Kohler Signature Store - Vancouver

First Post! Curious what you think of these photos I shot for Kohler's showroom in Vancouver. Not a lot of light added as it was already lit to look the best it could (as a showroom). I sometimes struggle with getting my whites really white. Composition wise I was fairly happy with most of them!

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

Process this photo yourselves

Hello you all!!
I am very curious about how you would process the photo of this Hotel Presidential Suite. I am so looking forward to seeing your versions!!! I was trying to upload the RAW file but I cannot do that!
Many thanks!!!

glasshouse and tree

Palm House at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, South Australia. An exquisite restored Victorian glasshouse imported from Bremen in Germany in 1875 and thought to be the only one of its kind in the world. It was opened in 1877 and has been a focus in the gardens since that time. The hanging glass walls are similar to those used in modern city...

High Volume HDR Automation?

No, I'm not looking to merge 20 photos at .1 EV stop differentials into one beige image hahah.

I shoot real estate, and spend countless hours of my life merging my shots (3 shots, 3EV differences) over and over again. One house can have 80 merges.

Shift, click, Option M, enter, enter. Repeat until delirious.

On a mission...

Moody Kitchen

Recently did a modeling shoot for one of my realtor clients in Vegas. I remembered this kitchen in a highrise listing I shot for him a while back and thought it would be a good location for a shot. Captured one with him in it and of course one without for myself. I also have a fully lit shot but I'm digging the more moody shot instead.

Portland Slate

This apartment was built in urban resident and has square look windows make it unique in its place. The shot was taken in stormy and moody day.

Photo shoot at the World Trade Center

A friend is a general contractor. He built some stores at the World Trade Center. I shot them. My camera is the Sony AR7iii with the Canon 17 MM T/S. Some shots were with the 24 MM T/S because the 17 gives some distortion.

Fine art sale permission?

Hey all,
Just have a quick question in regards to selling some large prints.
I have taken a few images around the city all with a similar feel of architecture/ high rises. All of them have been taken on public property (footpath). I was just curious whether I would need permission from the architects/owners of the buildings first...

Canadian Museum of Human Rights...

The camera club I belong to spent a few hours inside this architectural wonder shooting in low light conditions. After we finished, I happened to be parked in a parkade across the street, so I went to the top level with my tripod and remote release and got this shot. It's a 20 second exposure with the B&W conversion done in Silver Efex Pro...

too much post production?


i attached 2 versions of a shot i took for a cafe at Cairo, the first one is the raw without any edit, the second is after my full post processing from about 6 shots with different lighting.

let me know if you think it is over processed or it is fine, taking into consideration that the violet lighting the architect didn't...

Architectural Photography Workshop in Santa Fe

For a while, I have been looking for a good Architectural Photography workshop. When the only options for learning are trial and error, along with Mike Kelley videos: it would nice to shoot with a academic instructor around. A portfolio review by a professional would be great. I want to bring certain photos I admire and discuss techniques that...

Rate my architecture skills

this in one of my all time favorite images. i've put a lot of thought in it. at different days, different times. this is the one i liked the most. What do you guys think?
It's a 400 second exposure (ND filter+Polarizer) with my sigma 10-20 and the Canon 60D

Relinquished (2018) | The Companionway

A stunning set of stairs (multiple stairs) inside a former sanatorium in Georgia, Eurasia - would love to see any thoughts you have? More fine art than photography as such I know, but this is the only group that fits.

Real Life Jenga

The Interlace is a 1000-unit apartment building complex in Singapore designed by OMA and Ole Scheeren. It is noteworthy for its design which looks like 31 bricks irregularly stacked upon each other, resembling Jenga blocks.


Hello everyone.
Someone knows in which Mike Kelley tutorial (#1 or #2) can I learn to post produce the basics of my images?
Things like white balance and sharp, control of shadows and illuminations, camera RAW tips and prepare my images for a good print. I took tutorial # 3 because I work with hotels, but I want to start post-...

Great room on a cloudy day

I captured this image of the great room in a multi-million dollar home last week for one of my clients. It was a cloudy day and the views were not as good as they could have been.