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Favorite iOS Camera apps

Do you use something other than the iphone camera app to take your photos?

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I've attempted to use other apps but nothing really nails it enough to justify the extra effort of opening that app instead of the default camera which has shortcutted access everywhere. If Apple ever allows third-party camera apps to be defaulted I think the camera app market would see a big boost in downloads and usage.

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Camera+ for me, been using it since my iPhone 3S. Have hardly ever used the default camera app and usually hide it away in a folder somewhere.

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645 Pro and Vivid HDR are great camera applications. 645 serves up a lossless tiff which is a great feature.

I use Camera+ or the native app

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I mostly use the native camera. Outside of that I like Hipstamatic (fun filters), Camera+, 645 Pro or Pro Cam are also nice options.