Making the most of mist.

A bit of a murky, misty day so a chance to try some woodland photography. The majority of my images were bleh and...
Last: September 9, 2020

Sailing through Agates Pass

It was a nice summer afternoon...

A long shot from Seattle

This was taken from Manchester pier. That is over 10 miles...

Mt Rainier

It was a clear cool day...the mountain was out.

Shallow Creek

We drove to Greenstone via Kinloch in Glenorchy came across this creek winds through the bushes and the water was...
Last: September 8, 2020

Heaven's Entrance

Up past the tree line in the alpine of Vancouver Island lays this hidden gem. I've been eyeing up this spot for the...
Last: September 8, 2020

Gold Reflection

I was shooting this sunrise when I saw near the bottom of the frame wild horses decided to be a part of it all.
Last: September 8, 2020

An English Waterfall

My walk in the Lake District National Park on a wet and cloudy day yesterday the only benefit being that the rivers and...
Last: September 8, 2020

The Ghost of Iredale

The Ghost of Iredale Oregon, Coast August 2019 ------------------------ Haven't shot much Milky Way this year, but 2019...
Last: September 8, 2020

The Sleeping Giant

The amazing Fitz Roy Massif. A mountain that has stood the test of time for over 100 million years. Want a humbling...
Last: September 7, 2020


I've been wanting to capture this shot for a while now and a couple of weeks ago I was able to do that. I went up to...
Last: September 7, 2020

The Phoenix

I was on boat ride on the Potomac with family that came to visit. I was enjoying the view when I saw clouds resembling...

Nature Photography with a Lensball and RGB-Light

This photo was one of my first tries with my new lensball and an rgb light. It was taken in a nearby forest with an...
Last: September 6, 2020

Poke-Out-Of-The-Window Cloudscape!

I recently took a cloudscape photo right out of my apartment window. The summer clouds are always beautiful! ......Well...
Last: September 5, 2020

Special seat

The horizon seen from here is beautiful. Forgetting time, it feels like time has stopped.

Winskill Stones Long Exposure B&W

I've had a couple of visits here recently, I think it's a location with good potential in the right conditions, just...


"Quietness before the storm” It was the moment when such a word came to my mind.


A Vancouver Island classic. A place once so pristine now requires the use of tedious cloning to remove all the damage...
Last: September 3, 2020

Watkins Glen

I finally had the chance to get out to Watkins Glen State Park the other day. It is an amazing place to photograph.
Last: September 3, 2020

Memories of Childhood

Only the wind plays on the swing........ Lake Hayes, South Island, New Zealand