My first real attempt at using the sun as a back light while using HSS off camera for fill... at 1/5000. I love the results and look forward to doing more of these types of portraits

Messy & salty

I shot this photo on my holidays. I like the effect of the salt to the hair and skin, so I decided to keep it without any retouching done, in order to give a more realistic and natural feeling. What do you think?


Old buildings gradually reduced and redeveloped among cities. Beside Hong Kong, Macau is another choice for capturing old streets with old buildings.

A outdoor with natural sunset light on the street, capture with hand held, 35mm f1.4 (common street photography lens)

Please leave a suggestion.


I had a lot of fun really pushing the bokeh on the 85mm for this shot. It really made the different elemental planes in the background really fun to work with, both the backdrop itself and the falling water droplets.

Girl and The Shark

Aloha guys I am new to the whole posting on Fstoppers. I thought its time to share my work on a place I get inspired everyday. Let me know what you think about these photos


Hi everyone!

Here are some images from a recent shoot I did with a local model "Denise Emilia"
I used Nikon D810 with Nikkor 85mm f1.4G and the Profoto B1 with a beauty Dish /Umbrella.

Hope you like them.. Any feedback or cretique is welcome!