Feedback on some recent interior photography?

You may of seen a post a while back from myself of my first try at architectural and interior photography. I've recently completed some more work and am looking for some feedback on it. There are two photos from a large country manor house which is currently being turned into a hotel/b&b and then there are some shots from a London office...

Architecture Copyright infringement.

Hi everyone!

The other day I decided to photograph a Building from a world-famous Japanese architect. I have no intentions to sell any of the work I have done I just but make it part of my portfolio. Has anyone been in this position before or questioned this before? I would like to know if it would be even legal to publish it as part of...

Finding Creative Viewpoints

I was wandering around the city and ended up in a parking ramp and took this shot. I think it's an interesting perspective. I like using parking ramps, because usually it's not an issue to take a few pictures and it can give you a different vantage point that's not always publicly accessible from other buildings/structures.


The price is right.. A good price for the rights to use?


starting my first steps into archtectural photography. We agreed on the price for the pictures but we have not spoken about the price for the rights that he can use the pictures commercially.
It is about a big commercial building he wants to sell, 2 of 40 pictures attached.

I would think 50€/$ per picture he buys is ok...


Not sure how I feel about light trails in general, but I really like this one for whatever reason. Comments and critiques welcome :)
shot on Canon 80D, manfroto something? tripod
iso 100
30 sec. exposure

Photos look like renders?

Im struggling to find that line between detailed and rendering. Looking to make these look less like renderings and more artistic without losing their purpose for a builder. Any critique or feedback would be great. Lots of layers to mess with, lots of exposures.

Resources to identify architects

I have a few shots I would like to send to the architects. What resources do you use to find out who the architects are for a given building? Using a Canon 6D, so geolocation available, but not always reliable. Thanks,


Would like some feedback and comment!

I'm new to architectural photography and have been photographed a lot of buiding and infrastructure, maybe houses and real estate in the future. If anything can be improved in this picture please let me know

Your most surprising shot?

One of my favorite architectural photos I've ever taken was actually done with zero forethought as I walked around downtown Chicago during a trip. I had never been there before and I had my Canon Rebel XT (with all six megapixels) and the 18-55 kit lens. I was very, very new to photography and was blown away with the abundance of architectural...

Process this photo yourselves

Hello you all!!
I am very curious about how you would process the photo of this Hotel Presidential Suite. I am so looking forward to seeing your versions!!! I was trying to upload the RAW file but I cannot do that!
Many thanks!!!