Thoughts on recent job

I just photographed a local starbucks and would love some tips to improve my composition and edits.

Casino Interiors with Ever Changing Lighting

So, I struggled with taking this photograph, and I was wondering if any other community members struggled with similar...

The ultimate solution for real estate photographers

Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services Digital photographs have limitations in capturing scenes with a high contrast...

Thoughts on this composite?

Took 4 long exposure shots together and did a sky replacement for this image in Photoshop.

The Eye film Institute in Amsterdam

A while ago I took another look at creating an image of the Eye film institute with a fine art treatment. Let me know...

best workflow for luxury real estate

hello, what would you say is the best workflow for high end real estate? I am hesitating between using flashes inside...

Broadripple Bridges

I started walking along the white river in Broadripple Indiana, where I started magnet fishing, now i'm taking pictures...

Vector Images Vs. Raster Images; the Main Differences

Making designs for screen printing takes a tad of work and innovativeness. Regardless of whether you're designing a...

Austin Buildings

Just spent a day in Austin photography some of the amazing architecture looking to build my portfolio. Looking for...

Going all out with enhancement

In lockdown - hopefully not much longer and revisited some images of last trip O/S .About time to push the ACDSEE into...

Youtube channels about architectural photography?

Are there any good (or any at all) YT channels about architectural photography (except real estate)?

First Architectural Photography Shoot. Looking for feedback.

I am currently an architecture student that enjoys photography as a hobby. I decided to combine these two interests and...

Main Street -- CC please...

I recently discovered the joy of architectural photography, and went out yesterday looking for something interesting...

Branching out a little on subject matter, and looking for feedback.

I'm not sure if this picture fits more in this group or nature/landscape, but since I usually don't take pictures of...

Socialist construction

The construction in the time of communism and socialism is reflected mainly in the brutal style.

Critique my first architecture photo

Looking for feedback. I typically shoot landscapes but new at that too. Found this property while driving around...

Sunset - CDG

from terminal 2E CDG - feedback appreciated. in retrospect, i should have eliminated the ceiling lights

Dream Come True

Had been wanting to shoot in this building for several years and finally had a chance in October 2020. This theater is...

My first paid architectural shoot.

Since I recently started engaging with this nice group of people here on Fstoppers and asked for feedback and critique...

External staircase on University building

External staircase , a real work of art used on the outside of the same University building as other image