Some of my dramatic ports

Let me know what you think. Shot with a7r + 55/1.8.

The first two were shot in an art gallery in front a huge dot matrix LED screen. The second two were lit with a couple IKEA lamps.


Photographer - Alex Logaiski
Model - Brittany Cavaco
Location - PhotostudioBrooklyn
Equipment - Canon 5DMIII+50mm 1.2+one 47" octa

baseball player

I had the honor of doing a photoshoot to Vladimir Guerrero at his home in the Dominican Republic and this is part of the result.

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Online competitions and magazines

Hi all, I am new to your lovely community

I would like to start submitting part of my work in online completions and magazines but I think my candidate lists are rather short.

Apart from the WPPI event I do not know many other places I can try to test my skills. To be honest still WPPI is not my league and I am looking for places...

Tell us ...

I suppose if I had a bag full of Hasselblads I might be ready to crow about it, but my couple of aging mid range Nikon's isn't going to get anyone on the edge of their seats. However, I am new to the community and came across this group and the idea of telling what's in my bag and the notion of a 'Dramatic Portrait' sort of inspired this.

Attorney Portrait

Mo's firm hired me to make an image for an ad announcing he had reached a settlement on behalf of a client who was killed by an exploding airbag. They originally wanted just a standard headshot, but I pitched them an idea for something a little more creative that would stand out from the typical imagery in the publications that would be running...