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Star Trails

Not sure how I feel about this one yet. I think it's decent but I'm sure there's room for improvement. There's certain things I'm just not going to take the time to do like clone out all the planes/satellites. Which I'm sure would make it better. If this was going to be printed or used for something special I would take the time to do it but as of now it isn't so I'm not. I only do astrophotography a couple times a year. It's fun but can be annoying/time consuming. I'm just looking for some feedback here. Anything that stands out? I used a blue hour shot at 500 iso for the foreground. Then about 230 photos for the star trails at iso 3200. Done in StarStaX then blended together in photoshop. I also ran it through Topaz denoise. I will say I do think cloning out the planes and satellites would really clean up this image just not sure I can convince my self to do it. I'm also not really sure how to do it with out reblending it and doing the star trails in photoshop instead of StarStaX?

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Were there any trails picked up in the water reflection? This might make it more interesting (and realistic). I don't know if StarStaX takes those out or not. If so, you might have to manually blend them in Photoshop and mask the water for your blue hour foreground shot.

There were but I decided to just mask them out. They weren't very noticeable anyways because of the grass/lilies. And the mask with the reflection was being difficult to blend in so I just decided to leave it out.