Hi, this is my first time in this group.

Here I leave this series of photos that I made to a Dominican Chef for a campaign "the women of my life"

I hope you like it and I would like to read your comments.


I wanted to experiment with colors and grading in my post-processing so I set this shoot up in a small forest and shot 4 photos, each one retouched with the colors of a "season". This one is the "Summer" shot. Shot with sunlight as hair light and reflector on camera left.


Fall is my favorite season to shoot. We have a beautifully colored fall season in Canada and I wanted to use that to experiment with colors and grading in my post-processing to bring out the beauty of it. I set this shoot up in a small forest, Bare flash camera right and soft, diffused available light.

Portrait Session in SF

Met a buddy of mine at his new place in San Francisco. Had my strobe and dish in the car so decided to take a snap when hanging out on his roof.

AB800 w/ PCB Dish
Nikon D7000
18-135 Lens

A man and his car

Calvin is a motoring journalist who loves cars with character and personality. This image was shot in this Chevy's natural habitat.

He is better at piano then I am at capturing it.

This is from my first roll of film! I shot this on Kadak Max 400 with my EOS330 and my nifty 50. I doubt I will buy Kodak Max again, it comes out a little too yellow and not as sharp as I would like but thats what Lightroom is for. I have two more rolls being developed now and a couple more to drop off when I pick them up!

Spring Time in the Desert

My model friend loves when we get outside for photo sessions. Last weekend we spent a day in the desert around Las Vegas shooting in the high desert and then finished in a park in town. Now I'm playing with different editing effects and styles to see if there is something new that I like.

Any Critique?

This is my first post so I am looking for any improvements you might have. The only post production I did was adding contrast and making the blacks more vibrant and making the edges a little crisper.

Model: Ashley van Bree

Model: Ashley van Bree
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/125
Aperture: F / 2.0
Iso: 640
Lens: 85mm

Location: Café Under the management, Strijp-S in Eindhoven.

With this photo, the Café is entered on the right-hand side via two large windows. The window in front has the...

Natural Light.

In most of my photography career I've been a strobe junkie,I was almost solely dependent on artificial light in both indoor and outdoor situations.I guess you can paint that picture,that guy that always shows up with a big octabox or PLM umbrella,always distracting on the street,or having to get a permit in New York public parks,or even the...


I had a lot of fun really pushing the bokeh on the 85mm for this shot. It really made the different elemental planes in the background really fun to work with, both the backdrop itself and the falling water droplets.

Harbinger of Death

Christina Wilder and I capture this images as the light of the day was fading. We bought this antique chair for $25 from a local yard sale on the way to our country location.