I'm new here, by the way!


It's sorta weird, because I'm really enjoying geeking out in all the amazing forums here with all the smart peopleseseses... but there are so many good ones that it's almost giving me anxiety lol

Paddling out

This is a case of finding a good spot and waiting for the action to come into frame. The late-morning sun was a bit harsh, but I love the composition of the wave, mist, and surfer.

Metering Surf Shots

I started taking surf shots to learn more about motion. Having luck there but struggle with white balance, losing the white foam and spray in bright sunlight. Still working on it.

Some surf stuff, screen shots from 4K

Just wondered if anyone else gets as much joy out of comparing before and after versions of raw vs finished shots like this one. Sorry for the quality on it... it's the only version I had handy, but the look turned out great. Thoughts?

Speed lines

Trying my best to show speed and fluidity with this image. Surfing is one of the hardest things for me to photograph because when it's good I'd rather be out there instead of shooting. On this day though, I sat
out and feel like I got the image I was hoping for.

Studio in Paradise!!

Getting Ready, Photographers, Videographers. & Models Ill be offering my Vacation Beach House & Condos Rentals at Great Discounts for us to do our Work & have an awesome vacation/adventures in paradise aka Costa Rica! Beautiful Beaches, Rain Forests, & Water Falls for great images!
" I too am a Photographer/Videographer so...

An introduction

Dropping in to introduce myself. Prior to moving to Denver a few years ago, I had been a surf photographer in Southern California. I shot a little for the magazines (Surfing, Surfer) and sold through Aframe but I got out of the editorial side when my wedding and portrait business picked up. Swimming around with a camera became a creative outlet...