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need some feedback

hello everyone, i need some feedback with photos i taken, i'm getting serious learning photography in the last few years, but still wondering have i improved or not. please give some feedback and maybe some tips to improve what i lack at. thanks

*photos taken with d5300+18-55 af-p, i have no tele lens, so i have to do some cropping

Savage on the Savannah

First edit of a series we shot in July 2017 on a trip to Sardinia.

Kiko (@kiko.model)

LightAffaire Photography ( (@...

Motocross of Nations - Grit

I recently covered the Motocross of Nations at Red Bud Raceway where Team France took their 5th straight championship but Italy came in a strong second. It was muddy all weekend, which caused riders to ditch their goggles midway through the race and race without eye protection.

Patience pays off in the end with perfect timing

I was out with my daughter at a local conservation area and she wanted to feed the Chickadees, so, she put some seeds in her hand and held it out. After a while, I noticed that 2 Chickadees in particular had a keen interest in the seeds.
I got my camera ready and snapped a few photos of the action.
Then I got home and saw what I had...

Gravel Rallye

My favourite shots of rallye cars drifting on a gravel road.

One is a contemporary one drifting through a hairpin while the other car was part of the historic exhibition group.

In the first shot the bottom of the car and parts of the dust were lit with two remote controlled flashes. They were positioned underneath the guardrail...

Needles Lighthouse - Isle of Wight

I don't do landscapes very often but took a trip out the Isle of Wight a couple of months back and just liking photography I really wanted to get into trying different things. When the chance for a decent sunset presented itself, having done some prior research on the spot it was away to give it a go.
Been a small island a short drive...

Well Travelled

Here is a shot I took of a rare event. I got this shot as it flew over DC.
Any comments are welcome. This is my first post, so would not be surprised if I have done something wrong. I know you all will be gentle with me if this is contravening any rules