Hello everyone! I'd like to ask your opinion about the sharpening on my photo, is it too much? I also used the orton effect specially on the trees but I ask your opinion how improve the "mood" of my picture.
Thank you!

Does this photo "Needs Work"?

It seems I have a secret follower that gives me 2 stars for every photo I uploaded. It's very easy to figure out because I do not have a lot of votes and I follow what's happening because I'm new here .. Eg. This photo has four 4 stars votes and one vote of 2 stars. The last two photos that I uploaded had one vote from the 4 stars and at once...

Dania Beach Pier

My first trip to Florida to make images in the Everglades and a few other places. I'm starting among friends, catching up with everyone. Then it's down the keys and back. I made these images at Dania Beach this morning. I had hoped to catch a sunrise, but a wall of clouds and high winds made other plans.

Lonely road

I was at the Dripping Springs Natural Area in Las Cruces, NM and was struck by how lonely the road felt after the storm had passed. Anyway, critiques welcome. Thanks!

Christmas Morning Sunrise Shoot @ Mt. Hood

Merry Christmas! So, I got up this Christmas Morning to photograph Mt. Hood... again. I have been to this spot many times in the past, but this time i went for something different. These two little trees poking out of the fresh snow seemed interesting to me and caught my eye as I walked down the trail. After sunrise, I had a snowball fight with...

Need work? What to improve

As this image was rated a 2, i.e. apparently it "needs work", I'm wondering how to improve or what to change about it. I actually quite like the photo the way it is, but would be thankful for your constructive feedback.

Forest Textures

Today I went out to the forest for a few hours scouting for some new locations and subjects. On the way home I passed this pond which I generally don't shoot as it's often not that interesting, but with the flat light and dead still conditions it was giving some lovely reflections.

So I thought it would do well as a black and white since...

Chromatic Aberation.....

Hi Everyone!

I'm wondering if someone can help me out with my chromatic aberation woes.

I've clicked remove chromatic aberation in Lightroom, but it seems like I still cant rid a few of my pictures completely.

I have Lightroom CC, Classic and Photoshop... I've also watched some videos detailing how to get rid of the problem...

How can I take this to the next level?

Hi! I'm new to Fstoppers and joined to get better at landscapes. I feel like I've reached a plateau and the more I edit an image the worst it gets. Would really love some feedback and insights into how to get the image to that next level. This image has been focus and exposure stacked to get the rocks in focus and to show the detail. I've done...

Your thoughts on this one?

I'd love to hear your opinion about this image. It's not quite a portfolio shot, but I rather like it and guess I'll post it on social media. The shot was taken @70mm but as that wasn't quite what I envisioned, I cropped the image quite a bit. Would be grateful for your constrictive feedback on composition and post-processing.

Lake Hintersee

Lake Hintersee is located near my hometown in the bavarian alps. It was a beautiful morning.
This is a exposure bracketing of 4 pictures.

Backpack question

Hi everyone,

This is a post with no photo in it!

I have a problem that maybe you have an answer for.
I'm usually traveling with either a very comfortable Deuter backpack, with a superb back breathing system, straps, water bladder pocket, etc. - but not "camera" friendly, so my 70-200 is in there with it's own case, hard to...

Boring mountains

I have a feeling I was on the wrong side of the valley...
16th December 2018 @ Zakopane, Małopolska, Poland
© 2018 Marcin Świostek Landscape Photo All rights reserved
Feel free to share the original link. For other uses of the photo please contact me.

Adventuring in Alaska

Been able to connect with some very adventuresome people over the past few months. We found some ice caves on a glacier then went rappelling into an old mine shaft the following week. It's been a lot of fun seeing new spots in areas I thought I knew well. A little adventure and danger is always fun!

Sunset in Victoria.

I was trying to compose so that the vanishing point disappears into the sun. Couldn't quite achieve unfortunately. Any critique of composition or anything else would be appreciated. I wanted to have someone in the photo but was alone and unfortunately didn't have a human subject...