Where does it lead?

So last night I went out to grab the kids and bring them in and noticed the sky was on fire! Grabbed my bag and jumped in the car, unfortunately I missed most of the really good light but did come away with this image. Just not sure about the balance of the image.

Anyway, CC is welcomed.

Heart of the Tetons

Our morning in the Tetons did not start off well. We awoke at 5 a.m to make the nearly hours drive to Oxbow Bend in the park and the rain was coming down hard. We had one shot at this as we had to leave by noon back to Utah so this was a disappointing start. But we went anyway, arriving to a soggy, dark landscape and temps in the upper 30's. I...

Dogwood Ridge

Even though fall has officially arrived, it's still 95 outside and the leaves are as green as they were two months ago. While I'm not-so-patiently waiting for those amazing fall colors, I decided to go back through my older images and work with some I had never processed.

This is a backroad leading to an old farm that I was...

My Blue Dream

Waking up in the hills when the night is almost gone and everything is still slow, quiet and calm. A beautiful blue tone is covering the landscape around me, a promise of a new wonderful day.

Sony A7rIII + Sony FE 70-300


Twisted Cypress

Took this yesterday in Palm Valley Florida on the bank of the Intracoastal. I love these lines and textures. Sony A7iii, Tamron 28-75, 28mm, ISO 50, f11, 1 second exposure.

Pasture on a Little Karoo goat farm.

As you can see, a very dry part of the world.
The view ia towards the Paardepoort ( = Horse Pass ), an interesting little pass near the hamlet of Herold in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

Eleven frames stitched together in Photoshop, so obviously a low resolution upload. I think that my Internet connection would take a...

Is my Portfolio too dark?

So I've had a calibrated monitor for a while that has, for the most part, corrected my colors. However, I've just realized the other day that the brightness of my monitor was more than twice what my Spyder calibrator recommended. At this point, I'm not sure how feasible it would be to go back and re-edit my entire portfolio at the correct...

Cathedral Cove Sunrise

Another from my recent trip to New Zealand. I had not really noticed this image on my first round of edits, but in going back through I was struck to do something with it. This is a single exposure of Cathedral Cove right before the sun came up and this crazy cloud bank began to fill the sky.

Feedback and critique is much appreciated....

Sun hot spot

Any ideas to de-emphasize the setting sun in this photo. It is too bright. Would appreciate both before the exposure and after the exposure thoughts. Thank you in advance.

Tree Tops

Shot on a Mavic Pro drone back when I used to own a drone. Nothing to really say about this photo other than I love the location!

Vilano Beach Jetty at Sunset

Just starting to try some landscape photography. Took this in Vilano Beach in North East Florida, single exposure Sony A7iii, Tamron 28-75 at 28mm, F11, .6 seconds. Cropped to 4x5.

Learning Local adjustments.

I took some time working out my composition for this scene, i eventually settled on standing further back with a telephoto to get in the right position. Im happy with the flow of the falls through the image and im enjoying the process of learning local adjustments to bring out the subject and remove distracting bright parts. Lots more to learn...