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This group has been setup so you can can showcase your studio images. You can ask for critiques on your image lighting techniques or even query/share lighting techniques that are used in the studio environment.

This group also encourages discussions...

Front Bokeh effect plus MagMod Magbeam kit

I have until now predominantly shot landscape and automotive work most of my 6 years shooting. However, if I'm ever to try and make a go of this income thing from it, I've realised here in Sydney I need to add more than that to my bag of tricks. Reading...

Portrait Lighting With A 2m Parabolic Umbrella

I'll just keep posting till others start to join in! LOL

I had been shooting portraits for years and I used to use a beauty dish to the right, a soft box to the left and a hair light behind to the right, up high and angled down.

I started...

CC Please- Water

Finally tried out some water shots like below. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks! And the fish was just something I wanted to do so I posted it as well.

(not sure if there's much to these photos to you guys but I thought they turned out pretty...

Studio Recreation Shoot...

Got to take part in a recreation photoshoot recently. We were recreating shots from a NY Times Magazine article featuring a famous actress... We were lucky to have a photographer with us who was at the actual shoot and was able to give us great insight in...

Dark Queen Reigns

Just wanted to share a project I completed a little while ago, titled Dark Queen Reigns.

Model:Yalda Gaffar
HMUA: Dionne Harding
Designer: Patricia Ayala

Mon Aimi

These are shots from a recent TF shoot with a model. I never do TF work and rarely work with models but I am trying to broaden my skillset.
CC is welcome.


Hello, I´m working in my next shoot and I want to try something like this picture but I'm not sure in how work the light, if any of you could help me, that will be great.

Bringing Attention to Anxiety

Hi everyone, I am new to this group so I wanted to share a recent image I worked on. I am a college student currently working on building an editorial/commercial portfolio. This is one of my ideas of bringing more attention to various psychological and...

Wall Art

After I shot this, the model said "it looks like I'm on a wall". So we made it happen. What do you think?

Fire Man

Playing around with Kerosene, Foil paper and a match can be Dangerous. But this is what i came out with.
A bit of masking was needed to finish up.
Please Critique

Check the Bts on my IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGCtBv_pJoh/?taken-by...

Monika The Bunny

I had seen an image right here on Fstoppers a few weeks back and the model was wearing a really cool pair of white bunny ears in an outdoor shoot and I really liked the idea so I hit the keyboards and located the bunny ears but thought I would get the...

Where The Demons Lurk

This was a very different type of shoot for me as the poses were very fluid and dynamic.

Lighting for this was a single 2m octagonal softbox on a boom angled directly down

Portrait Lighting Inspired by Old Hollywood

Hi, everyone! I'm new to Fstoppers and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm primarily a boudoir photographer, but I love to play and experiment with lighting for personal projects, as well. :)

For this portrait, I wanted to try my hand at some Old...

Dark Beauty

This is a recent shoot that I did with a model/photographer friend of mine.

We explored the idea of having a dark beauty theme to the image.

The lighting setup consisted of:

700mm Beauty dish on the right as the key light

Introducing Myself

Hi guys,
Just wanted to briefly introduce myself to the community. I'm a part time photographer and working full time in the service industry.

Thought I'd share an image from a recent model shoot in the studio. After discussing concepts with...


I am a member ....so here is Phil ...lit with a single Elinchrom elc pro 500 in a strip softbox gridded, approx metre from subject pic right... thick skinned ...critique away :)

Dead Inside

This was taken during a group photo session in Greg's studio back in 2012. There were so many bodies floating around, cameras snapping and lights firing but man we had a great time.

Unfortunately, I don't remember this young lass' name but the photo...