Vintage cinema

An old cinema that is still open to the public in the Lake District, UK.

Hi, I'm an amateur photographer and new to fstoppers. Would appreciate any tips/comments!


The Beach Huts

Long exposure shot from Whitley Bay in England from 2015.
Sot with 16 stop filter from Formatt Firecrest these huts have everything, textures lines, shading, contrast ,lights and darks and also looks great in colour but we don't want to do that now.

View from the last seat

This photograph was made when I was returning back from an annual fair in one of the villages on the outskirts of Mumbai, India. The state transport bus in which I was travelling back was full and I was sharing the last long seat with the group of shepherds. Due to an hour long traffic jam, one of the restless shepherds got up and started...


So I had just finished a biography on Karsh, and while I found it interesting, I really don't know that I want to get back into doing portraits. But I admire his work. He was known for placing the subject's hands in many portraits, and lighting them as carefully as their face. With that in mind, I spent a fair amount of time photographing this...


Homeworks after school.

Only natural lighting.
I used venetian blinds to control and diffuse light.

Any comments?

turkish dome

The photo is taken in Ankara and represents a Turkish dome placed at the top of a hill and can be thought as a nostalgia that drags us to the battle times.

The Sun Voyager

This is a long exposure I shot while visiting last December The Sun Voyager (Icelandic: Sólfar) is a sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason, located next to the Sæbraut road in Reykjavík, Iceland. Sun Voyager is a dreamboat, an ode to the sun. Intrinsically, it contains within itself the promise of undiscovered territory, a dream of hope, progress and...


Would this qualify as fine art? I like to branch out and learn new skills as I think everyone does, so I found a zipper at a surplus store and thought Id photograph it like seen below. I did some photoshop work to clone my seamless black background over the fabric around the zipper. Not sure how exciting this is to anyone but I liked the way it...


Hi all, This is the first image I've shared to the group, hopefully its quite an active groups as I love all Black and White imagery
Shot in Vik, Iceland 2016 such an amazing place.

Syracuse, Sicily

Well, this is the first photograph I post there since I'm a member (sick!).

What a romantic atmosphere to be in Italy (Sicilly) and listen a nice street musician.

But the reality face to something more rude. Coming from South Spain, Cesar try to rally the north of Europe by playing his spanish guitar in the best tourist location...

All the things I have seen

Hello Everyone!

My name is Alain. I am a French amateur photographer currently located in Macedonia.

I'm interested in meeting like-minded people and share experiences and points of view.

Thank you for your feedback about this picture.


The Knot

Hi, I'm just getting the hang of Fstoppers and am enjoying the experience. Here is an image I took recently of migrant workers asleep called " The Knot ". I would like your comments please.
Regards, Rani