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Trask River rapids on Kodak Ektar100

A couple of shots I captured last July on a Nikon F4 mounting the 85mm f1.4D AF lens for the first image. A 180mm f2.8 was used for the second.

I used a LEE System 100mm Little Stopper ND filter stacked under Lee's Landscape CPL. These exposures were 4 seconds at f8 or f11. Manual zone focusing technique was utilized. I used the shutter self-timer to avoid camera shake.

Kodak's data sheet didn't specify any reciprocity failure correction but the images did have a pronounced blue shift. I corrected this in post after scanning the negatives by pulling the blue channel and pushing the red just a wee bit. This is the first time I used Ektar100 and I’m very pleased with the results.

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