Socialist construction

The construction in the time of communism and socialism is reflected mainly in the brutal style.
Last: June 3, 2021

Critique my first architecture photo

Looking for feedback. I typically shoot landscapes but new at that too. Found this property while driving around...
Last: May 29, 2021

Sunset - CDG

from terminal 2E CDG - feedback appreciated. in retrospect, i should have eliminated the ceiling lights
Last: May 23, 2021

Dream Come True

Had been wanting to shoot in this building for several years and finally had a chance in October 2020. This theater is...
Last: May 18, 2021

My first paid architectural shoot.

Since I recently started engaging with this nice group of people here on Fstoppers and asked for feedback and critique...
Last: May 10, 2021

External staircase on University building

External staircase , a real work of art used on the outside of the same University building as other image

University building exterior

Photographed with Leica S2 and 70mm standard lens just before a severe hailstorm

interior for holidays rentals

Part of photo session for a villa to have an idea about how the room looks
Last: April 21, 2021


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Last: June 24, 2018

Metropolis Los Angeles

Metropolis LA is a 4-tower luxury complex situated right off the 110 freeway in Downtown Los Angeles I planned the...

Could "Jackrabbit Homestead" be a model for 21st century "homesteaders"?

This is "Jackrabbit Homestead," an art installation by Kim Stringfellow at this year's Desert X in Palm Springs,...
Last: March 15, 2021

A specific Query about Lighting

Hi there. Shared a specimen image for the following discussion. I do not feel it appropriate to have the light fittings...
Last: March 7, 2021

Public library | Stuttgart | Germany

I wanted to share my progress in the architectural photography world. -- The Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (formerly...
Last: July 23, 2019

1 Year of architectural photography.

One year ago, I started building up a commercial architectural portfolio from scratch. That's when I asked for lots of...
Last: December 14, 2019

More isometric architectural shots.

I've recently posted my body of work in this group and received great feedback. One group member proposed to mix up my...
Last: March 11, 2019

Moving away from Real Estate towards Architectural Photography.

I am new in the city and try to get clients quickly, since I've quit my job for a real estate company who hired me for...
Last: May 2, 2019

Architecture love

my favorite shots of my b&w photography whate do you think of this

First go at big architecture :)

Hi all, I have been shooting real estate for a little while, but have ambitions to work more with architects -...
Last: February 8, 2021

LADWP Building at sunset

This is my first post here, and I look forward to learning from all the great photographers that post and comment on...
Last: February 7, 2021

The Ritz-Carlton Perth

The stunning Ritz-Carlton Perth, located at Elizabeth Quay, certainly deserves this majestic blue sky. This building...