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Flat Track motorcycle racing

Hi all!

Haven't really seen any flat track moto-racing photos so I thought I'd post some as a part of my intro!

The biggest challenge at these events: motion blur/panning. It's risky because you might miss out on a good shot but well worth it! Anyone have that same dilemma?

What are your challenges when it comes to shooting...

First Snow in Kuusa

Kuusaankoski (meaning: Kuusaa rapids) is a popular fishing rapids in Central Finland with cultural heritage landscape. The Kuusaankoski rapids are among the best trout rapids in southern Finland.

Had gone there on hopes of finding a wintery landscape but most of the snow on the trees was already gone .. and these days its too freezing to...

Humans of Brisbane

Hey all!

I'm locky. I've only been doing photography for about six months (been serious about is since november). In order to get better, I decided to start a portrait series where I visit subjects and take a portrait of them in their 'zen space'. I've learnt heaps doing it any hopefully I can learn a lot more from everyone here....

Snow hike under the heavens

Hey LNP group!

Here's my very first contribution to this group.

Have you ever taken a stroll in the snow at night? It's the most revitalizing, calming and inspiring thing. When the cold of the winter silently contrasts with the freezing vastness of space, nothing better to look up at the celestial show above your head.

An amateure Headshot

Honestly this is the first time i took some real headshots after practicing one time only. This one is my friend and my first client along with my others friends who asked me to capture their committee profile photo. Here is my most favourite photo along our sessions. Yes, im amateure, but ive been inspired by Peter Hurley and Dylan Patricks as...