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Portrait Lighting With A 2m Parabolic Umbrella

I'll just keep posting till others start to join in! LOL

I had been shooting portraits for years and I used to use a beauty dish to the right, a soft box to the left and a hair light behind to the right, up high and angled down.

I started playing with a different setup recently and started to use a 2m parabolic umbrella on a boom and a highlight low and angled up directly behind the subject.

I found that this really makes the model 'pop' against the background but the trade-off is, it really shows up the 'fly-away' hair around her but I don't mind it, as i think it adds a bit more interest to the shot.

Model: Anastasia
MUAH: Mishel Vounatsos Bratsos

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Matt Allan's picture

I love the seperation you've got happening here between the subject and the background. That hairlight really does add another dimension to the shot mate.

Dariusz Terepka's picture

Separation is awesome

Revecka Natalia's picture

This looks great. I agree about the hair it adds a really nice effect. Thank you for sharing.

Lamont Weldon's picture

The separation is great! In a perfect world, yes we would want to see no frizz around the hair but its not realistic. I love this portrait!!!!! In fact, it you look at most magazine covers closely you'll see work that is not even close to this.

Jeff McCollough's picture

Awesome. I'd love to see a BTS on this.

Arber Elezi's picture

Cool Shot!