I'll admit, a lot of this image is thanks to luck as I was sitting looking through a window under the water and just hoping that someone would jump/swim into this shaft of light and not be blocked by another swimmer or bubbles. Finally worked out after about 45 minutes of waiting.

Tia in mono

I've always been told that a good B&W image has two main components that make it a good photograph: Contrast & texture. Obviously content and composition play an important role, but if you have the first two you're on your way. Some people may differ from that teaching, but I've found it a good yardstick. I'm hoping that this photo has...

Morning in the everglades

This photo was taken on a morning trip in the everglades. I have been trying to learn some of the post process techniques using Topaz, this happens to be Black in White impressionist. I would certainly welcome your comments or critiques.

Kayak Selfie (critique please)

I took a B&W class last fall at a local community college and one of the assignments was a self portrait (ugh!) with some color selectively added back in. After a few attempts at "traditional" portraits and nothing that I liked, I decided to strap a camera to the nose of my kayak and have some fun. Here is what I came up with. I used a...

Fun with the Wide Angle

Hello everyone, I'm new here to fstoppers. I've recently got a Tokina 11-16 for my Nikon d3200 and I absolutely love it. This has quickly become my favorite lens. It's not only good for sweeping vistas for landscapes but I also love it for cool close ups like this. Would love to know what you think of this photo. Thanks.

Shadow Games

I'm a lover of street photography and when I was traveling, I found this painted silhouette figure on a wall. There was a young guy across the street almost mimicking the pose of this silhouette.
I could not for the life of me get him and the shadow in the shot - so I had to go ask him to move!

He didn't EXACTLY nail the pose again...

Beam Engine

Beam Engine, Science Museum, London. Wanted to give the feeling of the movement in this shot so took at 1/15sec shutter speed and waited for the walker to enter the frame.

Model: Thomas van Hassel

Model: Thomas van Hassel (Entra model / Talent Agancy)
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/1500
Aperture: F / 2.0
Iso: 200
Camera: Canon 5DmkII
Lens: 85mm

Location Cafe de Vriend in Leiden.

In this photo we have used the light that enters the cafe through two doors...