72nd Street Station

We arrived at this station just before sunset, and quickly took a seat and set up the tripod. We had a nice older gentleman playing saxophone for most of the shoot, which added to the calm ambience as the sun went down, and the lights of city began to emerge.

Singapore's Esplanade

Taken in Singapore from the open roof top of the Esplanade - Theaters on the bay.
The spiky "durian-like" rooftop structure is what makes this architecture so iconic locally.

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Website: http://www.exxposures.com

First Ever Architectural Shot (Need Some Advice)

During my first semester as a UCF student, one of our last projects was to all get together and shoot some photos for a local group of homes that would soon be opening. We couldn't really move bigger furniture, so we were pretty much stuck with what was already placed for staging.

I really enjoyed shooting this and, in the future, might...

Architecture Shoot Vol 1

Last weekend I hired a 24mm Tilt and Shift lens to try out doing some architectural shots with purpose, to practice technique and editing.
I've always loved architecture, how it looks, how it makes people feel and how it fits with its local environment.
I am grateful to live in a city full of beautiful architecture -...

Durham, NC at blue hour

Hello everyone!

After a 10 year hiatus, I have recently rediscovered my love for architectural photography. With all of the new construction going on in downtown Durham, there has been no shortage of interesting buildings to shoot, so I thought the timing might be right to start updating my portfolio.

Enjoy, and happy holidays!...

Light House

Door County Wisconsin, Bailey's Harbor Light House Lake Michigan side. Rugged building that shows it's use. For those on the lake it was a welcomed site.

Space Dome

I took this close up shot of one of the Flower Domes located inside Singapore's Gardens by the Bay. It's entire glass facade, together with its spiral rings structure, does give it a futuristic space age feel, especially when lighted up at dusk.

Architectural Portfolio:



what lens should i get, tamron 15-30 2.8 or nikon 18-35 ?
Because i can´t use CPL on Tamron

Thank you