Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church in historic Abbeville, SC.

This was an interesting subject for me that presented a couple of "firsts." This is my first attempt at a panoramic photo... This little church is very close to the street so I stood on the edge of the sidewalk and took 5 shots, moving up just slightly with every shot to be...

Avoiding glare and reflections in glass doors

Soon I'm going to be involved in a project that requires me to photograph glass doors in several storefronts. I'm worried about glare and reflections in the glass, and I would appreciate your advice about how to avoid these problems. Would a polarizing filter help? Should I have a large black background behind me that blocks reflections? Should...

Architectural Photography Pricing

Very new to this job market. Note: this is not real estate photography for agents.

I've been very lucky in a having some good connections to shoot for some companies with pretty

good bank accounts.

Currently priced a few jobs for a few companies at $125hr. (I know this is low) This includes the

moment I leave the...

Why i want to switch to nikon but can't fully, yet..

I have been a canon shooter for 15 years, loving every camera and used most of their lenses. But at the moment I think canon is a disaster and have been heading in a totally wrong direction for a while. Their cameras seams way overpriced and way underperform what their competitors offer. But what bothers me the most is that canon seems to have...

Engineering Art

This image is all about appreciating the underrated and undiscovered beauty that is all around us.

I would have driven past this junction so many times, without realizing how spectacular it looks from the sky.

Feedbacks welcome.

ISO - Luxury Photographer near Tampa Florida

My team is looking for a very Interior and Twilight photographer in the Tampa / St. Pete area of Florida. We need a professional to take pictures of a waterfront property on Clearwater Bay. The home is 6,000 Square feet with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathroom. We also need an ariel shot!

If you are fully equipped...tilt shift lenses, flashes,...

Coffee Lounge Area

This photo is one of my interior architectural images. I would appreciate any helpful critiques to improve my work. Camera: Nikon D800 • Lens: Nikkor 14-24mm wide angle zoom (set at 15mm focal length) • Shutter: 1/20th sec (tripod and cable release) • ASA 100 • Aperture f/2.8. No flash — used available light only. Very sparing HDR used to bring...

narrow street -acute angle how to overcome it ?

Hello everyone :)
I recently came a cross a problem which many of you probably had to deal while shooting architecture .
I had to photograph a building for real estate company .
the problem i came a cross while shooting is that the street was very narrow and my angle for the building was to acute . there wasn't any space i...

Bed and Breakfast Shots

Images are a bed and breakfast. This is my very first attempt at capturing and editing. The owner wanted warmth, cozy and inviting. The interior walls are yellow in the living areas and a neutral tone in the bedrooms. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Chapel of Saint Mary Magdalene, Boveney, UK

Taken with my Canon 7D Mk2 and a Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 lens whilst on a walk along the Thames Path a few years ago.

This medieval church was recently restored, but still stands alone on the banks of the River Thames, just upstream of Eton & Windsor.

Comments and suggestions always welcome!

Dealing with color casts

When shooting interiors you will sometimes find walls and ceilings with dramatically different colors. It can be a real challenge to keep those colors from "mixing" with each other and throwing a color cast over the entire image.

How do you prevent that? You use your experience and a few tools from your photographers toolbox.


LDS Temple at full moonset

Not sure if this is the correct group to post this in, but here it is! I took this one a few mornings ago when the moon was full and setting above the temple. I used exposure bracketing to get most of the image correctly exposed. I also had to paste the moon in from a totally separate picture since the exposure time on the temple was 10 seconds...

Exterior Image

I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful home in Colorado yesterday. The landscaping was in full bloom and the home was very pleasing to the eye. Here is one of the exterior images.

Harvard Business School

Got MBA yet? =)
Security came by while I was taking pictures with tripod. They said I'd need permission from Harvard as they have all the buildings' views/designs licensed or something weird like that. Is that true?

USAF Academy

I was recently in Colorado Springs and stopped by the Air Force Academy. If you are at all familiar with the Academy you probably know the Cadet Chapel. I don't shoot architecture as often as other genres but I thought this photo came out very well. Any critique would be greatly appreciated.

Hotel room shoot inside to out for critique

Hi all,

After seeing the posts from Korey Napier and Eric Kruk, I decided to have a go at some blending. I was wanting to get a natural blend between the internal light of the room and the external light of the garden without the outside being hazy. So I've been working with Lumenzia to blend them together. As I increase my skill level...

Materials Innovation Factory

Materials Innovation Factory, University of Liverpool.

Hi all, just starting off on fstoppers. I'm an amateur photographer, would appreciate any comments. Thanks!


how to create sharper signage on a building

So I recently did shoot for an architect company as a trial run. A great learning experience. One of their complaints was that the signage wasn't sharp. I agree. The entire image although is very sharp including the brick wall.
My question is: is there a way to shoot this to create sharper signage?
I'd like to re-shoot, but not...