Washington State Cultural Center

A fairly new building on the campus of WSU in Pullman, WA. My son and my money go to WSU. I was impressed with the...
Last: January 20, 2020

Tilt/shift lens in Winchester

Just like Mark I was in Winchester Cathedral at the end of November (and the Hospital of St Cross). I was experimenting...
Last: January 1, 2020

sitting room in rancho santa fe, ca home

i really liked the symmetry and engaging feel of this room, there was very little available light here due to time of...
Last: December 17, 2019

1 Year of architectural photography.

One year ago, I started building up a commercial architectural portfolio from scratch. That's when I asked for lots of...
Last: December 14, 2019

Restaurant Build - Promotional Images

I recently had the pleasure of providing images for a property developer that designed and built a restaurant in...
Last: December 13, 2019

Mike Kelleys Tutorial

Hi Group, I had just wondered if anyone had purchased Mike Kelley's tutorials on here at F-Stoppers. I am sure they are...
Last: December 12, 2019

Blue Whale

Spent over 2 hrs trying to get a unique perspective of this iconic space. When I finally got it I was on my belly...

One of Europe’s largest Cathedrals

Hello All, Though I would share a few edits from my recent trip to Winchester Cathedral, here in Hampshire, UK.
Last: November 27, 2019

First time architecture/real estate shoot, feedback appreciated!

Hey everyone. I recently purchased the Sony FE 16-35 f4 to pair with my A7 III in an attempt to try some architecture/...
Last: November 27, 2019


A stroll through Granville market. I liked the rhythm and order in this busy composition. Share what you feel. Thanks.


Wooden Joint connector. I liked the visual complexity in the composition. As well as the grey tones.


A bright summer morning. Granville ferry.


Tried High key Processing. Had Discarded the frame earlier but this time eye saw something in it. Am ambiguous about...

A dark day and few rays of light

During one dark cloudy day Mother Nature graces light at the right place. Click whatever you can and its gone in a...


One bright summer day at Robson square, Vancouver BC. Shade and contrast due to harsh post noon sun provided...


A bright summer day. Though reached close to noon, yet the camera was graced with reaonably good light. Tried...
Last: November 5, 2019

Holding Tight

Cable suspension Detail, Abstract. Canada Place, Vancouver BC.


Proportionately extremely narrow lane. For the Lense I had (18-200), chose to express one of the walls sides for its...
Last: November 3, 2019