Instagram Pod

Hi guys!
I'm thinking about setting up a Instagram pod for wedding photographers. So the idea is to gather a group of 15 members (maximum limit for group DM on Instagram is 15) for those who post quality images about 2-3 times per week.

The idea is to get a group of talented photographers together who value quality over quantity...

I really need your help

Hi Guys,

So I no longer shoot weddings but a past client of mine is asking for their albums to be printed 6 years after I shot their wedding.

So back in 2011 I shot this wedding and had all the proofs, including album design for a 10x10 album and 2 8x8 parent albums set for proofing 3 months after their wedding. I sent them an...

Testing out a new lens for wedding

This is the first time I tried my Nikon 200mm f2 lens for a wedding. I loved the images but it was so heavy and it was difficult to move around with it in a time contained short wedding photo session. What do you think about the images? I would love to hear how you operate during a wedding photo shoot with heavy equipment.

Beautiful turkish bride

Nikon d3s+Nikon 70-200. Natural light, small and crowded living room. I removed two paintings from the wall behind her, pushed the big table from the middle of the living room into a corner. As a wedding photographer I often find myself in big rooms from castles, ah wait that was just a wish.. I often find myself in small apartment rooms and...

Wedding retouching

Do you want to have beautiful wedding photos with your lover? Take a moment to refer to tips when taking wedding photos.

For wedding retouching, try one and order here if you interested in:

Looking forward for your comment :)

Assisting and Second Shooting

Hello all,

I've recently stumbled into the wedding photography career. I was asked to shoot a friends wedding and after that experience I was hooked. I would love to assist and possibly second shoot. I live in a great city that is a major destination for weddings. I know there are many articles written about what to do as an assistant or...

My very first Wedding shoot

I am Asoka Edussooriya from Colombo Sri Lanka and this is my very first shoot as well as very first post for this Group. Really appreciate all of your comments and critics.(critics preferred ;-) )

a lighting question

A good friend asked me to help out for his daughter's wedding by taking some photos in a second shooter capacity (although I'm not sure the primary photographer was any better prepared than me :)). It was my first experience doing this and overall it went ok (well enough that I want to do it again), but I found the ceremony venue really...

Review of my wedding photography portfolio

Hi, let me introduce myself, I'm almost in my 40's and have been shooting ever since 7th grade elementary school, where I learned photography "the hard way" - developing film, working in darkroom and such.
In 2002 I believed that my strong side was IT and computers, but last couple of years I think that my photography skills might be...

My first wedding gig

Hello all! I am new to this type of photographing, so if you have any tips and tricks to help me get better then send it all my way.
Zoltan Tot.

A grey wedding

This is a shot I aimed to get once I saw what the weather looked like. We had the venue, the lighting and the weather, so I shot for post. Pulled down the clouds and cloned out some odds and ends in the foreground, including my speedlight. We shot this deliberately for large print; I know the couple look kind of lost in the landscape.


I welcome comments and a discussion from the FStoppers community on this picture.

This is a shot from the occasional wedding I shoot. This was from a wedding in Pune, India. Hindu brides wear red. I was positioned behind the bride, ready to take a shot of her reflection in the mirror when I was confronted with two problems. First, there...