no editing....yet

so i shot this this morning after a heavy snowfall last night i have not edited yet but im not sure how to proceed since its not a dark and gloomy im kind of out of my element....
so what would you do?

Camera insert for your backpack

Following a question I posted here a few weeks ago, I just received my new backpack insert for my camera gear. It is great! It fits nicely (though a bit tight) into my bag, and stores my gear in what seems to be a superb solution for me.

My backpack is a Deuter one:
The insert is from A-MoDe:

Poppies in a mustard field

As the spring begins, the flowers of winter make room for the spring ones. Anemones are replaced by poppies, and yellow flowers bloom all over the place.

This image is a rather old one, but I like it a lot. It won in a contest for some office decoration lately...

And in case you're interested, there's a nice gear contest from...

Beinn Nibheis (Looking for Critique)

Hello, I shot this back in December 2017 from near the summit of Ben Nevis, Scotland. This was actually taken near midday and has been heavily edited to look more like sunrise and to take away from the harsh midday light on the white clouds and snow (also taken back when I shot JPEG, not RAW so it wasn't the easiest edit).
While I couldn'...

late night snow shoot

i went out around 9pm got 2 shots before i called it quits since the roads were getting pretty bad the creek was a first for me at a 4min exposure with a 6 stop filter and the tree was a 2 sec exposure both at 2.8

Lighthouses, how to not love them!

Lighthouses, how to not love them!
I live in southern Norway and there are quite a few really nice lighthouses which I was exploring the last few years. Some of them are accessible from land another I needed to visit with motorboat, but I had always good fun photographing them.

Here are a few pictures from my trips during sunsets...

Backlit tree in field

I was driving past this field in late afternoon and noticed the tree wonderfully backlit by the setting sun. I pulled over and grabbed my camera, but by the time I was ready the sun had gone behind a cloud, rendering the foreground shady. I managed to pull some details from the shadows to make this image, but the crisp contrast I saw when...

Early morning flight

I caught this scene a few months ago, but never really paid attention to this particular photo set until today. This was one of the photos I used to practice a few tips and tricks I picked up in Peter McKinnon's lightroom tutorials (I've been a bit under the weather, so lightroom and youtube have been my closest friends).

As always, cc...

My first trip in

This was my first trip in an empty building that used to be a great factory for repairing cars, but robots replaced men and new factories were built! Do you like this natural heavenly light?

Maroon Bells Under the Stars

A photo I took a couple of falls ago at the iconic Maroon Bells. As the moon was setting and the sun was rising, there was just enough light in the valley to see the beautiful peaks and fall colors.

Looking Glass Falls

Looking Glass Falls, just outside of Hendersonville, NC, is a 60-foot waterfall in the Pisgah National Forest. Located at the bottom of a rocky canyon, the falls come down into a great natural swimming hole.

After seeing another post here last week with a great shot of Looking Glass Falls, I decided to revisit an image from one of our...

Missouri's Largest Burr Oak

I got this shot last Sunday night (2/24/2019) outside of Columbia, Missouri. This tree is well known to area residents; some say it is the largest tree in Missouri, and the largest Burr Oak in the U.S.

Taken a few minutes after sunset... 1/10 second at f/2.8, ISO 100, 28mm (Canon Eos 6D with Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM)

I hope you love tits!

Because I have captured plenty Tufted Titmouses in my new photography series entitled Tuft Love. These 'lil guys were extremely photogenic.

Birch trees in Badoura State Forest

Another from a trip to Minnesota in 2018. These birch stands were all over the place and I was constantly watching the side of the road for the perfect composition. I don't know if this is it, but I was happy to get it.