Hello everyone... This is the wild flower i took using samsung galaxy J2... i tried using focus... sk i need suggestion on this photo


hi everyone. i will like to share with you my photo as shoot by my sony z2 . i will love to have your adivse and comment about it ,
f/2 .1/833s . 4.9mm . iso 50 .sony .

When to use mobile photography...

The discussion of image quality always comes up with talking about mobile photography. I have had this talk many of times and I feel I have come up with a few answers but want to hear what you all think too.

First off, I always say its about the picture first and 'image quality' last. People dont buy a photos based on its quality and...

Favorite photography apps?

Hey everyone! I'm new to this group, and I would love to get opinions on your favorite photography apps? I usually do all my editing in Lightroom, but with younity I can access my whole library, so doing some editing on my phone might be needed if I haven't touched one up and want to share it. Thank you!

VSCO Drops TIFF Support?

I've been shooting with the Moment App for a few weeks using the 18mm lens on my iPhone and I love it. I opted to shoot hi-res TIFFs in the Moment App settings because I'm a compression geek and loving taking up space on my iPhone.

But I noted that VSCOcam crashes when I try to import any file into VSCOcam to edit, even JPEGs when it...

Toy transport

It's been a while since I joined this amazing website and enjoyed those great pics from pros and finally couldn't stop myself from posting my images. Your comments are welcome.
I m a huge fan of mobile photography and uploaded image is taken from MI4 and post processed in Snapseed.

Sully Island Causeway

Quick shot taken at the end of the summer whilst exploring the exposed Causeway between the Island and the mainland - the causeway is only crossable for 3 hours in every 12.

Unedited, taken on my Samsung S5