Hotel room shoot inside to out for critique

Hi all,

After seeing the posts from Korey Napier and Eric Kruk, I decided to have a go at some blending. I was wanting to get a natural blend between the internal light of the room and the external light of the garden without the outside being hazy. So I've been working with Lumenzia to blend them together. As I increase my skill level...

Materials Innovation Factory

Materials Innovation Factory, University of Liverpool.

Hi all, just starting off on fstoppers. I'm an amateur photographer, would appreciate any comments. Thanks!


how to create sharper signage on a building

So I recently did shoot for an architect company as a trial run. A great learning experience. One of their complaints was that the signage wasn't sharp. I agree. The entire image although is very sharp including the brick wall.
My question is: is there a way to shoot this to create sharper signage?
I'd like to re-shoot, but not...

Architectural interior shoot

Hi I am new at this and trying interior photography and looking for improvement. I am struggling between using bracketed expose vs using flash, gave it a go... And quickly got discouraged especially in the kitchen with the time it takes to get your flash position correctly. My initial approach was to use shoot through umbrella, then realized it...

New to achitectural photography, I need help!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to architectural photography and I really want to start building up my portfolio (I currently only have one job that I shot a few years ago). The first of many questions I have for you is, how should I approach potential clients about shooting to build my port, while making some money as well?

I thought of two...

How to shoot real estate quickly using multiple bounce flash

I was able to shoot a 12 room house in about an hour or so with on-camera flash; however, I prefer using bounce flash with three to four off-camera flash units for better image quality and reduced post-processing time. The problem is it now takes me three or more hours to shoot the same size house using the multiple bounce-flash technique. Any...

Recent Shoot

A client asks to shoot this property without any flash or additional light, trying to capture the natural atmosphere of the place.
Your comments are welcome.

In need of Photographers - Where do you find them??

My name is Ken Banks and I own a company called Virtual203. We're based in Fairfield CT and specialize in shooting real estate. Finding really good photographers has been impossible, currently I only have two and we really need to double or triple that. We've tried using Indeed but its sort of not the type of place photographers are searching...

Which photoshop tool do you use to remove distortion on sides?


Obviously everybody is using different technique to remove distortion on side. I am interested what use to remove it.

This photo is shot with Canon 24mm Tilt Shift lens and was stitched from 3 images. As you see it has huge distortion on sides bottom and top.

Which tool would help to compress sides towards center?...

Composition help

Hey all! I'm just getting started on an Architectural / Interiors portfolio, and I'd like a little feedback on a couple test shots I just did.

Disregard the shadows, vertical shadows will be in the final image.

Composition wise....
Imagine that the image the image with the vertical shadows was dialed in, so you would be...

Can a lower f help?

In architectural photography we are used to see all pictures very sharp on the range of f8 - f11.
Can you shoot on a lower f to catch a certain spacial mood and feeling and still call it architectural photography?

The sense of spaciality and ambient mood in the picture CAN BE much more close to the real architectural experience...



what lens should i get, tamron 15-30 2.8 or nikon 18-35 ?
Because i canĀ“t use CPL on Tamron

Thank you

Harvard Business School

Got MBA yet? =)
Security came by while I was taking pictures with tripod. They said I'd need permission from Harvard as they have all the buildings' views/designs licensed or something weird like that. Is that true?

What you think?

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon 24mm Tilt/Shift
quantity of images made to create this panorama: 9
ISO: 100
Aperture: F9
Shutter: Bracketing
Light Sources: 12

Best Technique To Find The Right White Balance?

Hey everyone!

I recently had a few shoots where I struggled to find the proper WB in Photoshop. I believe the issue occurred because there were multiple different light sources involved and it was hard to find a good balance in camera.

In my photography class a while back, I was taught to use the WB dropper tool and if it makes...

Want to eliminate distortion in "Interiors"

I shoot some for both real estate agents and home builders. I shoot with mostly the 16-35. Some of the image pull I don't mind. There is also alot of pull at the bottom corners I'm trying to get rid of. I'd like to get your opinion on how to eliminate the "corner pull". In the attached photo, it's the pull of the counter top/stove top that...