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I had a lot of fun really pushing the bokeh on the 85mm for this shot. It really made the different elemental planes in the background really fun to work with, both the backdrop itself and the...


Seeking direction

Taking the initiative to try to establish a "style" of my own, I started a personal project that I call The Music Makers Portrait Project.
It involves the travel to and photographing of...


Morning Fog

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Went out bright and early to grab a shot of the fog. The sun was just starting to break through and I thought it made a beautiful scene. Please let me know what you think!


Feeling Small

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This was taken in a really old building. I loved the cyan stairs with such a great design. The light is ambient from the window . My model is just part of the lines and curves of that staircase ....


Urban exploration

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Hi ,
I am really fond of urban decay and exploration and sometimes I try to combine my portrait work with new places I discover. I shoot in ambient light mostly. This one was taken in a 150...

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