I had a lot of fun really pushing the bokeh on the 85mm for this shot. It really made the different elemental planes in the background really fun to work with, both the backdrop itself and the falling water droplets.

Oahu, Hawaii shoot locations

Does anyone have experience shooting on this island? If so, any suggestions to where some great beach or inland locations are from Waikiki Beach? I am look to stay towards the south side of the island to keep commute time shot between shoots.


Forest Spirit

Shot these images last year. The makeup was inspired by the character Enchantress from Suicide Squad. Shot with speed lights on a Fuji XT1. I placed a BHS video on YouTube

Seeking direction

Taking the initiative to try to establish a "style" of my own, I started a personal project that I call The Music Makers Portrait Project.
It involves the travel to and photographing of musical instrument makers all across the province.


Morning Fog

Went out bright and early to grab a shot of the fog. The sun was just starting to break through and I thought it made a beautiful scene. Please let me know what you think!

Cinematic Pleasures Season 2

Cinematic Pleasures season 2


New season is coming, new concepts and ideas
for one of my personal projects.
Cinematic Pleasures

Fine art Photography: Marcos Domenech

Feeling Small

This was taken in a really old building. I loved the cyan stairs with such a great design. The light is ambient from the window . My model is just part of the lines and curves of that staircase . I hope you can see my vision. Would love to hear opinions.

Urban exploration

Hi ,
I am really fond of urban decay and exploration and sometimes I try to combine my portrait work with new places I discover. I shoot in ambient light mostly. This one was taken in a 150 year old building in Mumbai which is being renovated. The...

Tales of Ella

Tales of Ella

Fine Art Photography: Marcos Domenech
Model: Ella
MuaH: Aya Tanaka

I was certain from the first time I saw Ella ( uk model)
it would be perfect to recreate a magical moment .
Canon Eos 5D Mark iii


Hi everyone!

Here are some images from a recent shoot I did with a local model "Denise Emilia"
I used Nikon D810 with Nikkor 85mm f1.4G and the Profoto B1 with a beauty Dish /Umbrella.

Hope you like them.. Any feedback or cretique is...

If you go down to the woods today :-)

Hey everyone,

This was something I've wanted to try, and I finally done it my first photoshoot with a model (well a friend who isn't a model ) you know what I mean

Some feed back would be great - like any I got pretty think skin! is it any...


I shot this photo of a good friend and her little boy over the weekend. This was supposed to be a wedding dress photo, but when she went to put her dress on she was devastated to find that it would no longer fit. I told her not to feel bed, that kind of...