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When to use mobile photography...

The discussion of image quality always comes up with talking about mobile photography. I have had this talk many of times and I feel I have come up with a few answers but want to hear what you all think too.

First off, I always say its about the picture first and 'image quality' last. People dont buy a photos based on its quality and pixel count but rather if its overall compositon and beauty is top notch. Though the quality of the image does create the factor for printing and other purposes such as selling shots. To combat this I have used apps such as Cortex Cam to bring just a bit more in each image.

When working with clients using only mobile the uses are pretty specific. Social media and online use for the most part. Though a few print ads have been created using the images. What do you use mobile photography for and where do you use it specifically?

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I honestly feel that it has to do with how you shoot and edit. Some apps will take the resolution down from your photos so you have to be sure that you're using apps that keep the iPhone's full resolution. If you can do that then you can get nice size prints from an iPhone. I have sold pieces in local galleries (11x14) with no problem. But then of course you have to follow similar guidelines with printing.

Silver bird in Abuja, Nigeria. Shot with an iPhone 6

The Prophet's Mosque. Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Shot with an iPhone 6

I'm a huge fan of mobile photography. I would say 90% of the photos i ever take are on my phone rather than my DSLR, and i agree that it's not about pixel count or quality of image but over all beauty and composition. I've taken fantastic cellphone images right along side my DSLR, and have opted to post the cellphone version over the DSLR version. Hell nearly every photo i post to facebook is a mobile image.
it's all about use and having the right tool for the job, i wouldn't use it for billboard prints or for my editorial work, but for web based marketing, or art photos, hell even landscape, the connectivity, simplicity, and mobility of it can't be beat.

I have this debate often with pompous photographers here.




i gave my self 30 day Challenge of only film or phone

I've found that using my note 5 is great for a low shot without actually laying down on the ground. I also use a samsung nx, but the mobile phone keeps me shooting daily.

I truly believe that great photography is great photography. The manner in which the image was captured has less to do with the quality of the image with regard to composition, exposure, expression and the like than the person using it. What comes to mind for me, were the Kodak instamatics versus the 35mm growing up in the 1960s. Sure, one can do significantly more with a pro SLR versus an instamatic, however, putting a Kodak instamatic in the hands of one with creative vision, great photography can be made. So it is today. DSLR versus smartphones (instamatics on steroids, if you will).

I am one of those pompous DSLR guys, however, I love using my iPhone and the camera and editing apps for fun if I choose to with great results. It has been oft said that the best camera is the one in your hand and if that happens to be the camera on a smartphone, then so be it. It is fun and a nice change of pace from lugging my monster rig around. More importantly, photography is for everybody. Currently, there is unprecedented access to imaging for the masses that care to indulge in photography, just as the simple Kodak instamatic and brownies offered in earlier eras. That's a beautiful thing and we pompous pro photographers would do well to embrace it, because we use mobile photography mediums too.

Couldn't agree more my good man. Thanks of much for the comment!

I have discovered that with patience, perseverance and a willingness to learn, one can accomplish a lot with just an iPhone. Of course I still have my DSLR for all the other moments.

It is a very powerful tool for sure!

Albania. Shot with an Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE. And I don't have edit the picture.

IN, chennai, shot from mobile and edited with lightroom, does it look goodd