Dunluce Castle - luminosity masking

This is my first attempt at blending two exposures using luminosity masks (Lumenzia v7). Steep learning curve for, but fairly happy with the result. Constructive comments and suggestions welcome. My one worry is the foreground is too dark, but its a fine line getting it to work with the sky...

This was also my first go of using the...

Long Exposure at Lake Chelan

I was able to head out to Lake Chelan up in the northern part of Washington to spend a day. I took two different shots. One at sunrise and one during sunset. Both were taken at the same area to see how much of a difference there would be between the two times. This is the result. Also any feedback is welcome!

shades of the arctic

While the light wasn't very good that morning on the Lofoten islands, i took advantage and exercised my compositional skills. After finding some satisfying comps, the arctic also worked its magic and threw some color into the scene...Happy, happy, joy, joy :)

Blend of 2 exposures to preserve the details in the highlights.

Two Years Behind The Silt Fence

They are running a new and larger sewer line through the Tango about a hundred yards behind my house. They have fenced in a fifty-foot wide swath for about two miles from route 29 to Keyser-Miller Ford, effectively blocking me from most of the Tango including the Perkiomen Creek. Forty years ago I would have jumped over the fence, but not...


Here I try to take close up macro photos. Any comments are welcome. I need your advice guys. I'm not as pro but I try step by step. Thank you

San Felice - Sunset

Although I brought my tripod, I didn't rip out to try and catch this great sunset as I barely got back to our hotel in time to take these shots. The first is HDR, I think I used 4 of the 5 exposures to merge. The second is just an edited version of the first exposure.

Shooting into the sun is pretty tough. I don't think I have a good...

Clouds over East Pond - Maine

We took a boat ride out onto East Pond between the rain clouds and were treated to some spectacular skies. The wind was crazy, so trying to get good pictures while hand holding the camera in a boat was challenging! I love big dynamic skies and I think I was able to capture some neat shots. Feedback always welcome.

Campbell's Covered Bridge

Built in 1909, this is the last covered bridge in South Carolina. Thankfully, this bridge was saved as a historical landmark and restored to allow foot traffic.

As always, any CC is greatly appreciated! What would you change?


Would love to hear your thoughts on this shot. After editing it and looking at it for a long amount of time it starts to look strange to me. Do you find the sky too cluttered and busy and the tree gets lost?