Hello, I´m working in my next shoot and I want to try something like this picture but I'm not sure in how work the light, if any of you could help me, that will be great.

Colored Gels and Glamour

I have been experimenting a bit lately with gels with my lighting and this has been the first time that I combined the technique with glamour.

I think I might have to keep on playing with the gels as I digging the results.

Lighting in this image consisted of 3x 600w Godox QT-600 with a red, green and blue gel.

Fairytale and Fineart Portraits

Hi everyone!
I just joined this group as studio photography is what I love to do most of the time. Here are so many beautiful works, I am already looking forward to seeing more! :)
I find a lot of inspiration in paintings and I love to work with simple but effective lightning setups like one can see it there. So here I want to show...

Hard light fun

Fuji XT-1
Helios 44-2 (58mm) @ ~F8? adapted with the Mitakon turbo booster II
ISO 320
Three gelled flashes - two gelled Cactus RF60's triggered by the Cactus V6II and one gelled Neweer NW670 triggered by the other flashes. No modifiers other that the gels (Blue/purple-ish/Yellow) the flashes were off camera right...

Front Bokeh effect plus MagMod Magbeam kit

I have until now predominantly shot landscape and automotive work most of my 6 years shooting. However, if I'm ever to try and make a go of this income thing from it, I've realised here in Sydney I need to add more than that to my bag of tricks. Reading the Front Bokeh article here on F-Stoppers by Alex Cooke -

Portrait Lighting With A 2m Parabolic Umbrella

I'll just keep posting till others start to join in! LOL

I had been shooting portraits for years and I used to use a beauty dish to the right, a soft box to the left and a hair light behind to the right, up high and angled down.

I started playing with a different setup recently and started to use a 2m parabolic umbrella on a boom...

CC Please- Water

Finally tried out some water shots like below. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks! And the fish was just something I wanted to do so I posted it as well.

(not sure if there's much to these photos to you guys but I thought they turned out pretty cool)

Studio Recreation Shoot...

Got to take part in a recreation photoshoot recently. We were recreating shots from a NY Times Magazine article featuring a famous actress... We were lucky to have a photographer with us who was at the actual shoot and was able to give us great insight in the behind the scenes activities and set-ups.

Feel free to comment and critique...