Horrid location, miracle result

Hey guys,

So my wedding two wks ago, during bridal prep, I asked my bride where the dress was, so I could get dress shots.

She answered "in the basement, in the very back bedroom.

Not even kidding, a TINY DARK basement bedroom, with an accordion door, no windows,,,,,,and I wasn't allowed to take dress elsewhere.


Just looking for advice

I am always so intimidated to post here. Most of you are god damn amazing photographers. I’m just looking for advice on what I could have done better with this image. Thanks in advance.

Wedding Photoshooting!

Wedding Photography!

Canon Eos R, 16-35mm F/2.8, F/16, 1/160s, iso 100, Hss Strobe at Full Power 1/1.

It was a honor to shoot Wedding Photography in this amazing place, some People say that the Stones are more than 3000 Thousand years Old!

Looking for Advice

Hey everybody! I'm looking for some input about how to handle a bit of a situation that has come up.

I'm a wedding photographer but am attending a wedding reception/party with my wife as guests. I wasn't asked by the couple (friends of ours) to work it or take photos, even though they know that I'm a photographer.

The mother of...

Hi! I'm new to the group and aspiring wedding photographer. Samples from my third wedding gig.

I'm aspiring to do more work as a wedding photographer. My background is in portrait/headshot, food, product, and family photography and finding a good base as a wedding photographer. I'm still playing with style and as mentioned by other photographers in the group, the trend seems to be bright and blown out. I'm hoping there's room for...

Just finished my first season shooting weddings - Would love CC on portfolio!

Hi everybody!

I just finished my first season shooting weddings. As so many others, I kinda stumbled into the business, and got hooked. Having never had a paid photography job, I watched "How to Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer" and was on my way. This first season, I have shot somewhere between 30-35 weddings, if...

Tips for Photoshop retouching techniques

Hello , everyone. I'm a new born photographer. I just started doing wedding photography , and I'm facing problem with my editing techniques . Can anyone help me out how can i fast my editing process and deliver quality images in 2-3 days of time..
Thank you. .

3rd wedding

This image was taken from my third and last wedding. I was using a Sony A6000 with sigma 19mm 2.8 lens. The wedding was in a golf club in Swansea and this shit was taken on the mound of a sand bunker. I was kneeling in the wet sand in almost pitch black and only one flash Godox tt600. I was hoping for a better sunset but there were too many...

Guss & Leila

Editing their wedding album images and I thought to share a couple of their images that stood out for me. Hope you like them as much as I did,, Feed back is appreciated!

Taken at The Masonic Temple in Detroit.