Lighting help!

Hello, I was asked to shoot a wedding in April and mainly have everything planned but lighting... so I was wondering what brands to look at for lighting and what is your go to lighting?!

Thank you!

Looking For Second Shooter Positions

I'm looking to start second shooting weddings in NYC starting in June since I just moved here and I was wondering what's the best way to get gigs? In second shot and worked as an assiant in Altanta, do websites such as

A couple of shots from a recent wedding

Hey hey y'all, I just wanted to share a few experiments from a recent wedding.
I had just gotten the new Nikon 105mm f/1.4 and was putting it through its paces. The wedding chapel was also close to a freeway overpass that I had been looking at for a...


I am very proud of this photo, but not so proud that I won't welcome CC. My goal is to always grow as photographer and to stay humble no matter what success I may find.

If you see something that would have improved this shot please do not keep it to...


a beautiful wedding full of enchantment !
When the groom has as a pet a full blooded Budweiser Clydesdale ... the fairytale comes together.
Shot at Sterling silver castle in Alabama.


Hello Everyone,

this is not a a weeding photography but did not know where I could post it.

Here in Brazil parents used to make a big party when theirs daughters turn 15.

This is a dance with father and daughter.

Can you please...

My first wedding in a while.

After a long time spent shooting bands, portraits and product stills I've decided to try my hand at shooting some weddings.
This is a wedding I've shot recently in Wellington, South Africa.
This abandoned building is all that's left of a once...

I'm new here!

Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello! And drop a fun wedding photo as my way of saying hello. :-)

Question: does anyone else find being the SECOND shooter on a wedding far more fulfilling that being the main one? lol I DIG shooting as a...


Vienna also called “The City of Dreams” is known for its imperial palaces, historic and contemporary buildings. Just one day was enough to fall in love with the city.
Everyone’s dream is to find, and stay with someone you love and who will love you....

Her Heart

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The Bride

This young woman is actually my niece on her wedding day. I really hope i didn't ruin her wedding photos.
She did love the photos, allegedly. Lol. What do you need ladies and gentlemen think?
I Love it!

Bride & Groom Portrait

I'm always looking to try something different. Even though this picture has been done thousands of times. For me its always been the vail completely over the bride & grooms heads. I tried this approach and was very pleased with the outcome and final...

New to the group.

Hello All,

New to this group and wanted to get some feedback on a few shots I've done in the past. I've been shooting for 20+ years and always want to try something new. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

The Nikon 105mm f/1.4 is my new love

Nikon D750
Nikkor 105mm f/1.4
With the new 105mm opened wide, the busy texture of this background turns into a fairy-tale swirl of cats-eye bokeh. This added a beautifully romantic look to what was actually a small strip of green behind an...