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Algae Madness

A few days ago I revisited this incredible place that never ceases to amaze me! Those stone caught my attention...

The Watchtower of Asgard

Our stay at Divide Lake was a landscape photographer's dream come true. In 3 days, we had fog, sun, rain, Aurora, and...


Memories of an autumn afternoon in the area of Argovejo in León. Incredible how everything is tinged with colors and...

Rock Jetty

Though I would share this image. This is actually an old image from a few years ago that I was never really satisfied...

Catlins Waterfalls

A couple of shots of Purakanui Falls down here in the Catlins area of the South Island in New Zealand. Last time I went...

Mount Wellington, Hobart

A cloud rolled in late in the afternoon, creating this lovely soft light over the eastern side of the mountain.

Focusing for maximum depth of field

I’ve been reading and watching tutorials on focusing to try and understand how best to avoid the disappointing results...

What are cliches?

Greetings fellow users of the internet. It's been a while since I've posted anything, as I've been rather busy. Today I...

The fog had cleared some

It was a grey foggy day, and across the bay, the fog had cleared enough to see Seattle

The clouds are low

Winter 2022 was crazy, this shot was taken on a day between storms, the clouds that had a lot of color and also were...

Blue Iris Macro (on a very windy day)

Oh how I wish I could have found a calm day for this shot! But, winds across the field were the order of the day...

CC- required

This is a 5 shot pano that I have clicked this year. Just curious to know from you all is it looking balanced and good...

Cabin Creek Lake - on a bright sunny afternoon

Arriving at the lake mid-afternoon on a blue-bird day, the lighting was not the best. The lake however was absolutely...

Sunrise from the Guanella Pass

Sunrise from the Guanella Pass near Georgetown, Colorado

Sego Lily

Unhappy with my attempts to capture the vast fields of wildflowers in bloom this year, I decided to try a different...

Belmore Falls, Kangaroo Valley

A beautiful set of falls within the lovely Kangaroo Valley.

Fishing Dock


What constitutes a good landscape?

Maybe you guys can help me. I'm currently building a portfolio of what I call "macro landscapes." During the pandemic...

Furada Sunset!

Memories of a good time. A trip, a beach, a beautiful sunset, a good company... It's funny what the earth can offer us...

Cape Perpetua at Blue Hour

I have seen hundreds of photos of this scene in the daylight. I was hoping the skies would be somewhat clear for a bit...