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The Re-Edited Photo

Ever go out and take a shot, and be so excited to process it that you rush back to the laptop and begin blasting through the edit in order to make that perfect photo and post it up to your website, social media, etc...?

What if you just waited a week or so? Let the excitement of the shoot digest, scan all the images you made from that...

Fishing boat.

Shot this from a small island village called Kadamakkudy. People here are mostly fishermen and they use this kind of small wooden boats and some rare net system to catch fishes.

This image is a blend of three exposures and I would like to hear what all you guys thinking about this shot.


Gulf Guntherwerks

During Goldrush Rally in 2018 this Guntherwerks Porsche stopped by the shop for the night. Considering how striking it was I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a couple photos of it. This is the first image of the set that night.

Nikon D750
Flashpoint RL600
Sigma 24-105 ART

Critique Request

I’m in need of in-depth critiques of these portraits. Subject is a friend of mine working in a glassblowing studio hot shop. Please comment your thoughts. What draws your eye? Does the editing get in the way? Is the editing too light? Is it an interesting composition? Minor tweak or full-on overhaul? All criticisms appreciated.


I posted another one my shots from a shoot with Cassie and yet again the F-Stoppers community doesn't disappoint with senseless low scoring and zero comments, negative feedback without reason. It boggles my mind why with so many examples the F-Stoppers admins are ignoring this issue. Anyways, comments are appreciated.

Aloha from Oahu

Newbie here. Just wanted to share some of my latest photos and get some feedback from anyone interested. I do mostly wave/surf/ocean photography but I’m always eager to learn! This image was taken last week in the early morning at a secret Hawaii beach. Aloha \m/

Grand Tetons Sunrise, Suggestions?

This past week I was in the Tetons with very few days of clear skies. On this morning it was about -10 degrees outside. It was not the most spectacular sunrise, but the tops of the mountains were kissed by the sun.

I'm always looking for ways to improve my photography, any suggestions are welcome. I struggle with editing and getting the...