I witnessed something yesterday as I drove up into the Wasatch mountains of northern utah. A storm from the previous day lingered and things were clean and stunning and beautiful. This moment reminded me of my time in the Germany, a land hidden in a dreams of yesterday and mysteries I never truly unraveled. I don't hope to fully uncover such...

Murky Woodlands

"Murky Woodlands"

Finally, an image of trees that I'm actually happy with. I've always had a hard time finding a shot in forests as they tend to be extremely chaotic and messy, so generally I come home empty handed... not this time! It isn't perfect as there are some hotspots hanging about, but I dont find them to distracting and...

Bogue Inlet Pier

This photo was recently featured on the viewbug website so I thought I'd post it here as well. What's funny about this is I didn't even edit this photo after this shoot. It wasn't until I was going through some old photos to practice messing around with lightroom and photoshop that I decided to edit this one.

This pier is one of my...

My first photo ever sold

Given the current Critique the Community challenge, I thought I'd share one of the first photos I've ever sold. I remember being really excited over this photo and happy so many people thought it valuable enough to purchase it for Christmas presents at the time.

Colour grading

Hi everyone, I've tried a few new techniques I haven't used before (colour grading with gradient filters and a slight touch of orton effect) on this shot and was wondering what you think of it. Thanks a lot for your feedback :)


Taken over the weekend, the forecast wasnt favourable with clear sky until after sunset with high clouds approaching inland.
Figured we take a chance and hope streaks of clouds would approach inland before the expected forecast.
Hope you like it

Island Hill

When I seen the sunset last night I had to grab the camera and head for somewhere local just to try and capture the beauty of it. Needless to say the actual sunset was directly behind me but I feel this still made for an awesome photo with the colours in the sky.

This is the 1st photo where I feel my photography has progressed (still a...

Converted this shot to B&W

It changes the character quite a lot, but I kind of like it. In color of course it is , well colorful, mainly blues, and some green from the trees in the distance. But by converting to B&W and adding some grain, it becomes more transcendent than scenic.

This was shot using a Fujifilm XT-2; Fujinon 18-55mm zoom.

Harvest Moon

I got this shot on Saturday morning from the hills above Berkeley, where I happened to be staying. The light was amazing in these minutes before the sun came up. I took a series of several photos, some with the sun finally up and illuminating the hills, but I think this blue hour image is the best. At least so far. I haven’t had a chance to...

Why we need to pay fees for taking images on State Parks?

Hi friends, I'm trying to understand the logic behind the restrictions for filming and taking pictures (mostly commercialy) on state parks. Of course I understand all the restrictions that tend to prevent any damage or perturbation of the enviroment. We all want to preserve nature as it is, don't we? But why some places ask for a fee? As public...

Feedback on 10 Months in Landscape Photography

10 months ago I picked up my first camera, a sony a7ii. Coupled with my first lens, a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8, I began shooting anything and everything. Since last November I have taken several photographic trips (living like a hobo out of the back of my car) and have produced some images I am very proud of. These are a few of my most recent images...