Indulge - Fuji Black and White Conceptual Shoot

Recent set I did after discovering the Fuji color profiles tab were preserved in Lightroom CC Classic. (Mind Blown). I'm still very much a fascinated amateur photographer and have been lurking on the F-Stoppers community for a long time sincerely amazed.
This set is largely driven by the talent of the model who truly knew her face and how...

Sailor's sextant

Before GPS, sailors used a sextant to navigate the open seas. Even today, this tool is considered standard equipment for any vessel venturing out beyond the sight of land. All that is required to find yourself anywhere on earth is one of these, an accurate timepiece, and some knowledge of mathematics. Day or night, the sextant is a time-tested...

First shots with lights in my living room turned studio space

I've never been good with lights, as I've never practiced and managed to rely on natural light for an embarrassingly long time. And I realised I've always invested in good quality camera gear but had never done the same with lighting equipment, opting for cheap lights and modifiers. Fed up with poor results here are the first images I've taken...

Wall of bottles, Cedar Key

Along the causeway to Cedar Key, Florida there is a small motel that has changed names many times over the years. On this date, it was called Low-Key Hideaway. There is a thatch-roof tiki hut with a liquor bar out back that overlooks the marshes of the area and one wall of this bar is made of empty bottles held in place by mortar and wood. I...

Seagull, Miami Beach

Captured during the worst time of the day, but the beach is somewhat forgiving at midday as the sand reflects a lot of light into the shadows. This only works for animals that can't squint. :)

Dailyn at Virginia Key Beach, Miami

When I lived in Miami, I worked with Dailyn so often that I lost track of our sessions. She's beautiful, of course, but also very comfortable in front of a camera. I do miss my Miami models.

This was shot nearing sunset at low tide when the dead tree she's on is easily accessed from the beach. At high tide, the bulk of the tree is under...

Victoria at Scott Spring, Ocala, (No. 2)

Another shot of Victoria at a local sinkhole in Ocala, FL. This was literally the first shot of the session and I was very happy with it. The rock she is on was covered with soft green moss and shaped just like a chaise lounge. She said it was very comfortable to lay there, even in the cool air.

My Oldest Friend

I actually picked this beautiful piece up from a vintage garage sale in California while on vacation. Do you have any vintage or antique photo equipment?

Metal-halide lamp

A few years ago, I acquired a couple used street lamp bulbs that had been discarded after they burned out. They are huge and interesting, so I made a few somewhat abstract photos.

The first is actually an inverted image that was shot at an upward angle with the base of the lamp pointing toward the ceiling and my 24" softbox directly...

Naomi, Orlando

Naomi is one of the few professional models I've worked with. She suggested this abandoned building in the Orlando suburbs and we happened to arrive on one of the rainiest days in weeks. My camera took a beating that day, but the results were worth it. This is one of my favorites. I love the curvature of her back in this shot.

Union Station, Ocala

Two views of Ocala's Union Station.

The straight platform parallels a track that cuts through the downtown area of the city. The curved platform with the passing train crosses through the north side of town. The 20-second exposure blurred the train's movement and allowed me to use ƒ11 for the dimly-lit scene. Both were shot well after...

Model: Ewald Tienkamp

Model: Ewald Tienkamp
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/320
Aperture: F / 1.6
Iso: 640
Camera: Canon 5DmkIII
Lens: 85mm 1.4

When it comes to photography, creating peace is an important part, to eventually see what you photograph and can determine when you press the...

first time shooting black and white

Hi everybody,
this is the first black and white photo I've taken and I am in love with it, but wondering if it's just beginner ego or if it's really a good photo.
it was shot on colour film then converted to B/W later on in Lightroom.

Julie at Virginia Key Beach

I met Julie for the first time when she was riding her motorcycle around South Beach with a group of other young women as part of a promotional campaign for who-knows-what. I snapped a few pictures of the group and they waved and smiled for the camera. Several months later, I saw her again and recognized her hair and bike. I introduced myself...

Model: John Geerts

Model: John Geerts
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/500
Iso: F / 1.6
Iso: 640
Camera: Canon 5DmkIII
Lens: 85mm

Brake lamp lighting is one of the most commonly used light fixtures used. The easiest way to get this relief is to stand on the dark side of the model.

Spider web with dew drops, Oxford (edited)

Shot this in a town not far from my home this morning at sunrise. The dense fog usually provides some good opportunities and I haven't shot much of anything for a week, so I really wanted to get out and find something. I think I like the way the background tree frames this web, but wanted some more opinions. What say you?

EDIT: I've...