New to portraits

Here are a couple of portraits from my latest shoot.

I've been doing photography for about a year and started doing people photography, seriously, about 6 months ago.

I'm asking for honest feedback on my images.


I wanted to create something dramatic

So the photo didn't have a lot of color from the start so I realized it would be very boring to make this photo all very vibrant. So I tried to mute the colors on the ground and keep the greens and myself vibrant.

Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

ISO 400
Shutter Speed 6.0

Portrait of the wine taster

Photographing this portrait was one of the happiest gigs I have made this year. You wanna know why?

Just by containing those exact styles I usually use with my own projects. Simply as that. Not special equipment or newest models of this and that. Just principles my client gave me and the rest of lied literally on my hands.

Ok, I...

Band shoot

I shot this for the Erik Parian band in Nashville. 2 Flashpoint speedlights, bare, the kicker with some blue gel on the first image, 2 gelled kickers and a 2 point star on the 2nd.

these will be used for social media, show adverts, etc.

First image was shot with a Tamron 28-75 at 2.8 at 100th

2nd image was shot with a Canon...

Sporty Themed

Just did a shoot and would like to share. CC welcome. First share too. :)

Nikon D700 + 80-200mm.
F3.5, 640ss, 200mm.
Godox ad600 on 90cm parabolic.


City shooting and decided to use this architectural pillar under a footbridge in our CBD. I decided to use my strobe in the image and not light from the front as it blew out the lights from the structure.
Model Tamika Cooke
Makeup artist Kelly Lynch
Assistant Ray Deakin

New to portrait photography, Feedback needed.

Hello everyone, I just recently was asked to do a senior portrait shoot by a co-worker. I have never worked with people before, I usually only do Wildlife and Sports photography. I dont really have the ideal gear at the moment to take great portrait photographs, but I did the best i could with what I had to work with. All CC is very much...