Saitis barbipes male, my first post in here.

Hello everyone,

My best shot so far of this tiny boy, Saitis barbipes male.
Pretty happy with my new DIY diffuser.

Sony A7III + Mp-e 65
Neweer TT560 + Diffuser + Godox PB960
F8, 1/200, iso 3200
Hand held stack of 20 shots
Magnification 4:1 + crop
Capture One, Zerene and CS6.

Hope you like...

Cuckoos at Sunrise

Sunrise on Buffalo Bayou, a group of male Coelioxys still asleep awaiting the morning sun for energy. One of my favorite bees to photograph, since Hurricane Harvey I am finding large groups of these bees. Pre storm, I was lucky to stumble across one or two on a hike. Looking forward to finding many more this spring..

Photo specs:

Datura Seed Pod

Hi All,

I was shooting for a texture-oriented macro. The hairs on the fruit of this Datura pod seemed like winner. I'd love feedback - on both the image itself and the format.


European Hornet

I took this one a few weeks ago. Amazingly the bush was full of these stripping the bark for nest building material. I say amazing as it seemed very late in the year to still be doing this. There were over 100 in this particular bush all working hard. Leaning in with a 60mm macro lens I was a little apprehensive but hornets reputation is...


My lovely bride interrupted leaf blowing yesterday to point out this little guy. The light wasn't great but these came out ok. Always open to CC.


It is nymph of booklice. It is about 3 mm long. I found it on the tree, put it on a leaf next to the water and took some photos.

Sunflower Drop

Revisiting some very old shots...forgot about this one, I think it still holds up well...

The sunflower placed behind the blade of grass with a drop of water on the end was a challenge to photograph. I only had a few decent images from the session. Marco is difficult... but so much fun!

Thanks for taking the time to look.