6th Street Bridge

This is a 8 photo, multi row pano as the base. Then sky and light trails overlaid on pano. I am looking for critiques...

Dana Point, CA

Dana Point is my hometown and my parents still live there. I don't visit as often as I should. This bridge was added...

Light Painting

Doing some work with long exposure and rear curtain flash. Any thoughts you have are appreciated!!!!

LE shots with NISI Filters

I love to capture scenes with long exposure, using nisi filters 8stops - GD medium thank 4 watching and coment

Tower Bridge

I just joined FStopper and I am in the process of figure it all out.


An amazing soft light in the afternoon breaks through the clouds and lights up this beautiful valley. South Island, New...

Miners Landing SEA-TOWN waterfront

Taken on my Nikon Z7, with the Tamron 24-70 G2. 24mm, F/16, 8 seconds, ISO-64

Steavenson Falls Australia

This place got hit by the major fires in 2009 and I was keen to see how nature bounced back since then; and wow has it...

Fall Comes Slowly

A tree at a dam in West Bengal, India during fall season. I used Time Blending on this photo since I did not have a...

Lady aurora makes her appearance

After missing out on the aurora and losing out few days of sleep afterward, I finally made it to the park at the right...

Autumn waterfall

I am lucky enough to live not far from this small stream. It's name is Mark Creek. Known locally for it's waterfalls...

Yellow Sparks in Front of Person in White Top

Yellow Sparks in Front of Person in White Top

Rocks on the coast

1st time trying this type of photograph using ND filters ( ND10 ).

Northern Lights of Northern Alberta

We have some the best Aurora Borealis to see. Northern Alberta, is on the Top 10 places to see the Aurora Borealis. New...

Matagorda Bay Pier

Matagorda Bay Pier at night with vehicles driving under pier.

Desoto Falls

Desoto State Park

Soft Lighting

Little River Falls

Creek in the Forest

I've been away from editing for a while (mostly since I haven't been able to take any trips). But I got around to...

S h e n z h e n

S h e n z h e n

Feed Back Please!

Would any one out there care to give me some feed back on this image? This is our new airport, LF Wade International...