Shattered dreams

So i sincerely hope that nobody in here insults or disrespects my work. the whole idea of this photo was a challenge...


Finally, some snow

I recently moved to the Danish Island of Bornholm, a part of Denmark that often gets more snow than the rest of the...

Begich Peak

Taken on a cold and windy day in Southcentral Alaska's Portage Valley.

Cool Cat Frank

Black and white headshot

The Reader

Started Shooting the film now..I love the retro look from Cinestill I have the Fuji Xpro3 with the 23m/f2 like but don'...


Skylight at Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow. Working with contrast and light to showcase this amazing architecture.

A Good Place to Picnic

This was taken in Fort Washington, MD. There's an old fort there near the Potomac and really liked this tree.


Image taken in a riverbed at the bottom of a deep canyon at Matthiessen State Park, Illinois


Tranquil scene of small pond at sunset

Frozen Sunset

Sunset over partially frozen lake. Note: this is version 2. Based on feedback, I recomposed the image.

Frozen Sunset

Dramatic sunset over Frozen lake in black and white.

The Eye

Closeup of my eye. The flash was above my eyebrow and cast this wonderful sinister shadow.

Pier at the Park

Black and white conversion of a 20 second exposure. I shot this on my Nikon D850 using my 24-70 zoom and an ND filter.

Ady's Sunday Stroll

When I'm shooting fashion, I try to get some type of movement at least some of the images. On this shoot, I saw how an...

Union Station Denver, Colorado

While I do like both shots, I look at them and wish I had asked for more of a look toward the sun, her face looks lost...

A Seduction In Textures

The subject just begged for square format. Hasselblad 503cw Zeiss Planar CF T* 80mm f2.8 Ilford XP2+ Super 400

Looking for constructive feedback

I like this image and thought I'd try to emphasize the texture of the eagle's plumage and the negative space created by...