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Welcome to Group! Introduce Yourself :)

Hey everyone,

I have been a long time follower/reader of FStoppers and have been in love with the new community. Personally, my passion for photography stems from a deep, unhealthy for my wallet/bank account, passion for the automotive world so I thought I would create this group as a place for all of you who share that passion to post your work.

My name is Dylon Algire, I am a Las Vegas based automotive photographer and car enthusiast. I have been shooting for about 4 years now, more and more so recently. In the last 4 years I have also managed to go through 4 vehicles hahaha. Started with a 91 Toyota MR2, 2013 Scion FR-S, 2013 Subaru WRX, and now a 2015 Mustang GT as seen in the cover photo.

Share with the group your background in photography and cars :)

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Hello, everyone. My name is Bill Jonscher. I am a retired photographer from Washington, DC, currently living in Arlington, VA. I have been shooting photos for over 40 years and have worked in and managed a portrait studio, shot stock, events and freelanced. I also worked for Penn Camera in Washington, DC as a lab tech and production manager. I've always had a passion for photographing cars, old and new, custom, classic and stock. I like to concentrate on their details, the shapes, colors and textures and how the light from different sources and times of day and weather interacts to create interesting images. I shot this classic Jaguar in Old Saybrook, CT when my wife and I stopped at a yard sale. I converted it to B&W to give the image a sense of the time when this car was still new.

Hello everyone, my name is Akash Dua, from India. I am primarily interested in abstract, black and white and Motorsports photography. I am also struggling to make a career as a Motorsports photographer, so all the advice would be most welcome. I am a freelancer (a struggling freelancer). Hope to learn loads from all of yall!

Hey all!

My name is Moe & I am a digital marketer with an odd hobby of shooting cars :-)

You can see more of my work @ https://www.instagram.com/actionscripter/


Hello, My name is Chris Johnson, that seems odd to say seeing as we can all see the user names. I started taking pictures years ago just to document (and kinda show off) the tricks my friends and I where doing on our bikes. I had a dslr for probably close to 3 years before I even took it off "P" (full auto minus manual control of the flash"
Over the last year and a half I started to take my photography more seriously and got a little obsessed with it after reading about Elia Locardi. His techniques just seemed so interesting to me so I dove into landscape photography but quickly learned I don't have the patience to wait 3 hours for one photo. Now I mainly just like documenting my friends and the every day activities just so I can look back at them later in life.
I wanted to give automotive photography a try as well so after a few weeks of bugging all my friends with nice cars I finally got a chance to try it out. I don't know much about cars, and in no way am I a pro, or even qualified in anyway but I sure do enjoy shooting anything I find interesting.

My name is Todd. I've been shooting cars for fun for 40 years, but only within the last couple have I started taking it seriously. I have a small, but burgeoning business with local car/truck/motorcycle owners. You can see some of my photos on IG, https://www.instagram.com/veloxphotography/, although most of those are for myself at car shows, etc.

Hello everybody on Fstoppers!

My name is Thomas and I'm an automotive photographer / graphic designer from the Netherlands. I love to shoot cars using lightpainting and the FDL technique for car fine art.

Check out my work on instagram: @fotovanjeauto
and http://www.fotovanjeauto.nl/

Howdy folks! My name is Alex and I am an avid car/motorcycle enthusiast, having owned in the vicinity of 15 different vehicles excluding motorcycles within the past decade. Automotive photography is what pulled me into the realm of SLRs initially but ive grown to enjoy shooting many different things. At the moment, cars have taken a backseat to me raising a family, but fairly soon id like to get back in, as I miss enjoying meets with my own vehicle, autocrossing, and more. I look forward to sharing my work with everyone, learning, learning, and more learning, and making friends! Feel free to check out my IG, AlphaDigital_, and my website thats constantly under construction, www.alphadigitalmn.com


Hi everyone,
My name is Frédérique and I am a graphic designer and a photographer. I'm from Canada and I speak french, sorry for my english hihi

Hello everyone. my name is Andrejs and im from The Netherlands. Mostly im shooting autosports, but also im trying to get my skills better in static automotive photography.

my name is Pedro Santos and I'm new to photography in general. :)

Hello everyone,
I am new to the site and just starting my portfolio. I've been shooting a camera for 2 years but just started learning and actual shooting full manual. I am currently based out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho but I am moving to Boise, Idaho for college in a few days. I primarily focus on Automotive photography but love shooting landscape as well. This is one of my favorite shots to date, taken last week. More pics in my portfolio though!

HI Folks
My name is Athif Khan and I am a Wedding and Event Photographer from Ottawa , Canada and my love for photographing vehicles is relatively new, only 3 years ago, although I have been doing Photography since 1988.
I Started taking pictures of the vintage cars in a car show 3 years ago, which is held in my city in various places during summers every week and this group looks pretty kool to share my work here :)
Blessings for All :)

They Call Me Mellow Yellow... Ah! Jk hello to the group I'm Just Your Average Petrol head that loves Photography as an art form. I take more than just car pictures i take C-art pictures and the occasional human photograph. No but but seriously i have been shooting cars as my main interest since i was around 6, my first camera was a 35 mm ninja turtles that took film! right film who would have thought i could use film lol. Then from there i kept "borrowing" my moms canon pro level camera and just kept taking pictures of anything, i've found out i prefer black and white. There's no vehicle safe from my lens. If you gentleman and ladies have a spare second please come on over to my profile and shower me with your love or dislike which ever tickles your fancy. Till then cheers :) .

Hi folks. I am not a car photography enthusiast like some here but over the years have taken many car pics.I have taken many classic car shots when photographing weddings and look out for car wrecks that are rusting etc. I am not into retouching photos hardly at all so cannot comment here on how you should tweak things here and there. My dad was also a general all round photographer so have included one of his old black and white shots from a race meeting a long time ago. The green car is a restored Singer sports car.Geoff Thompson Adelaide South Australia.

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the world of photography but I've been involved with cars my whole life. I've been an enthusiast since before I had a driver's license and now work as an automotive engineer. After years of shooting shows with iPhones I've decided to step it up and learn some photography!

Also, I'm into everything and have a small fleet of project cars. But right now I'm spending most of my time with my 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano and my 1964 Chrysler Newport. I split my time between Metro Detroit, Michigan and LA area, California.

Hi Everyone Kevin Sloan here self taught photographer started out shooting rally events in Scotland UK and love any type of sports photography.
Here is a recent photo from a super car meet where i managed to get the mcclaren 570s sitting in a perfectly still pool of water for the reflection.
Had to have the patience to wait till all the public had cleared to get the shot but it was worth the wait.
Feel free to check out my other work at www.kssimages.co.uk appreciate any feedback.

Hello all. My name is Mike King. I am a system designer for a home integration company. I have been into photography since I was a teenager. Motorsports photography is where my passion lies.

Hello, everyone! My name is Jeremiah Graves, currently a car salesman in North Dakota. My previous jobs were all media, photography and videography focused, and after one year of car sales - I want to bring my two passions together. I've always loved shooting and my newly-found appreciation for cars - and my dealership's limitless supply ;) - have led me to joining this group!

I have zero car shooting experience, and just from browsing all of your work, I have a ton to learn! I look forward to all of the feedback you're willing to provide and am excited to be here!

~ JG

Hi everyone. I’m an enthusiast photographer and started out shooting sports about 8 years ago. I do some event work now and enjoy shooting auto for fun mostly. I’ve enjoyed learning to use photoshop and particularly like making composites.

Hello every one, I am an amateur photographer from Saudi Arabia. I am new to the group, and here is a sample of photos, Hope you like it.

Follow me on instagram

hello, im an amateur automotive photographer from the SF bay area ive been interested in cars all my life and have been doing photography for 6 years. i have been doing specifically automotive photography for about a year. looking to go into photography full time when i graduate.
this is my favorite shot

Hello everyone,

My name is Fili and haven been doing automotive photography for about 3 years but took it seriously 2 years ago. I feel my photography has come a long way since starting but feel like my edits haven't caught up. I would really like to get the hang of edits on Lightroom before jumping to Photoshop and if any tips or tricks that any of you all have, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi everyone. My name is Matías Chiminelli. I am just starting in this realm of automotive photography. I love cars and the photographs yet I have no idea about the mechanics and the "hardware". Yes you can say I only like them because they are shiny.

Hello I am Mike Schrengohst, I actually shoot Motor Homes. Is it OK to post pics here or just cars?

Hello everyone, I'm Thishan Dissanayake, Sri Lankan photographer and car enthusiast. Past 7 years I've been working as a Designer & photographer for Top Performance magazine in Dubai. Mostly we featured performance & modified cars, so i had my share of crazy modified, classics & modified cars. Now that i'm back in Sri Lanka about a year back, didn't had much chance to do any automotive photography. Since i'm working as a freelancer I think it's time for me to get back on track with Automotive photography.

You can see some of my car stuff at
www.500px.com/Thishan and www.instagram.com/tddesignphotography

I like to take pictures of cars too. I shoot freelance for a few magazines and a little private work as well.

Just realized I never really introduced myself here. My name is Andrew Wiest, I own Lethal Shutter Productions LLC and do automotive cinematography. I also work as a Freelance for LSX Magazine/ Power AutoMedia. Been shooting cars for the better part of the last 10 years, Still love it just as much as the day I started. Always looking to learn new techniques and drive my craft forward. So far this has been a great community to be a part of and I've gotten some great feedback. Thank you all for having me! Hoping one day maybe I can make it a full time gig! (obligatory supercar shot lol)

Hey guys, my name is Gabriel Levy, and I shoot everything from real estate photography (I'm a realtor) to travel photography and anything else that catches my fancy. I also love cars. This picture was from a beautiful Cadillac at a car/airplane show in Owlshead Maine.

Hello !
My name is Nicolas, I'm a french IT manager but one of my hobbies is photography, and car photography particularly.
I love classic and racing cars.

Hi, my name is Warner Grandfield, my website is rpmden.com

I've been in the car community since I was a young lad and found my way into photographing a few years ago. I use an X-Pro2 and vintage lenses. I currently live in Salt Lake City Utah and am always looking for new friends to shoot with!

Hello everyone, I am Alex and i am a professional bike rider or track rider. I won so many track championships in United Status and in the neighbor continents. I have some of the best superbikes like Ducati Monster, Kawasaki z900 & BMW.
Recently I have modified my Kawasaki z900 and i found a website which is https://riderscloseout.com/ and I got the best and genuine products at a very cheap price. I suggest all the bikers go and visit the site once.

You can visit on their Instagram for daily updates about the latest aftermarket parts.


Hello everyone. My name is Brandon Cordell. I'm an amateur photographer with a huge interest in cars. I don't think I could have picked a more expensive pair of hobbies haha. I don't have any images to share at the moment but I'm hoping I will soon.

I drive a 2017 Ford Focus RS which will be the subject of most of my photographs as I learn more about automotive photography. My new camera will be here next week and hopefully I'll get a good detail on the car soon after so I can go out shooting!

Greetings group. I'm an old fart that loved photography a LONG time ago in high school. I had my own home darkroom, developed all my film, and made all the prints. Then life happened and it took me about 45 years to come back. I've been shooting again for about 5 years now. I'm still trying to find my "thing" but I've always been a car enthusiast and cars were one of the first things I tried (unsuccessfully) to photograph so I moved on to explore other areas. Now I shoot mostly small venue concerts and street photography. About a year ago I became interested in minimalism photography and I have found that cars, or more typically portions of cars can be great minimalistic subjects.

Hello everyone! My name is Gabriele and I'm from Italy. I like cars since I was a kid, and now my passion has not turned down. I'm a Forza motorsport player, and I like taking photos of cars, of course.
I'm trying to make this part of my job (I work mainly as mainly event and wedding photographer) but my passion for photography started for... taking photos of cars because I live near the Autodromo di Monza, I'm sure most of you know it.
hope to find some inspiration and maybe some tricks to make my shots better.

Hello everybody !

My name is Przemek and I'm an automotive photographer from Poland. I love to shoot cars using lightpainting and the i want to improve my skills in FDL technique.

You can see more of my work at


Hello- I subscribe to Motor Trend, Car & Driver and Road and Track. But my main transport is Rocinante, my pet Wrangler. We enjoy going topless in the summer.

That being said, I think Road & Track has the best photography of the three magazines. I think they do a painstaking job at romanticizing car ownership. I'd love to have a job as an automotive photographer. Sigh... Hasta!

Hey everyone!

I'm Mambo. Since long time i'm regularly follow fstoppers looking for great photos, tips and inspirations. Due to current situation, and lots of free time, i decided to publish some of my amature photos. Hope i can get some critique and advices from you.


Hello everyone! I'm Michael, 32 years old, located in the south germany and between beeing product manager and dad I'm trying to improve my photography skill. I've started with landscape but get more and more requests for cars. Hope you enjoy my work and I hope I can learn a lot from the pros here.

I am very impressed. Kudos on this pic.

Thanks! Going to upload my pics in the next days

Hey everyone! My name is Ansgar, and I am an automotive photographer from Oman. You check out my work on my Instagram page.

Hey everyone!

My name is Zach, I'm a St. Louis automotive photographer & car enthusiast (still working on making that first one more than just a hobby). Always had a passion for art & cars, so auto photography seemed like the best way to merge the two.

I'm always looking for ways to improve my photography & move forward.

Check out my more of work here!


My name is Zach Lenfesty and I currently reside in San Diego, Ca. For the last 8 years I've been luckily enough to have a camera at my side and have always shot vehicles. Over the last 2 or 3 years though it's basically been the only genre of shooting and has consumed my life.