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This group has been setup so you can can showcase your studio images. You can ask for critiques on your image lighting techniques or even query/share lighting techniques that are used in the studio environment.

This group also encourages discussions regarding studio equipment and the pro & cons of the various lighting equipment and...

What light modifier do you use for pet photography?

Hi, I am Dennis from Germany and I this is my second try in my studio with dogs. I am wondering what kind of light modifiers do you use most often for pet portraits/action shots and why. There is a lot of information about this for people, however I can't find a lot for pets in particular dogs.
Looking forward to you comments and...

Jasmyn Nude 01

I rarely shoot art nudes and I will only shoot them if a I have a good concept to do so. In fact, it's been almost 2 years since I did my last art nude.

In this case I wanted to give the Pentax 645z a bit of a test with skin tones and also I had an idea with some lighting that I wanted to try.

The lighting is a single grided...

A few portraits

Just some of the portraits I have shot over the years. I couldn't find an add button to out some pictures up on the feed so this is all I could find was to create a group. I don't really know what to ask the group haha.

Is a single light enough sometimes?

I normally use a 3-4 intricate lighting set up but I love the moment where a single light is just enough. What do you guys think??

This image was simply created with a single strip box, directing the dog to face in to it. It can be a bit hit and miss sometimes to get the subject in the right spot, especially when it's not human and can't...