baseball player

I had the honor of doing a photoshoot to Vladimir Guerrero at his home in the Dominican Republic and this is part of the result.

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Online competitions and magazines

Hi all, I am new to your lovely community

I would like to start submitting part of my work in online completions and magazines but I think my candidate lists are rather short.

Apart from the WPPI event I do not know many other places I can...

Tell us ...

I suppose if I had a bag full of Hasselblads I might be ready to crow about it, but my couple of aging mid range Nikon's isn't going to get anyone on the edge of their seats. However, I am new to the community and came across this group and the idea of...

Attorney Portrait

Mo's firm hired me to make an image for an ad announcing he had reached a settlement on behalf of a client who was killed by an exploding airbag. They originally wanted just a standard headshot, but I pitched them an idea for something a little more...


Md: Marta
Ph,mua: Kerry Moore
In constant search of cooperation with the clothing catalogs, magazines, and designers. If you are interested in my works write to:
Accept orders for photo shoots and retouching.

low key headshot

Recent shoot for a Singer Karl Lund, trying something with a little more drama in it
thoughts? I ask ... nervously :)

The Great Gatsby

I made this for a book cover for the Great Gatsby. A big thank you goes to my beautiful wife for the willingness to play dress up with me. :D

Thaddeus Wolfe

Dramatic portrait inspired by Rembrandt's unique style. Taken in studio.

Canon 6D
Canon 24-70mLII
Alien Bee B800
Photoshop cc 2017

ISO 100

my first B&W session

My friend in this shot is a homeless guy in my town. We became good friends over the years, and he finally allowed me to photograph him one day last year. the shots were ok in color, but converting to B&W adding a high pass, and acouple other tweeks,...