Cars & coffee Slovenia

Pictures from Cars & Coffee event in Slovenia, 2019.

Street Legal Race Car

This is my first post in here! Been snooping around and learning for many years in this forum. I shot this using my...
Last: October 7, 2019

Original vs Final Edit

I am new to the group, i am a mechanic by trade, and love automotive photography. This was a shot of a mates 2017...
Last: October 2, 2019

Any thought?

I don't do automotive photography but I tried to get my feet wet. What do you think?
Last: September 29, 2019


wanted to share a picture of my car, nicknamed the Camerawagon. The license plate is ment as a joke / irony to be used...
Last: September 24, 2019

JDM or German Engineering?

I know the jdm community is very big and strong but hear me out on this, German cars are consistently better for...
Last: September 17, 2019

Nice shot of a nice rear.

Datsun 280z shot with the Sony a7iii with Samyang 50mm 1.4.
Last: September 16, 2019


I was at a local bike show with the stunt guys doing a show, I set up for some shots and captured some cool moments...

Ford GT

Since I am an amateur I often shoot at car shows. This, of course, presents the problem of other spectators gathering...

Porsche-engined, Singer-inspired Volkswagen Scirocco

I'm a Volkswagen/Audi enthusiast and have been from an early age. Attending the shows back home in the UK along with...
Last: September 12, 2019


Alright, Thought I'd join this site and see what's happening. Check out my insta for regular work - I post there most...
Last: September 6, 2019

67 Mustang fastback

Hi, I'm new to this group. Here's an HDR sunset shot of my car. Car photography is something I enjoy and do it from...

Mclaren MP4-12C

A buddy of mine rented the mp4-12c for the day and asked if I wanted to link up, so naturally I said hell yeah! I was...

C-class photoshoot

Hey guys, I've got dslr in January this year and got poisoned by photography since then :) I would be glad to hear...
Last: September 3, 2019


hey guy what setup o you use for taking rollers? Lens and settings on your camera? Also how do you like to edit your...

Dacia Logan

Hi guys. A few weeks ago I took my car out for some quick photos late in the night. This is what came out. Cheers

Lamborghini Huracan shot for a client in NYC.

Shot en route as well as in Long Island City. Yellow is definitely a color that can pop anytime, anywhere.

Introduce myself

Hi guys... I'm new to Fstoppers after i saw the last car photography critique i thought i should join this community...

DiDia 150

This a one off car took 7 years to build, 1953-60. Designed by Andy DiDia. It cost DiDia $150k, or $1.5 mil in todays...