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Can't Swim

I happened to get really lucky with this shot. The venue was extremely dark with little lighting. I happened to have my photo ready at the right time for the strobe light to flash on Greg, the bass player/backup vocalist. I couldn't be happier with the outcome I was able to get.


It's Thursday, so I think a throwback shot is appropriate. This one comes from a shoot that I did several weeks ago with Lydia. The thing I loved about this particular image was really the simplicity of it. No elaborate poses, no fancy lighting setup, just Lydia being herself. I think that's how the best photographs are made, when all things...

Traveling to Milan, Italy for 4 weeks...HELP!

Hey Fstoppers community, I'm traveling to Milan with my wife starting this Tuesday and I'll be there until 18th of April. We are both going there for work, but she's working a lot more than me (9-5 on the weekdays for her; 1 or 2 days a week for me) so I'll have a lot of free time. Anyone have any advice on where to go for great photos, where...