Full Frame or Not Full Frame

Hey guys, I have a question, just starting architecture photography and want to know if you recommend to buy a full frame camera. Now I have a Canon 60D with 18-135 lens. The real question is should I buy a wide angle lens like Canon 10-22mm and stick to the Canon 60D until I get better at architectural photography and get commission work or...

First time architecture/real estate shoot, feedback appreciated!

Hey everyone. I recently purchased the Sony FE 16-35 f4 to pair with my A7 III in an attempt to try some architecture/real estate photography. I made my first attempt at shooting a home exterior yesterday, and even though I couldnt shoot at twillight, I've managed to create the below with just a HDR shot and some dodging and burning. Any...

Cabin - lots of wood

Dear fellow photographers,
I had my first real estate shot in my mom's cabin which she rents to tourists. The photos were for her holiday home agency's website. I found that the shot was quite difficult especially regarding the lighting situation with 50 year old wood covering all structural surfaces.
To be honest, I am quite happy...

A touch of Escher

Hi all, not sure if this is the right group to post a shot like this but here goes. Im normally a Landscape photographer but i do like trying my hand at other areas. This shot was me trying to capture the inside of a building correctly, this grand staircase looks stunning in person so i was trying to capture that. Taken at the Bowes Museum in...

The Tower

I am planning on selling this for print. If you think it deserves to be printed, please let me know.

I welcome any comments.

When the client wants to show the woodwork.

Hello Jay Cubitt,
This is the example I was talking about.
A very run of the mill image for a hotel client. They really wanted to showoff all the wood work on the closet doors behind the sink.
A tiny space and not much going on so to make the most of it, a 1pt perspective and use that huge mirror!
I hope this helps.

Interior photography & Capture One

Hi guys and girls!

I am new to Fstoppers, so please correct me if this is off topic.

As a lot of other people I have been used to edit my photos in Lightroom and now I am serious about switching to Captue One.

In almost all instances I get a better result with C1, however not when it comes to interior photography.


First attempt at this genre

I am not an architectural photographer. However, I really like this shot I took yesterday. Any comments, critiques, etc. are more than welcome as I would really appreciate them.

Shot with an Iphone 6S, edited in Snapseed and Lightroom Mobile.

First Time Using Flash

This was my first shoot after learning to shoot with flash for real estate work. I previously had been bracketing my images into HDR. This technique blends a natural light frame with one strobe frame for the highlights. I lean heavily on the natural light as I like the "feel" to be less flashy and more inviting. CC welcome!

Caerphilly castle

Hello everyone,
I know this picture might look a bit off-topic..
My intention was to focus the attention on the architecture of this gorgeous castle while trying to give a composition boost to the image via the portico on the internal garden.
I would love to have some feedback and thoughts about the shot

Exterior House

Hi Everyone, I'm been watching a lot of FStoppers videos and a casual lurker of the community for some time, however my first time posting. I've been enthralled with the techniques and processes for architecture photos and wanted to try my hand at it. I photographed and composited this image over the weekend as my first attempt. Any feedback is...

Masurian hotel

Evening photo of Hotel Mikołajki in Poland. I like light reflections on the water. Hotel is placed on small island. Like this place.