The Monument Building

The striking Monument Building beside the Great Fire of London Monument in London Bridge. The 69 twisted fins are made...

Portfolio Worthy?

Hello, I am trying to get a foot in the door in doing architectural photography/higher end real estate. I have been...

First Architectural Shoot

I recently got my first ever paying job as an "architectural photographer". This is a field that I would very much like...

St.Pauls Cathedral

A view of the dome and several views from the Whispering Gallery. Sony A7iv + Sony GM 70-200mm f2.8 II

Night time in London

A few night shots in central London. Sony A7iv + Sony GM 70-200mm f2.8 II + 2.0xTC

Trying One of Those Fancy Fine Art Photos

I took this hand held while walking around my home city of Durham NC. This is the tallest building in the city. It was...

Spectacular Church Interiors

I am not a religious person, but I do love me some spectacular church interiors, especially when I had the foresight to...

Attempting some Architecture Photography

This is a little bit different from what I usually do. But, I was out the other day attempting a timelapse with my...

Duke University Chapel

We had some storms here in North Carolina basically all weekend. They finally started to clear up after the 3rd day of...

ZAha Hadid iconic

Beeah headquarters - Sharjah city Symmetrical -Leading lines -Framing

Harvard Business School

Got MBA yet? =) Security came by while I was taking pictures with tripod. They said I'd need permission from Harvard as...

London Stadium from the air...

What are your thoughts on this drone image I captured of the London Olympia Stadium at dawn? This stadium was the...

Socialist construction

The construction in the time of communism and socialism is reflected mainly in the brutal style.

Thoughts on recent job

I just photographed a local starbucks and would love some tips to improve my composition and edits.

Twilight and sky replacement

had a job out in new york that requested twilight shots. what process do you all use to edit it out?

Thoughts on this composite?

Took 4 long exposure shots together and did a sky replacement for this image in Photoshop.

The Eye film Institute in Amsterdam

A while ago I took another look at creating an image of the Eye film institute with a fine art treatment. Let me know...

best workflow for luxury real estate

hello, what would you say is the best workflow for high end real estate? I am hesitating between using flashes inside...

Broadripple Bridges

I started walking along the white river in Broadripple Indiana, where I started magnet fishing, now i'm taking pictures...

Austin Buildings

Just spent a day in Austin photography some of the amazing architecture looking to build my portfolio. Looking for...