Belmont Beach Blaster

Hello LE Group! I have always loved LE photography but haven't prioritized it until recently. I look forward to learning in this group! Thank you for your constructive comments!


I took these in late June. Most are 3 shot panoramas, taken at night, with long exposures, and post processing in Darktable and Gimp. Feedback welcome.

Waiting for the electric bus

Samsung Galaxy s8 plus with .45x wide angle lens iso 50, F1.7 (with .45x wide attached), 4.25mm focal length, 10 sec exposure
This is a long exposure reflection shot, something I just like doing. This is my first post to the group, I am a photographer who likes using small sensor cameras to achieve big camera effects. Please I welcome...

The meteor shower

I tried to capture the meteor shower of the century this night. I happened to catch light pollution from my hometown and factory where I work on the horizon. In addition, I saw later during post processing, that northern lights came in to the image. That's what I like most about long exposure. Sometimes details you never saw earlier show up and...

A walk on the bayou

Recently I've started to dive a liiiiiiittle bit into long exposure photography. These photos are part of my ongoing series titled "Cut-Off" about my hometown. I don't think they're traditionally like most long exposure photos but I do like the way light exposes itself at night. Thanks for looking and I'd appreciate any questions, comments, and...

Review and suggestion

This is my first ever fstopper post and also first try at astro photography. I am using canon rebel t5i with 30sec shutter. I haven't done any image stacking. Can anyone suggest me how to reduce noise in future images ?

Photoshop or not, foregrounds help.

Last year, I went to my first 4 fireworks events in Tokyo (we have tons) where I took and processed photos without using photoshop. This year, I've attended 2, so far, and I've decided to try some composite shots. I try to keep my composite shots as realistic as possible, with the hope of making the viewer feel like they are at the show....