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Mobile 'Scapes

A little thread for all those "scapes. Land, city, body or otherwise.

Lets see what those cell phones can do!

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Heading in to the gym

Backpacking the Chiso Mountains in Texas

Random tree on a random morning

Red Rocks outside of Las Vegas

Career and Technology Center (where the teach kids the cool stuff)

Dried river bed outside of Las Vegas

Highway 190

Random Sunrise


Took this the other day. Practicing shooting landscapes with my iPhone.

Another perspective, both shots were taken at the Salton Sea. FYI that's not sand and those are not rocks in the foreground.

This one is fantastic man-
Nearly looks like a composite with those mountains in the background.
Do you use a mobile editor also?

Sorry for the slow response. But thanks! I shot it with my iPhone 6 and edited it on my iPad using Lightroom. ( just got the app, still figuring it out)