Amateur Macro with very basic "gear" Sony QX10

Hello everyone!
Well I'm not a photographer, obviously? , But I really enjoy this as a hobby, and trying to improve..
I love macro/super macro photography, and since I lack any kind of equipment for that, not even a large sensor or interchangeable lens camera! I've decided to try it with some DIY style, and here sharing some results...

First Experiment with Focus Stacking

I'm trying out photo stacking with macro photos. This is one of my first experiments, I think the 4th attempt with this setup. Overall I'm pretty happy with the result but I'm a tad disappointed that the near face of the ring isn't as sharp as I would like. Anyone have any tips for improving?

Sony A7R3
Canon FD 135mm f...

Searching for Pollen

I would love your C&C on the shots.
Shot handheld on a Canon 650D with a 100mm F2.8 lens
Very minor edits in Lightroom to improve exposure & vibrancy.
Approx. 50% crop

Morning visit

Found this little thing on the leaf of my wife's flowers, and it quickly became a fun challenge to capture this image as it moved around the leaf. Personally, I like the contrasting line between the edge of the leaf and the flower in the background. It felt like a good composition, but would greatly appreciate your thoughts and CC.


A Colombian Cricket

Fairly new to macro but took this the other day while on holiday in Colombia. What do you think? All suggestions and comments gratefully received!

Welcome to mushroom wood

There is small excursion to the macroworld of the mushroom wood. It was an standard walking in the forest but when I made a step off the path, I saw very interesting micro-landscapes. I had only phone with me so all these photos are taken with it.

Some shots with my new camera..

Just got a new camera :-) and trying to figure out all its buttons and features...
the third and fourth pics are a hover bee (i think).
he kept quite still so it wasn't too hard.

pic.1 1/250 sec. iso 100. f3.5
pic.2 1/500 sec. iso 320. f2.8
pic.3 1/4000 sec. iso 2500. f8
pic.4 1/4000 sec. iso 2500. f8...


Some Aphids shot 1-1 on a micro 4/3 sensor. First 2 are the full pics second are crops of the first 2 rotated to try and make more interesting compositions. I think I actually caught a birth. Any CC is always welcome!

Fall Webworm Moth

I found this sleepy little Fall Webwomb Moth this morning. Decided to poke it a little and wake it up. It was already after 10 anyway.


When I lifted a stone, all isopods disappeared, only this guy stayed. So I was able to take a couple of pictures (handheld). I also was able to stack three of them.

I shot the image with the Laowa 100mm 2x Macro lens.

Feedback welcome! ;)

Spider Drink Spider World!

I may have to get some stacking software for this shot, but for now I just processed the two different points of view. Which shot do you prefer? Any CC is always welcome.