Creative shoot with Jennaya. Bringing some ideas to reality. Nikon D800 Nikon 70-200VRII Three Speedlights Nikon Sb910 F4.0 1/100 ISO 250 170mm MainLight 1/32 Kicker 1/32 Background 1/8 Intention: Creative Headshot


I've been a massive fan of Annie Leibovitz and I often wish I could find time to shoot something that would be in her style or at least genre. I got that opportunity when I got ex-colleague Jess back for this evocative period Hollywood movie style portrait. I moved what felt like a mile out of my comfort zone by not only using two strobes in...


I'm fascinated how my brain works. One day I woke up and started collecting clocks... big clocks, small clocks, old clocks new clocks... I thought it was about time. As a portrait photographer it seemed natural to put the two together.


Halloween Photoshoot. Nikon d800 Nikon 70-200VRII F3.5 3x Nikon SB 910, Reflector Lastolite 37", Elinchrome Deep Octas 27" and 39" 1/100 ISO80 Focal Length 170 Main Light 1/16 Kicker 1/32 Background 1/8 Red and Blue Gels

One light location triathlete portrait.

Wasn't the weather I was looking. It started to rain when we were about to start the shoot. When rain begin to stop I was thankful for the clouds that added the a bit of drama to to scene. I under 2 stop for ambience and shot with a single Broncolor Siros 800L.


Nikon D810 Nikkon 70-200 3 x SB910/SB800 Deep Octas 39" 27" Reflector Lastolite 39"gold/silver Home Made Gel (Blue/Red Sharpe)F4.0 1/160s ISO100 Main Light 1/16 Kicker 1/32 Background 1/16 Zoom 170mm

Beard Portrait

hi there ,

a Portrait made few years ago

Medium format Pentax 645 + 80mm + Strobes

any Cc more than welcomed :)

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A dramatic face

In my photographic experiments there is always this guy. I don't have a professional studio. i just setup my Godox ad200 and a single reflector in my room for these portrait shots.


Nikon d800 Nikon 70-200 3x Speedlights Nikon SB910 Reflector Lastolite 37" Gold/Silver f4.5 1/125 ISO 100 MainLight 1/16 Kicker 1/32 Background 1/8

The new girl

Hello, the first two were made with a speedlight in a medium softbox front and top.

And combine it with two LED video lights on the sides with colored gels.

The other photo uses the same speedlight with the medium softbox front and top. but this time I moved it a little to the right of the camera.