this photo taken with iphone 5 and retouch by snapseed. What do you think about it?

Toy transport

It's been a while since I joined this amazing website and enjoyed those great pics from pros and finally couldn't stop...

Favorite Post Processing apps?

Afterlight? VSCOcam? Snapseed? Priime? Pic-Tap-go? What's good?!


Any opinions on these photos or how to take better Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE photos? And I don't have edit the picture.


Any opinions on these photos or how to take better iPhone photos?

Sully Island Causeway

Quick shot taken at the end of the summer whilst exploring the exposed Causeway between the Island and the mainland -...

Using mobile photo apps

Does anyone use photo apps? If so what do you use?

Favorite VSCOcam Preset?

Are you an M5 person? or is it A7? Let us know.

Lazy river

Grabbed this image on a recent trip through North Carolina

Favorite iOS Camera apps

Do you use something other than the iphone camera app to take your photos?