An early attempt

I took this shot a couple of years ago more or less when I started taking landscape shots. It's the original edit done at the time and I wondered what you guys think of it. As an aside, I'm always reminded of Edvard Munch's The Scream when I look at this.

Looking Glass Falls, North Carolina

From a vacation in 2011. The day after I made this photo, I shot in this location with a local model who was completely unafraid to get into the cold water coming off the mountain. I only had to stand in ankle-deep water to get this shot and that was enough for me.

Curvy Aspen Forest

A photo I took this past fall of a beautiful grove of unique curved aspens. These trees have become popular among local photographers but were still difficult to find.

Riverside Restaurant

Thought I'd grab a shot of the restaurant across the river. It looked like a great setting for a photo.
The levels of the Cumberland are still high from all the recent rains we have had.


Lights by the bay

Always a good choice of place to travel here in asia with this beautiful architectural structures around the city. It’s a photographers spot when you travel here in Singapore. Taken with my fuji xt2 25mm.

Summer sunset

Canon EOS 5D Mark III+Sigma 70-200 2.8

Taken at beutifull summer sunset in my home town Porvoo-Finland, shot is several photo panorama.

Interesting subject or interesting photos?

Below are some photos I like from my travels, but I feel from a less sentimental position it's because of the subject matter not because I've done something interesting with the subject. If that makes any sense.

So I'm looking for constructive criticism on composition and on the technical aspects as well please.

These photos are...

Upper Whitewater Falls

Whitewater Falls is actually a series of waterfalls beginning in Cashiers, NC, and ending in Salem,SC (a mile or so down the Whitewater River). This is the top of the upper falls, which falls approximately 400 ft. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a view of the complete upper falls, but will hopefully be headed back for hiking and photos in a...

Storm clouds near Tampa

I made this on the drive home from a day trip to Tampa. As we drove down the highway, I saw the clouds through some trees and immediately pulled over to get a photo. I didn't bother with the tripod as the sun was quickly moving behind some clouds to cast a dark shadow over the foreground. I ended up having to pull up the grass with a mask in...


I had the chance to do a photo workshop/tour of Iceland in 2017 with Alister Benn. We had an amazing morning shooting the Vesterhorn.

Frozen Snoqualmie Falls

Hello Everyone,
New to the group!

With all the lowland snow the Seattle area received I made my way out to Snoqualmie falls to try and catch it with fresh snow and ice, the light was a bit dodgy but it was still a great time and nice to see the falls like this.

You can view my latest BTS video (vlog) about this photo on...

My first night exposure

I'm new to landscape photography and specifically night photography. This is my first attempt. Thoughts?

Background: a major snow storm came in and I was worried the milk truck want going to pick up my milk. This is taken at 3:30AM. Success. The milk was picked up. That day we got a total of 18" of snow.

Quiet afternoon, too much for the gold rush?

Casually took this picture yesterday, calm and quiet afternoon but twisty waves breaking through. Perhaps too much warmth perhaps not what do you think? I was actually surprised by the placement of the surfers quite a good timing that gave a whole lot more charisma to the feeling of the scene