Contributions in the group are very nice

I've enjoyed looking over the shots already posted. Good work. It is nice to see the range of how people view architecture. Here are a few of the shots I've enjoyed taking.
Though I have no formal education in architecture, I have long been fascinated with how buildings of all sorts are designed and very interested in hearing the...

Photographing historic villages

it's my first post in this group. I'm not into urban photography, but I travel to a lot of historic villages, I've done it for years all over France mainly, with no real photographic eye. Some are lucky compositions, most are snapshots. My experience though is that it's quite difficult. The tentation first is to take it all in one...

Amsterdam tower swinging

The Amsterdam tower is a pretty iconic building in the Amsterdam skyline. Build as the former Shell head office on the north side. Now it has been redeveloped to a hotel/bar/restaurant/disco/viewpoint and contributed to making that part of the city more interesting to visit. The swing on top has proven to be a golden catch since there's no...

edit real estate photos

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How would you light this?

I'd like to recreate the uplighting under these tanks. Happy to do it one tank at a time and comp images together to minimise lighting equipment required. Any ideas on best approach or equipment? Thanks for your ideas!

Solar Powered

I see lots of good things about this one but it seems to lack something. The foreground trees framing the mid ground color farm and the background glass buildings is nice. This was shot at 80mm on a 80-400 zoom lens at f/4.5, 1/250 and ISO 200. Critiques welcome.

Venice at night

Shot this bridge in venice during tourist season. I was up till 3am wandering the city till it was fully empty and a pure joy to take pictures and walk along all those little alleys that you wouldnt walk during the day.

Because of the long exposure, I got some Light specs in the smooth water, but I didnt wanna remove them, as I am a big...

Holy Shrine Of Hilal Ibn Ali

This monument is located in Aran o Bigdol, near Kashan in Iran.
I asked my guide if we could stop there and I've been lucky to be able to catch the place during the Friday prayer, meaning nobody around.
It is a mosque but also a famous place of commemoration of the martyrs of the Iran-Iraq war.
I was able to use my tripod so I...

Beautiful Downtown Houston

It had just rained in some parts of Houston, but the location had just finished a huge downpour about 20 minutes earlier. I managed to get up on the roof of the garage and captivate the beautiful rainbow sunset tones rising on the building and amazing pink tones of the sky sunset receding behind me.
©PermePhotography. All rights reserved...

Flying Butresses

I was struck by the light and shadows of this scene, taken at the Dexter Family Mausoleum in historic Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, OH. Edmund Dexter was a transplanted Englishman who made a fortune in whiskey after locating to Cincinnati. He died in 1862 during the American Civil War, and his family and heirs commissioned a mausoleum to...