New on fstoppers, hoping to get some feedback.

Hey I'm new here on fstoppers, I love photography and would love to get some feedback. I'm 19 years old, so experience and knowledge are basically unexisting. Trying to learn a lot and feedback is a part of that. Most of these picture's are picture I took on holiday with my family. only the Black and white with the red machine is a picture from...

last shot of 2018

happy holidays and new year to all this is most likely the last shot of 2018 and it has been an awesome 6 months of learning this craft im excited to learn more next year and grow in this craft also may have new gear to play with.....
heres the shot let me know what you think
also added a revision with more contrast no orton and a...

Please provide photo critique... first time posting

Hello all,

Please provide your constructive feedback. I am trying to get as many opinions as possible to improve my photography.
This is a shot from Kerid Crater lake in Iceland. I used multiple exposures to eliminate people from the frame and also post processed... not sure if colors are overdone... (vibrance 60, saturation 10)....

Cliff of Etretat (France)

Here is the 50m high cliff of Etretat (Normandy, France).
This is a landscape photography. But it could an in between photography like an abstract or conceptual piece of landscape. I like the mood due to the cloudy sky and the none colors of the cliff whici is made of chalk rocks (white lines) and flint layers (black lines).
This is...

Guidance, Please

Despite having searched this website for an answer, all I've managed to locate is an explanation of the stars rating.

What I not understanding is what criteria is used. I mean, honestly, it is irrelevant as to whether an image receives 1 vote for 2 stars or 45 votes for 4 stars if the decision process is shrouded in someone's gut...

Opinions of Belvidere Pond Fall #1

This is one of series I took one early Fall/autumn morning. I initially had to wait for an amount of time to allow heavy clouds to rise and allow the sun to break through. I later captured the regular bright/vibrant images we may associate with fall foliage but actually prefer the atmosphere of those taken earlier as light was just breaking...

Got a wide shot of the Malibu Pier, and would love some feed back!

Visited Malibu last night and got to get a few long exposure shots of the pier just as the sun was setting. this is a composite of about 5 vertical pictures, all of which were shot at: ISO 100, F22, with a 1.5" exposure. I did minimal post as I just adjusted the lighting curves a bit, bumped the contract/brightness up, adjusted the light tones...

Winter Walk

As usual looking for feedback/critique. Especially about composition, but technical/artistic feedback is definitely welcome.

Would love to hear your opinion on this

I'm well aware of the fact that ratings are partly dependent on taste, but I'd like to hear your opinion on why this image doesn't hit the mark.

Of course, one might argue that there's "no light" in this image, yet I'm more interested in knowing what I could have done better on location (composition?) or in post processing to improve it...

Doesn't get more winter than this.

This is in Koli National Park up here in Finland, This place is beautiful beacuse I've never seen such a frozen place even though I'm from finland.

Shutter Speed: 1/50
Aperture: f9.0
ISO: 1600

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Lonely rocks

This picture was taken in an abandoned quarry that turned into a lake that has this stunning emerald-teal water.

The water is that gorgeous color because of the minerals in the surrounding rocks, and due to chemical dumpings back when the quarry was active.

That day the light was awful. It was overcast and super flat. As such I...

Sunrise over the Washington Monument

This is my first upload and post to the community. Would love any critiques!

This was taken in 2016 around 6:30am. I was at this spot the day before around 2pm and the sea of people around was insane. I took a few shots, not knowing if I'd be able to return. The next day I managed to roll out of bed at 3:30am and drive about 1.5 hours...

Blue Hour Fog

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.
- Carl Sandburg

Help needed - my camera sunk in a lake

Hi all,

Due to a very unfortunate accident, completely my own fault, I am left without a camera. I am trying to seek the community's help in helping me with funding of a new one on my indiegogo campain

If you can help, or share, I'll really appreciate it...

This afternoon in the Tango

So, a few weeks ago I got a new used Nikon D810 and have been taking the "learn by doing" approach. This afternoon I went out and after shooting 100 or so wide angle shots I put on the beast, also known as a 500mm Reflex Nikkor and put them on a tripod. This is a manual focus lens with only on f/stop setting (f/8) and the light was failing, and...