Light Bowl

The banner image for this group (I'm flattered), here's the real image taken back in July 2013 at the Calgary Stampede. It is somehow a risky business standing there: photo bombing, drunk (and throwing up) teenagers letting go on the various rides surrounding you. But hey, it worth the shot.

Long Exposure Critique the Community

Hi all, this post corresponds to a comment I posted on the current Long Exposure Critique the Community seeing how people felt about submitting a 30 second base exposure with some waves composited in from a .6 second exposure in the critique. Thoughts on that are welcome (as is any other critique of either version!). Thanks!


Tried High key Processing. Had Discarded the frame earlier but this time eye saw something in it. Am ambiguous about processing of sea within the composition of grey tones. Also if to define the horizon.

Please help with your critical opinion for the image. Thanks.

Tranquility at night

After much hesitation, I decided to go ahead with my decision to shoot Edmonton Downtown view at night. It turned out to be good. I enjoyed the view during the cold evening (2 degrees), holding hot coffee before deciding to shoot by now a familiar composition.

The city looked bright, the heavens calm and the trees dark providing a good...

HDR Long Exposures at Little River, GSMNP

I did some long exposures using a Neutral Density Filter and did bracketing to create these HDR photos using Photomatix. I loved the autumn colors in the Great Smoky Mountains and couldn't resists trying these. It is at a pull over along the Little River and is a favorite of my family to stop and picnic at. What do y'all think?

Sunrise at Umi Hotaru

Umi Hotaru is a man-made island in Tokyo Bay. It acts as a service station for traffic crossing the bay from Kisarazu to Kawasaki. I've seen some gorgeous long exposure shots of the location, but not having a car, I knew I would have to spend the night on the island (because the last bus is about 4:45pm to get there and the first one in the...

Portland Head Lighthouse

This is a new edit on an old photo. New photo does not have my logo. It's a rainy day here so I decided to revisit some old photos. I really like this photo but was never completely happy with the original. Would love to know which one you prefer.

Sky Gazer

At 155 feet the Sky Gazer is the largest traveling Ferris Wheel in North America. It also the largest ride ever to come to the North Carolina State Fair. With over 500,000 LED lights there are an infinite number of colors and patterns I was able to capture with a slight long exposure. I took about 100 photos and have many that came out great....