Legal Question

An agent wants to buy 15 front images of various houses from me for marketing purposes. Is that allowed? I am pretty...
Last: October 16, 2020

Advertising and real estate

I started real estate and advertising photography before 6 months
Last: October 12, 2020

Entrance hall, welcome!

Should i replace the concrete floor? On the one hand I find that the dirty side of the concrete adds to the ambience...
Last: October 11, 2020


Discovered in France along some little rue.
Last: October 1, 2020


The straight, sharp striking lines and corners of modern architecture around the Yerba Buena Gardens in downtown San...

Buffalo Architecture

Buffalo, NY has some great architecture. I was walking around downtown and saw the reflections in the Prudential...
Last: September 16, 2020

A touch of Escher

Hi all, not sure if this is the right group to post a shot like this but here goes. Im normally a Landscape...
Last: September 15, 2020

Water reflections

Boat harbor in Canne, France.
Last: September 13, 2020
Last: September 13, 2020


Entrance to an apartment complex on Capital Hill in Seattle. Taken from near sidewalk level shooting straight up the...

Casino Interiors with Ever Changing Lighting

So, I struggled with taking this photograph, and I was wondering if any other community members struggled with similar...
Last: September 8, 2020

Chase Tower

The Chase Tower in Chicago. This is a good example of Brutalist architecture, or New Brutalism, is an architectural...

Orthodox Church - Interior

St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral - Dallas, TX

Church Glow

Port Townsend (WA) church with an autumn afternoon sun backlighting the steeple. Shot with Sony A99ii using a Zeiss...

Aerial Sunrise at Maryland Live Hotel and Casino

Commercial architectural photo during sunrise at Maryland Live hotel and casino. During this rough time for paid gigs,...
Last: August 28, 2020

Seikh Zayed Grand Mosque by Sunset

I visited this mosque like every other tourist when I visited the United Arab Emirates. I went during the day and it...
Last: August 27, 2020

Parametric Architecture

Yas Vicory Hotel designed by Asymptote Architecture, Abu Dhabi