding and the best surprise, most of the time, is when I'm walking back to my car or office after my lunch break. Perhaps its letting down your guard in anticipation of that next great capture. I'm not sure. This mockingbird was oblivious to my angst practically posing for me a few inches from my...

Mt Shasta

Hey guys. New guy here from Los Angeles. Asking about input on my image of Mt Shasta I took a few weeks ago at a roadtrip over the holidays up to Oregon. Great to be here. Thanks for your input and critique.

Which one do you like more?

I do not usually photograph at this time of the day, but this time I had no choice, because the weather conditions and timing dictated how it will be.
I'm interested in your opinion which of these two photos at the same location, looks better or more interesting to you?
I'm somewhat confused about choosing, so that your help is...

Star leaving foot prints

There is something particularly fascinating about this place.for some it could be combination of nature and art. And for other all all about spiritual contentment.

Work in progress

So today I went to that same location again, but I ended up with a completely different composition.

This was a tricky one, though, because with the splashing water droplets kept landing on the polarizer all the time and I had to wipe them away constantly between shots. There's significant blur in various areas in the frames I shot, but...

Sense of scale

I don't know if mountaineers like tiny human figures stand out enough in this photo or are too small to feel the grandiosity of the surrounding rocks?

Sony A7r ii, a good 'Landscape' Camera?

So I was doing a bit of Unit Stills on some Student & Indie films using a 5d mk iii in a blimp which I hated so I swapped out for a Sony A7r ii for the silent shutter function.
Thing is though that my first love, though I am no expert at it, is Landscapes and the like and I was wondering what you guys think are the best settings (...


Photography is one of the best ways to influence the thinking of a person. A well-captured photograph can quickly engage a person to think about it and imagine the scenario. Some pictures are so eye-catching that it makes an individual feel lost in the scene. As being a photographer sunset photography is one of the most beautiful forms of...

Mountain Time

Caught the alpenglow (I know, not technically the correct term) off Mt Rainier lurking behind CenturyLink Field. The sky behind is kind of dull/hazy but I'm ok with it since the mountain is the star of the show here.