Single SB900 and first time with a radio trigger.

Colleague, Account Exec and stand in model Sophie gave me less than 1 hour after work before she had to skip off to meet a lucky friend for dinner. At least this cut down my options which resulted in a very direct single light set up approach. 1 SB900 above centre with enough fall off to feather the light across Sophie's face and place small...

Get Ready...

made the mistake of asking her to be creepy :)
shot with 3 lights -
one on the background, one strip light horizontal above her fave, one strip behind her on camera right.

New Millennia Woman

New Millennia Woman

I had been driving by this mural (unsigned) for at least a year when I shot the Model, Chernetta Bill in studio for an advertising client. And passing by the mural going home that night it all came together in my head. the rest was simple manipulation.

Model: Chernetta Bill
Hair: Nicole McAndrew

The African Warrior

The Maasai warriors of Kenya are known to have preserved their culture for decades,their way of life has not changed with the wind of civilization.This project focuses on one Maasai warrior in the big and ever changing city of New York, will his culture and beliefs be drowned in these ever shifting winds?

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Some of my dramatic ports

Let me know what you think. Shot with a7r + 55/1.8.

The first two were shot in an art gallery in front a huge dot matrix LED screen. The second two were lit with a couple IKEA lamps.


Photographer - Alex Logaiski
Model - Brittany Cavaco
Location - PhotostudioBrooklyn
Equipment - Canon 5DMIII+50mm 1.2+one 47" octa