Trident Hotel

The Trident Hotel located in Port Antonio, Portland Parish, Jamaica. It's part of the same property on which sits the...

Whitehead Creek Compendium

Whitehead Creek flowing down a steep, overgrown hillside to where it meets the Willamette River in the western...

San Diego Bay

Looking at San Diego across the bay from the north. It's December so the cityscape is particularly well lit. Shot with...
Last: August 7, 2020

Aurora and Neowise

While the comet has been steadily fading, something of equal interest stepped in the other night to take it's place...

The Storm Rolls In

This is a storm rolling over Calgary, AB on June 13th 2020. It has now been rated as the 4th costliest natural disaster...
Last: July 29, 2020

Thunder Cloud Sunset

Malibu Coast 2 shots exposing for the sky and foreground

Light Painting

doing light painting is always fun... isn't it ?? ;-)
Last: July 26, 2020

Shoreline in Motion

For eons, the pounding waves ate away at the shoreline, creating the wonderful seascape view. 🌐 Philip Island |...

Blue Hour

This is another shot at the same place. Lorne, Vic, Australia.
Last: July 23, 2020

"Red Light Green Light"

Haven't been able to do my usual night photoventures in some time. So I decided to go into Boston and do a quick 1 hr...

Neowise Comet

After hours of begging and pleading with the Weather God he decided to give us a pass last night and let it be clear...
Last: July 20, 2020

Calming Waterfall

Enjoyed this little waterfall for a while before taking its photo.
Last: July 19, 2020


Solitude is the state of being alone. ... Solitude comes from the Latin word solitudinem, which means "loneliness," but...
Last: July 18, 2020

Thor's Well, the Notorious Sinkhole

Thor’s Well is a hole carved out of the basalt shoreline in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, just south of Yahats, Oregon...

Whispering Reeds

The river bank is gently flowing among the whispering reeds. When the wind blows, the rustling of the reeds is very...
Last: July 11, 2020

Rolling Fog Sunset

That one time the landscape turned into Asgard. “Legend!!!”
Last: July 10, 2020

Red Sky in Morning

The yellow shining sun started rising and filled the sky with mighty colors of red. It was bright and mesmerizing as it...
Last: July 9, 2020

"I See Through You"

Whats up guys, I'm Rob and I love shooting Long Exposure Self Portraits ( L.E.S.P.) at night. I primarily use masks in...
Last: July 9, 2020