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Dylan Howell's picture

Favorite Post Processing apps?

Afterlight? VSCOcam? Snapseed? Priime? Pic-Tap-go?

What's good?!

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Ryan Mense's picture

Snapseed's localized editing and VSCO in moderation is what I get by on. Speaking of which, do any other apps have localized editing capabilities? I love Snapseed's implementation but I wish it had more than just brightness, contrast, and saturation options.

Garry Neesam's picture

Snapseed has been my go-to editing app for a few years. Getting more into Handy Photo now on the iPad

Dustin Soehnel's picture

Just discovered an app called Enlight. The customization is ridiculous...Was a longtime user of vsco and snapseed but this app pretty much does what those do and then some

kate hailey's picture

Snapseed has been my go to editor on the iPhone for several years. Their recent update has been quite impressive. I've recently downloaded Enlight, but Snapseed still offers a couple of things I've not seen in other iOS editors.

I think it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish, and what you like to shoot. I shoot mostly people, and have tons of apps but my go to apps every time are Camera +, VSCOCam, Snapseed, Facetune and LaminarPro

Sam McGhee's picture

I'm using VSCO CAM for most everything, because I post to their "Grid". But I love Afterlight's film scratches.

Anonymous's picture

I have every one of those apps in my editing collection. Each is very good depending on what you want to do.

I also have quite a number of others as well. For texturing, Mextures is vey good. There are several color splash apps that are good. If you are an Adobe CC member, PS Mix, PS Fix and LR Mobile are all great. Enlight, Polarr, and Filterstorm are also a few favorites.

I have a ton of mobile photo apps and many of them perform the same functions - although some do it much more efficiently and/or elegantly.

I am in the process now of going through and culling out many of these apps that I will probably no longer use. I think I may break the down into sub-categories and then start a blog to compare the apps I have tried by category.

I know this would have been beneficial to me and saved me a lot of time and money purchasing and trying them all out. Hopefully this kind of a blog may help other iPhoneographers reduce the hassle in trying to sift through all of the products competing for our attention!

Joe Lopez's picture

A Galaxy S5 is my daily mobile camera. Most have mild edits in Snapseed.

Edison Musta's picture

I use Some time Snapseed on my Galaxy S6 EDGE