Why Do You Choose Black & White

I'm curious about what goes into your decision to either shoot in black & white in camera, or convert to black & white in post-processing. Do you shoot exclusively black & white? Or, do you determine that some images just are destined for black & white, but not others. What goes into your thought process in opting for b&w?

Black and White in Black & White

Hello, all. This is a concept shot I did recently. The idea was to convey energy and emotion, like love, lust, sex, and sensuality through a black and white, yin and yang, him and her, two are one kind of image. What do you think? Any feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance!


Hey Everyone! I started taking pictures a couple months ago with a Canon 1100D, mostly using a 50mm f/1.8 prime. I'm now starting to share outside of Instagram with the hopes of receiving some kind of criticism.

This shot was taken under a covered bridge. The only light was coming in through a lattice framework on each side.


...view from the last seat!

This photograph was made when I was returning back from an annual fair in one of the villages on the outskirts of Mumbai, India. The state transport bus in which I was travelling back was full and I was sharing the last long seat with the group of shepherds. Due to an hour long traffic jam, one of the restless shepherds got up and started...

High On Fashion

Worked on this project a couple years back now, I loved the photos in Black and White. It gave the photo a warm soft touch in my opinion. I managed to set up the props myself also. I had minimal space to work with and was losing the natural sunlight which broke through the French door. Enjoy and inspire!