Shallow & contrived or successfully trending toward fine art?

I have been trying to expand my photography to a wider range of genres, one of which is a category that I am trying to understand through trial & error - fine art.

While I recognize that the modern definition is somewhat of a moving target, I would like the community's opinion on whether the attached image successfully heads toward...

Moody/Warm Landscape

Normally my style is moody and dark but i wanted to try something different, so i decided to edit the same picture in two different ways. Tell me what you think, what style do you like better? Would love to hear your feedback!

Loch Garten, Scotland (Looking for Critique)

Here's a composite shot I took back in December. Fairly new to the site (and slightly more serious photography) and have only recently stared using photoshop/lightroom

Took 3 shots to get correct exposures of the sky, midground and foreground - had to make a lot of edits (and I'm considering pulling the blues back a bit).
I took...

These are my worst-rated images. What's wrong with them?

Each of these images from my portfolio has earned 2 stars. I'm emotionally biased, but being as objective as I can I still think they're each worth a solid 3. Am I wrong? Tell me. And please don't suggest the answer lies in editing them; they stand or fall as they are.

Please feel free to be completely honest and speak plain. If you want...

February Supermoon at the Nubble Lighthouse

The Nubble Lighthouse is an iconic location in York, ME. I was finally able to capture a super moon behind it after 2 years and four trips. The best opportunities are in the winter and the atmospheric conditions need to be almost perfect to avoid clouds from blocking the moon. The image is captured a little over a mile away from the lighthouse...

A sunset in Tuscany

A winter sunset in a field near Pienza, a little village in Tuscany, Italy.
This place is made famous by the movie "The Gladiator". In the scene where the main character remembers the house where he grew up, these are precisely the fields where he walked.
I waited for the right moment when the sun was low enough to illuminate the...

Sunset at Ruby Beach

A photo from earlier this year on my trip to Olympic National Park. The sea stacks at Ruby Beach were phenomenal. I hurried down to this beach thinking that the light was fading, but for the next 30 minutes, the sky kept getting better and better.

Sunrise at Lake Bled

Finally got around editing this image from Lake Bled, Slovenia, shot in January 2018. I had shot this image wanting to take in the whole scene from the sunrise on the right, the Bled Island ofcourse and the Bled Castle on the right. The only answer was to do a pano - shot 5 exposures x 8 vertical images stiched into a pano using LR's merge to...

First Glimpse at Castle Dunnottar.

This is my favorite photo from our week in Scotland, in September of 2016. The parking lots were full, so we had to park at the side of the road. We could barely see the tops of the ruins of the castle.

Feel free to trash my photography, but I love this one.

Reflection of the Milky Way

I was in a dam in the center of Brazil in the state of Goiás with the sky clear and the Lactea way radiant in the sky. To capture the reflection of the Milky Way in the water I had to wait until 5 o'clock in the morning, but I was very happy with the result. Nikon D850, Tamron 15-30 mm f / 2.8, ISO 3200, 5 shots, f / 2.8, 30 seconds.

Due to last CTC, i gave color grading a try

This is my first attempt at color grading from the way I understand it. I normally try to keep colors true to the way I saw them with not much slider pushing since I typically Luminosity blend 2-3 images.

With this image, I grabbed the darks and shadows in the rocks with a luminosity mask and "crushed" the blues with a blue tone curve...