Surf City

This is a little aerial shot I took over Huntington Beach a couple weeks back. Somewhat windy conditions, but otherwise a fun afternoon! I'm back in Seattle now, but missing that California sunshine already.

Happy New Year everyone!

Forest Close Ups part 1

Today I felt like doing something a bit different and looking at some of the details in the landscape. With the flat light it was ideal conditions to look at details and to shoot for B&W.

These were shot just as JPGs with my wee compact Canon D30. I do enjoy putting the SLR away every once in a while and just shooting quickly and for...

Feedback wanted

Hey everyone,

New to this and just after some feedback on this photo. I'm not 100% sure on the edit/saturation on this photo.



Could be improved in post-processing?

Hello everyone. My name is Stefano Merlini and I have recently joined this community.
I would like to know your opinions about the following photo. I have been working on it in the last few days and after experimenting different editing styles, this is my final result. I believe that is not so bad, however, there is still something that...

Sunset in Tulum, Mexico.

I took this panorama with my DJI Mavic Pro, it is made from 9 single images. Shot in RAW and edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. Colors during sunset in Tulum are magical and unique as shown in this photo.

Canyoning Photography

I'm really into Canyoning in some of the most beautiful places, so a camera is inevitable, but it 's very difficult to take good photos in such environment. Tried to went with my DLSR (old one), but I could only take it out in very uninteresting places, because of the water.

Now I go with a Olympus TG-4, best waterproof compact camera,...

Above the fog.

A panorama stitched together from 5 separate photos. From high up looking down on fog covered Turnagain Arm (Alaska). Criticism welcome and encouraged.

this is Belgium! - CC always welcome.

Last weekend we went out to shoot the sunrise at a local nature reserve in the north of Belgium. The weather conditions weren't very promising, but after finding some good compositions we decided to stay put and wait for the sun to rise. At that moment off course it started pouring rain and the wind kept increasing... :)
A brief moment we...

Entre Rayas

Freediving near my home, came across this huge school of cownose rays. Made a drop of around 40 feet until I saw them, motionless I continued diving down with my camera on my head, until I had them all around me and I took the photograph. Cherished every second that lasted this beautiful moment, without doubt one that I will never forget.

Sparrows from the local pond

I have identified approx 10 species of sparrow from a pond right down the street from absolute favorite spot for birding. Included is some photography from this morning. Below is a link to more of my sparrow photography.

First Shots of 2019

Hey folks. I am new to Fstoppers, and this is my first post to any group.

I just got a new rig for the first time in years, and could use some constructive criticism on my edits.

I shoot a Canon 6D I with a Canon 24-105 f4.

~Trying to see if I may have a knack as a photographer, but also having a blast!

Photographing in the Forest

Over the last year or so I have been working on my photography in more complicated scenes in order to improve my compositions and eye for finding them. The abstracts and intimate scenes apart from photographing sweeping vistas. One of the best places for this type of photography happens to be in the forest and while this works well, I have...

New Year Wandering

Happy New Year to everyone :)

Starting 2019 off in the traditional way by taking my camera out for a long walk, heading into Glen Eannich in the Cairngorms National Park. It's a long and spectacular glen but can be tricky to shoot. But when it's good, it's amazing!

Not exactly amazing conditions today though for the dramatic...

I need a critique!

I did this shoot from my previous trip to Istanbul. I did all post-processing I wanted to do. Now, I need a critique, comments, etc. What can I improve here?