5" external Monitor vs Tethered to Laptop

As I get older, my eyesight makes critical focus a challenge in some circumstances. As I'm discovering AF is not always...
Last: May 25, 2020

Old and new

I recently bought an adaptor to allow me to use my old OM series nifty fifty. Rather naively I thought I might get some...

Natural light portrait

Canon 70D / Sigma 85mm f/1.4 (non-Art version) All natural light (tree shade). Any feedback?

Maternity Shoot Looking For Critique (1st time posting)

I used some natural light and also brought a 90cm octobox for some of the shots. The lighting was varied throughout the...
Last: May 13, 2020

Lady on a log

Joined this group today to learn from the masters here. Any suggestions to improve is always welcome. Shot at Hallstatt...
Last: May 13, 2020

A forest Romance

It's one of my favourite Pic. Took it on Alibaug forest, Need more suggestion and improvement if you think so. Gears...

Learning portrait photography and postprocessing

EOS R Sigma 85mm f/1.4 (non-Art version) All natural light Any feedback?
Last: April 25, 2020

Beauty in Beautiful Places

Had an idea to capture a juxtaposition of a fashion type portrait, in some beautiful location, and made the following...
Last: April 25, 2020

First attempt at lighting/portraiture, feedback?

Hello! As the title says, this was my first attempt at lighting, and shooting a model. It was a huge learning...
Last: April 25, 2020

An English Summer

Model location photography shoot in the great British countryside , later published in the Photoshoot magazine. See...
Last: April 25, 2020


COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC Wear mask Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use sanitizer Staying at home...
Last: April 19, 2020

Portraits for dancers

The first two image made by using only natural light. For the second two I used one AD200 with softbox. All photos were...

A few sunset shots with my Quarantine Bubble Buddies in Los Angeles.

We had an amazing sunset in Los Angeles a few nights ago so I took the beauty dish outside to take a few portraits of...


Nikon D90+1.4G 50mm
Last: April 11, 2020


Photoshoot at the Mt. Ololokwe samburu kenya
Last: April 10, 2020

Camp fire at sunset

I don't know if it's the right place for this image, but anyway I would very much appreciate your feedback Thank you!


With this image i would like to introduce my work to FStoppers. What are your general thoughts on this image? Thank you.
Last: April 10, 2020

Rock Star

This is my great friend and great guitarist Jacob Stibbie. He and his brother Thomas are starting a new band and asked...
Last: March 24, 2020

Pole Dancer Henriikka Roo

I was hired to shoot promo material for a local comedy theater last autumn. Since one member of the cast (a pole dance...