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How to handle companies using photos on social media?

A regional subgroup of Porsche Club of America is going to use some of my photos for their social medias which I'm pretty happy about since I'm still pretty new to automotive photography and want to get some recognition/following if I can. This specific region doesn't have a huge following, just 1800 on instagram but maybe the larger regions would see it (hopefully) and like to 'work' with me as well.

Just wondering if any of you have been approached by companies to share your photos on social medias and if so how you handled it. I'm not really at that stage yet but would love to get there one day and be prepared. Should you charge larger companies to use your photos for things like Instagram/Twitter? If so, how much would you charge? I'm just a hobbyist at this point so I'm curious how it all works.

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Don't have too high of hopes for one post. You may not even gain any new followers from a post with such a small group that is mainly car enthusiasts, not photographers.

Yes, you should charge a company/brand to use your photos. Depending on the size of the company that reaches out to you if they are interested, you may be speaking with someone from their marketing department, a 3rd party marketing company that handles the content for the brand, or the owner of the compnay. How much you charge is entirely dependant on you. There are hundreds of factors that influence price, so a one-shot answer or price range can be wildly inaccurate.

If they don't provide you with paperwork, then you should be prepared to present your own.

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Oh I know not to expect much from this one, it just got me interested if the situation ever arises with someone bigger.

Have any suggestions on articles or tutorials on pricing strategies?

Most people/companies are going to expect it for free.
Their first offer will be nothing. Larger clients know they spend more on social than on old fashioned advertising these days so they will pay. Porsche North America will pay. A regional sub group of Porsche Club of America...well maybe not. Where do they get their $$$ from Porsche? Or are they a real "club" like a 503 c. not for profit?
I don't have "stand alone" requests that often because most of the time it is added into the usage license as a line item.

The question is what is SM? IG, Twitter, Facebook? Facebook ads? does IG or Twitter have paid for sponsored posts? I dunno.

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From wiki "The Porsche Club of America is a non profit organization of Porsche enthusiasts in the United States and Canada. It is organized into 145 regions, which are grouped into 14 zones. PCA has more than 130,000 members and is the largest single-brand club in the world."

So this would be 1 of 145 regions. They plan to use them on IG, Twitter and Facebook. The members just pay an annual fee which I'm sure most of which goes towards their monthly magazines since the fee is only $46 a year. I know they're heavily associated with Porsche since they run events at the dealerships but I'm not sure if they're actually tied together.

Probably better goodwill to donate the pic than to get $10 or get a free year of the magazine...if you ask for money they will text the next guy with cool pictures.

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Yeah I wasn't really asking about this particular case, just if it ever arose with someone bigger. I know I still have some work to do til that happens but I was curious.

It is easier to roll SM into the licensing package than to call it out as a line item, like "use limited to editorial, internal corp comm, non-paid social media and public relations"

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Good to know, thanks. I still have a lot to learn about licensing and the business side of photography.