Sunset at Baltic sea in Finland-Porvoo.
Really beautifull place in my home town Porvoo-Finland, it's call Varlaxudden.
Canon EOS 7D Mark II+Sigma 18-55 2.8

The water is back!

Checked my favourite hunting grounds before coming into work yesterday and was delighted to see that the creeks are worth shooting again. I was pressed for time, but managed to get a decent shot nonetheless.

Now looking forward to the weekend, which for me start s on Friday. Good times!

Yesterday in the Tango, GLT 2019-01-06

I'm slowly figuring out how to use my new-to-me Nikon D810 (there are a lot of buttons and menus.) This was shot with an old (new-to-me a few months ago) 500mm Reflex-Nikkor. It has been surprising how much better and easier to use this camera's images are than my other digital cameras.

Milky Way Calendar 2019


To help you with the planning of your upcoming Milky Way photographs, I created a Milky Way Calendar for 2019 where you can see at a glance the best days to photograph the Milky Way this year, the best time, and the position of the Galactic center on the sky.

You can see a sample on the image and can download the 2019 Milky...

composite fail?

just goofing off tonight with various things just want to see if this was a decent attempt or worthy only for the trash bin

Too much? Could use some advice and critiques

Im fresh around here. As this community gives you the opportunity to improve and realize mistakes, i would like some opinion about this shot i took when i started to really mess around with photography. As for me it looked quite impressive back in the days, i simply did not had the skills i have today, so basic things such as right exposure,...

Long exposure composite

I see that the composite photos currently popular in the group, so I decided to join with one enigmatic. And yes, in the description is a note, like I always do.
What do you think about the mysterious light trails?

Christmas holidays in the South of France

Happy New Year everyone.
Every Christmas I drive to my parents' house near Bordeaux. On the way in and back I try and discover as many places I have yet to see. This came from a realisation I had while living in Australia : most people would rather see another country than their own, and after a year in Melbourne I had visited more parts...

Dark spots by tower?

Hi all, I'm new to this group. I've been a hobby photographer for several years now using mostly Lightroom but recently have started playing around with Photoshop. I watched the free tutorial, lesson 1 in photographing the world as well as Eli Lopcardi's where he edits his famous subway station shot. I took some of this knowledge back to this...

Please Help With This Picture

Please critique this picture. I used an A6000/Sigma 19mmf2.8. I did a little post shop processing in Lightroom. Mainly to bring out the colors. I sincerely appreciate your help.

Vaughan K.

Forest Close Ups part 2

Second set of images - this time looking at some of the lichens you find on birch trees here in the north of the world.

These lichens are really fun and easy to play with as photography subjects - bursting with texture and complete tonal range.