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VSCO Drops TIFF Support?

I've been shooting with the Moment App for a few weeks using the 18mm lens on my iPhone and I love it. I opted to shoot hi-res TIFFs in the Moment App settings because I'm a compression geek and loving taking up space on my iPhone.

But I noted that VSCOcam crashes when I try to import any file into VSCOcam to edit, even JPEGs when it tries to render a thumbnail for the Moment TIFFs. What happened to TIFF support on VSCOcam? They had it all the way back in 3.1 and now it's gone. I understand I might not be able to import a TIFF but just having them in my camera roll renders the app useless? What gives. Anyone else notice this problem? https://twitter.com/vsco_support/status/474339838397657088

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Android? iOS? It might be something with the OS. Sometimes when using Android it is good to dump the cache files for an app to work good again. Try and wipe the cache partition via recovery. If it is an iPhone or iPad, try a soft reset by pressing home + power button until the Apple Logo shows up, sometime it fixes this sort of problems on my iPad.

It's an iPhone. I soft reset and still the same problem. Wondering if it is because of the file size of the TIFF that it uses up all the available memory to VSCOcam.

I've tried to do the same with the iPad and you are right, it crashes the app. The Android phone i have, has 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM and handles the files like a charm. I guess somehow that the iPhone version of the app is limited by memory amount. Don't know if iOS apps run over a JVM, and if it does, the JVM has a dynamic heap size.