One step at a time

I was writing a blog post to try and help people starting out with photography take better images. I improved one thing at a time, and my model was incredibly patient. This is the result.we got out of it, and I am incredibly satisfied.

Photoshoot with Emanne Beacha

I was asked to come down to the house of a young girl and take some portraits in her house. I didn't really know anything about America's Got Talent or Emanne Beacha and how amazingly talented she was. I looked her up on YouTube and was blown away.

We had a wonderful time. Her family invited me into the home and we made a quick studio...


Went to Bombay Beach and did a session with Bernadette Marcias. The temperature was around 117 degrees. My plan was great except for considering the weather.


Beauty Portrait.
Mode: Noelle
Makeup: Monika Assef
Nikon D800 Nikon 70-200VRII Nikon SB910 Elinchrom Deep Octa 39" Reflector Lastolite 37"
F4.5 1/160s 190mm ISO125 Power of SpeedLight 1/16

Zoe in braids

I wanted to shoot a portrait of a model with braided hair. Zoe's sister jumped at the chance to braid her hair for this shoot. I think she spent all night on YouTube learning this braid. I think both sisters crushed it.

Fine Art Ballerina

One light camera left in 60" octa, white v flat camera right. Camera: Nikon D750, 50mm lens @ f/2.8, 1/200 ISO 100. Backdrop is gray seamless paper.

Ballerina: Montana O'Brien


First shoot of the year. Well had to start with something special.
Nikon D800 Nikon 70-200VRII F5.6 1/200 ISO100 200mm Power of the Light 1/8

New portrait

Hi, guys this is a new portrait I did, for the first time I didnt use photoshop only capture one. What do you guys think?

Bill, July 4th 2019

I was out for an early morning shoot in my town when I rolled up on this gentleman. I just asked him if I could take his pic as he sat drinking coffee at 6:15am. I took a total of one shot and went on my way. I thought he had nice look to him.

Model: Frits Houwaart

Model: Frits Houwaart

Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:

Shutterspeed: 1/1600

Aperture: F / 1.6

ISO: 200

Camera: 5DmkIII

Lens: 85 mm

Curiosity, not telling the whole story, can be a nice part that you can play with as a photographer.

With this I give the viewer the...

When did you become hooked with Photography?

*Let me know if this is the right group for this kind of thing, new to Fstoppers posting*

This picture inspired me to create an Fstoppers account and become part of the photography community.

Art has always been something I love, the emotion it evokes and the story it tells never fails to amaze me.

As I'm sure we all do, I...