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Enroute Makalu

Here is one from my recent trip to Makalu Base Camp. We were one camp short from reaching there. We had to give the trip up since it was an off season, all the teahouses were closed and to top that up we we stuck in a hail storm.

Feedback and CC expected


My first post to the groups, Working on head shots, portraits, and fine art photography. Was shooting with a Nikon D90 until a week ago when it fell off my tripod. So Just got a D7100. Have not used it yet. Will post something from my D90. Let me know what you think.

IR Trees

Here are some of my infrared trees. The B&W shot is 830nm and the colour ones are using a red filter (600nm). All shot on a full spectrum Sony A7 and either a Zeiss FE 55/1.8 or a Konica AR 40mm f/1.8

My favourite lens for the technique

These two images were taken using the Canon FD 85L lens (adapted to the Sony A7). The size of the aperture is key for this technique this lenses 71mm is hard to beat without gaining a lot of weight and size. The FD 85L is also very sharp!

Considering the filter thread is 72mm this is a very tidy lens. It's 40% lighter, 11% shorter and...


I thought it might be helpful to create a group devoted to something near and dear to my heart - infrared photography. I've been shooting IR since back in the 80's (film stored in fridge, load camera in dark, etc). Of course, a lot has changed since the days of wet-ware. Now our cameras come hard-wired to "avoid" IR and we have to send them out...