The Kyle

I have always wanted to take a decent picture of this boat. Weather and distance from my home slowed me down. Finally found a good morning for the shot. Actually I have 4 of it over two mornings. The long exposure worked well I feel with this shot

Moon Trail

I made star trails before but this is the first time I was trying for moon trail. It was full moon evening so decided to make 30 minutes shot. single shot with 10 stop ND filter.Happy with my experiment and result.


This is my very first "long exposure." It was only a few seconds, I don't remember how long exactly. This was taken back in 2010 and the vehicle and base no longer exist. (NIKON D7000, ƒ/4, 1/10, 18mm, ISO4500)

Winter vanlife (my house in the snow)

One of my personal favorite photos of mine, shot on just a Canon G7xii RAW and edited in Lightroom. This was from my recent expedition with my girlfriend and our two dogs into the arctic circle of Scandinavia on our way to the Nordkapp (northern most point) of Norway in the winter of 2018/2019.

this shot was taken with a 30sec long...

Creek in Banff

I had forgotten my tripod during this hike and had to set my composition based on where I could rest my camera on nearby rocks and my camera bag. I am new to this group, do you have any helpful hints or tips to improve my long exposure photography? Thank you.

Sunshine Beach

This is Sunshine Beach in Queensland, Australia. I liked how the foreground is in shade and the sun is illuminating the beach, giving it its name.
This is taken at sunrise, 115 secs exposure.

Long Exposure Shutter Drag Experiments of Live Musicans

So I have only attempted this a few times, but here are some shots I've done using the shutter-drag technique using a 3-4 second shutter speed while manually popping off an off-camera flash (using a remote) randomly throughout the exposure. I have shot a lot of shows in very low-light over the years and wanted to try something different and...

On the BTS in Bangkok

I took this from one of Bangkoks sky train stations one night when on holiday last year. Photography is a minor hobby for me so Im quite happy with howe it came out, although any tips on improvement would be greatly received.

Lower Falls Rochester NY

The Genesee River flows northward through the heart of downtown Rochester NY and into Lake Ontario. This is the lower of 3 falls in the city. The middle is gone, it was dammed up for hydro power. The lower falls is striking for its juxtaposition with the falls and the power plant next to is.
Canon EOS 6d Canon 24mm f/2.8 set at f/8 13...