Architectural interior shoot

Hi I am new at this and trying interior photography and looking for improvement. I am struggling between using bracketed expose vs using flash, gave it a go... And quickly got discouraged especially in the kitchen with the time it takes to get your flash position correctly. My initial approach was to use shoot through umbrella, then realized it...

Harvard Business School

Got MBA yet? =)
Security came by while I was taking pictures with tripod. They said I'd need permission from Harvard as they have all the buildings' views/designs licensed or something weird like that. Is that true?

Day to night conversion

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Which photoshop tool do you use to remove distortion on sides?


Obviously everybody is using different technique to remove distortion on side. I am interested what use to remove it.

This photo is shot with Canon 24mm Tilt Shift lens and was stitched from 3 images. As you see it has huge distortion on sides bottom and top.

Which tool would help to compress sides towards center?...

Can a lower f help?

In architectural photography we are used to see all pictures very sharp on the range of f8 - f11.
Can you shoot on a lower f to catch a certain spacial mood and feeling and still call it architectural photography?

The sense of spaciality and ambient mood in the picture CAN BE much more close to the real architectural experience...

What you think?

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon 24mm Tilt/Shift
quantity of images made to create this panorama: 9
ISO: 100
Aperture: F9
Shutter: Bracketing
Light Sources: 12

Liberty Central Nha Trang

I captured this photo from Liberty Central Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa provice, Vietnam. My name is Andy Le, please give me some comments. Thks.

Best Technique To Find The Right White Balance?

Hey everyone!

I recently had a few shoots where I struggled to find the proper WB in Photoshop. I believe the issue occurred because there were multiple different light sources involved and it was hard to find a good balance in camera.

In my photography class a while back, I was taught to use the WB dropper tool and if it makes...

Want to eliminate distortion in "Interiors"

I shoot some for both real estate agents and home builders. I shoot with mostly the 16-35. Some of the image pull I don't mind. There is also alot of pull at the bottom corners I'm trying to get rid of. I'd like to get your opinion on how to eliminate the "corner pull". In the attached photo, it's the pull of the counter top/stove top that...

First serious architecture shot

So guys please tell me what you think. I'm a wedding photographer and I'm trying to go a bit on the architecture side. Saw this little castle and got a deal with the curent owner. They let me do the interior exterior and I cam make phoro shoots for free here(double win for them).

Wine Room

This is a shot of a wine room in a private club. It has a table with chairs so that members can have small gatherings or meetings while trying different vintage wines from around the world.

I really like how the photo came out - if I could change anything, it would be adding to the framing at the top so that you could see more of the...


Just started photography professionally after a lot of practicing. This is my first professional output. Would love to get the picture reviewed by you guys. Be Brutal!

Cathedral Photography

I was at National Cathedral and would love some feedback on the Images. I was struggling a bit in post to get the light and stained glass to really come through without feeling too fake. Even with Luminosity Masking, it was rather tough. Any feedback and tips you have would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

House GR

Version 1 and 2 of the same raw files.
Will try to make a couple of tests with the same files.

Comments are welcome.

Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

Upgraded my camera today. From D5100 to D5500. Gotta say using your phone to take a photo on DSLR is fun. Why though Nikon has such a horrible app for Android? I can't change any settings of the camera through the app - only take a photo. Does anybody know a good app?

Also, I love this gallery. The light there is very warm.

Exterior Condo Shot

Looking for some feedback on this shot. It was my first time shooting a building exterior and I want to start doing more of these. I have posted my base layer and my final version. Where do you think I can improve?

Ready to print?

Hey guys,

I took this shot last year during my 4 month trip through North- and Central America. I am still in love with this shot because of the awesome sky at this evening. The clouds were just amazing. Still, I am not sure if I should print it as a large gallery picture.

Any opinions?

Best regards

Lightweight camera for Architectural Photography

Hello everyone, I would appreciated some input with the best cameras out there. I am a photographer student and I plan to build my own business with Interior and Architectural Photography and I need advice about the best camera that I should buy and if its lightweight even better.
Thank you in advance!
Claudia Whiteman

Reichstag dome Berlin

Wide angle shot inside the Reichstag dome in Berlin.
The Reichstag Dome is very impressive, I bought a Samyang 20mm f/1.8 for a trip to Berlin and it was such a nice lens to use inside this building. Took a couple of shots and ended up with this one, I really like the contrast in this picture.

Any comments are welcome!

How To Split The Cost Of An Architectural Shoot?

Hi everyone!

So I just got hired by a new architecture client to do a photo shoot of an office building and they were asking to split the costs with several parties (furniture supplier, interior designer etc.) that were involved in the project. Up until now, whenever I had a shoot, I charged the client who hired me a creative fee and...