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somewhere in Georgia on the way to Armenia

Hey guys! Took this shot while traveling in the country of Georgia. I loved the way clouds were interacting with the snowy mountain top and the autumn looking foliage in the foreground ( which was really weird to see considering that just 1-hour drive away summer has already kicked in and everything looked so green. And no, there wasn't much...

Three chimneys

Three Cime or Drei Zinnen - Dolomites, Italy.
After this photo, I'm clear why and how names are given to some of the mountains. It seems to me that associativity here is very clearly highlighted.
Do you also see the smoke from this factory as I called this picture?

Giveaway challenge

I'm giving these three correctly exposed LE RAW files from Bled lake (of course in Jpeg format in full resolution) for everyone who accept the challenge and make your final photo (without ugly instant software HDR solutions) with basic blending this three exposures without clipping on white or black side, and normally post it here.
I hope...

Beinn Nibheis (Looking for Critique)

Hello, I shot this back in December 2017 from near the summit of Ben Nevis, Scotland. This was actually taken near midday and has been heavily edited to look more like sunrise and to take away from the harsh midday light on the white clouds and snow (also taken back when I shot JPEG, not RAW so it wasn't the easiest edit).
While I couldn'...

Golden hour - Moor reflections

Hey folks!

Taken in a beautiful location a couple of weeks ago in a local moor/swamp. The alps loom in the background and the reflections in the lake really caught my eye.
What I'm still not quite happy about is the tree line in the middle, light was great in the area but kinda looks odd. Sky is also a questionmark for me, no...

Curvy Aspen Forest

A photo I took this past fall of a beautiful grove of unique curved aspens. These trees have become popular among local photographers but were still difficult to find.

Looking Glass Falls, North Carolina

From a vacation in 2011. The day after I made this photo, I shot in this location with a local model who was completely unafraid to get into the cold water coming off the mountain. I only had to stand in ankle-deep water to get this shot and that was enough for me.

no editing....yet

so i shot this this morning after a heavy snowfall last night i have not edited yet but im not sure how to proceed since its not a dark and gloomy im kind of out of my element....
so what would you do?

Always bring a camera

In landscape photography there is a lot of focus on gear. You have to bring a tripod, ND filters, grading filters, full format camera and so on.
My experience is simple. You have to bring a camera!
Many of my pictures is taken on the go, because landscape photography is about being at the right spot at the right time. This is not...

Long Exposure CC

I was in San Francisco this weekend and had a chance to try out my new filter system for my Sigma Art 14-24. The below shot is about a 2 minute single exposure using a 10 stop ND filter just after sunrise. I've never done this type of long exposure photography before, so any suggestions would be great--on both shooting these types of shots and...

Backlit tree in field

I was driving past this field in late afternoon and noticed the tree wonderfully backlit by the setting sun. I pulled over and grabbed my camera, but by the time I was ready the sun had gone behind a cloud, rendering the foreground shady. I managed to pull some details from the shadows to make this image, but the crisp contrast I saw when...