She has her mothers struggles in her eyes,

This is my niece. Her mom is from South Sudan and she was shot as a young child and was left for dead after the shoot her and her mother. I know my niece is not yet 3 but a lot of pictures of her I have taken look like she knows here moms struggles even at 2.8 years old. She has truth in her eyes and I will never truly know why.

Provence Summer

This year me and my wife went to the south of France for vacation.
We obviously had to take the opportunity to do a photoshoot at the famous lavender fields.

Not unsurprisingly there were a lot of people there. Tourists, pro photographers and models everywhere.

All in all i’m very happy the way the pictures turned out. Hope...

Papua Dani Tribe

A Dani tribe elder and kids of Obia Village, Papua Indonesia. The smoke in the ambience is from a nearby fire that is heading up stones to be used for cooking later on. Traditionally, boys and men wear a penis guard (named koteka). In modern times, the use of koteka is usually during festivals and ceremonies.

Tractors are sexy too.

My friend Liz with her 'Little Grey Fergie' classic tractor. It had been her silver wedding anniversary a few days before so she had the sparkly outfit already, I think she looks like a cross between Boudicca and The Flying Lady. Shot on location in her backyard @24mm, lit with a single speedlight. FYI No chickens were harmed during this...

Rainy day

I shot this picture on a summer evening. using a garden hose to create the rain.
Any thoughts?

Portrait of the wine taster

Photographing this portrait was one of the happiest gigs I have made this year. You wanna know why?

Just by containing those exact styles I usually use with my own projects. Simply as that. Not special equipment or newest models of this and that. Just principles my client gave me and the rest of lied literally on my hands.

Ok, I...

An English Summer

Model location photography shoot in the great British countryside , later published in the Photoshoot magazine. See more from the shoot at

Line of fire

Fine art model shoot at a disused railway line, here in the UK

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM at 85mm
ƒ/5 1/160s ISO 200
Two off camera strobes