Tangled up in blue

As a fun project while I'm stuck indoors (this time with the flu... UGH.), I find odd pieces of stained glass laying around my wife's workshop and combine them to create different colors/patterns/textures/etc.

This image was made by stacking 2 small pieces of glass and illuminating them from the side using a small flashlight to bring...

Rings and blurry edge issue

I've spent some time playing with photo stacking for macro shots. What I found out is that it gives one an amazing control over the depth of field.

One issue is that some edges are not stacked properly by Photoshop. (aka produces blurry edges). How do you avoid that? (see the zoomed-in version of the multi-layered ring)


A macro experiment

This is a fun macro experiment using small flowers from different weeds in the yard, none more than 1/4" in size.

I read an article recently about a photographer that was creating beautiful macro shots using dandelions, a mirror, and colored water drops. Being restless on a rainy day, I decided to try the technique. What do you think?

Gammarus Locusta at 50x

This is a species of Isopod found in intertidal rock pools, sharing a family with species such as woodlouse. This individual was found in rockpool on Castle Beach, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. Photographed under a microscope at Brightfield magnified at 50x


New to the community. Amateur photographer from San Diego. Recently bought a Tamron AF 180mm f/3.5 Macro after having it on my wishlist forever. When the package arrived I decided to try it out immediately. I grabbed a random quarter out of the change bowl and set up a tripod. Lighting was just a desk lamp draped with a tissue right over the...

Pink Passion

This all started with me buying Pink & White Lillys for my wife and I's anniversary this past week. I took 17 different shots and blended them together in photoshop. This is my first time stacking photos so please be gentle. I would love some feedback if you have any to give. Hope you enjoy.

Monarch Butterfly

I think this is my first good macro shot that was taken out in the wild.
Still having really hard time with the narrow DOF. Not sure fi there is anything that can be done for that when taking photos of life subjects.

Feedback for a newbie, please...

I've just discovered the joy (and challenge) of macro photography, actually by accident, and now I'm hooked. These are a couple of my first attempts.

I'd greatly appreciate any comments, criticisms, feedback, etc... Anything to help me learn to take a better photo.

Thanks in advance!


Found this guy building a nest in a tree in front of my house.

Shot with a Nikon D5500 and Nikon 85mm Macro. 1/160 F13 ISO 800

Macro with Microscope Lens

This was my first attempt with the new "Lomo 3.7x" microscope lens. The lens really has a very good price-performance ratio.

Camera: Canon 6D
Object: Ant
Lens: Lomo 3.7x
Magnification: 3.7x
Light: 2 Ikea Jansö
Focus Stack: 76 Shots
Automated Rail: WeMacro (50 um)
Tabletop Setup: flic.kr/s/...

Stack Panorama (Macro)

Dorcadion (Stack Panorama)

This is the biggest photo I've ever created. It was created by putting together six different frames. A total of "600" photos were taken for this stack panorama. Automated rails are really great for this kind of shooting.

Original Resolution: 12,500 x 6000 pixel

Camera: Canon 6D

Honest Feedback

Hey guys, here are a few of my favorite macro photos that I have done. They are taken with an 18-55 kit lens with a 10x attachment on it. I know some are probably a bit over saturated but I would like some honest opinions. With some I used a ring light.

Nikon PB-4 as poor man's tilt lens?

Has anyone messed with using the tilt feature of the Nikon PB-4 to achieve greater depth of field in their macro work? I've given it a try with a few Nikkor primes and find the entire image degrades before I get any depth of field benefit.

Photographing Jumping spiders

Hi everyone .... I've had the privelage now to photograph several jumping spiders . Just wanted to open a discussion to setups and lighting particularly in regards to the specular highlights in jumping spiders eyes for people to share thoughts and techniques . Thank you !

Focus stacking in ??

Just delving into macro photography as a downtime project. It's going well but I was wondering what programs everyone is using for focus stacking or if there are any recommendations on how to use Photoshops (CS6) feature better. Seams like it should be able to refine the masks better than it does. Leaving big blurry patches through the images....

First attempt at Macro

My First attempt at macro using a a old Canon FD 50mm Macro lens on a 6D.

I have had some trouble with how narrow the DOF was.

Any suggestions for a budget setup to use for focus stacking?