Moon Trail

I made star trails before but this is the first time I was trying for moon trail. It was full moon evening so decided to make 30 minutes shot. single shot with 10 stop ND filter.Happy with my experiment and result.

I wish I had a better fore ground

"Kalbaishaki", is the name of thunderstorms at usually occur during this time of the year here in India WestBengal. This is the picture of first thunderstorm of these season. Everything changed so rapidly that my weather app was unable to predict it which was a bit disappointing because I didn't have the time to go out and get a good foreground...

L16 Long Exposure

Hi all,

Just joined F Stoppers and found this group. Thought I'd share a snap I took the other week whilst working in Orlando and playing with my Light L16. If you haven't heard of it check out as its a very interesting bit of kit!


Open Heavens

Fighting to get this picture before the full moon came up and washed out the sky. When I first got on location, the stars were so much more visible but I think I still managed to catch a bunch of good stars.

Falls on the road to Hana, Maui

I mainly shoot people and portraits, so this was one of the rare times I did a long exposure photo. It really takes lots of patience lol I used a 9-sop ND filter, which made it very hard to see from the viewfinder. It took lots of patience to look through the viewfinder to compose the shot, mount the ND filter, let it expose for about 30...


So I individually did a shoot today in my studio of each of my daughters and had them pick there pose for me to light paint, here is one of those images... Canon 6d, Sigma 24-105, Light painting Brushes Color filter&Hood set, Coast TX100 flashlight, Coast G26 flashlight and a broken car windshield....

The Salvation of Dr. Hans Reinhardt

Hello community, it´s my first day here @fstoppers!

I hope to find a lot of passionate people here!! :)

The Salvation of Dr. Hans Reinhardt

I´m a big fan of the Disney movie „The black hole“ since my childhood.

It was and still is fascinating and scary at the same time that Dr. Hans Reinhardt will stay there for all...

Lombard Street

On the 31st of January, I made a trip to shoot the Super Moon rising over the SF skyline. After wrapping up the shoot, I wanted to capture this iconic exposure of Lombard street. Now, in order to get this perspective, I had to shoot on a very telephoto lens, around the 500-900mm range. Since I was about 1/2 mile away from my subject, and I was...

Adobe Falls San Diego,CA

This is a hidden waterfall right next to the interstate 8 freeway, next to SDSU in San Diego, CA. Many of the rocks are painted by students when the fall is dry. This is one of the few spots with unpainted rocks.
A single exposure using an ND filter to sow down the shutter in daylight.

Traffic Jam

This is a composite image of 22 shots with exposures ranging from 1/60s to 20 seconds at f11 on a tripod with a 10 stop ND filter and without any filter. I had to change my ISO (from 800 to 50) according to the shutter speed and the use or not of the filter so that it would be consistent throughout the shots. I then layered them in Photoshop...