Picking out the details with long exposures

I recently took a trip up north to the Akita prefecture and Yamagata prefecture, where I drove over 200km, hiked, and photographed waterfalls for about 13 hours (combined) in one day. I woke up at 5am, took a quick shower, ate a banana, and then had to overcome my fear of driving as I left my hotel parking lot at 5:45am for the hour and a half...

Night photography in Cape Town

On my recent trip to Cape Town I went out one night to take some night shots from high up on the Lion's Head, and also one at Rhodes Memorial (here I applied some light painting)
What do you guys think? Any tips to improve? Cheers!

A rock at Reynisfjara

From a photography workshop in Iceland, just after sunrise at Reynisfjara beach. My attempt at a minimalist composition to capture the morning light

Canon 5DIII with 24-105L@105mm
f16, 45s, ISO 100

Light Painting at Walton Lighthouse

I left the house at 4:15 am, when I arrived the sky was clear, and the stars filled the sky. I set up and began taking a few shots, then the low fog moved in, just enough to catch the light emitted from the lighthouse. I exposed long enough to provide ample time to create the domes.

Legacy - Eltz Castle, Germany

So yesterday I had a crazy idea. I thought of making a 300km+ trip through the night just to arrive in time for blue hour at Eltz Caste, Germany. As I wasn't planning on staying overnight I needed another driver for the 3.5h journey, so I asked a friend of mine if he'd fancy keeping me company, , fully expecting him to tell me to f* off....

getting wet

exploring the site of this mornings excursion i almost went in and the gear too. anybody else almost lost there gear to a slip and fall..let me know what you think of this shot too.

30+ seconds @ Mt. Rainier

Early morning hike on Comet Trails / van Trump Park trail @ Mt. Rainier. Had a great time and liked how these turned out with a longer than usual exposure time (for me). The first is directly above the more often photographed Christine Falls, the latter a bit further up. An amazing trail offering all types of photography opportunities. A...

Hawthorne Bridge (fisheye)

This is a long exposure of the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland Oregon shot with a fisheye lens. The bridge was closed down for the 100 year celebration and an artist was hired to hang and light the fabric. The headlights are from a slow moving maintenance vehicle moving towards me.

Jagged Rock Seascape

Leo Carrillo off of the Pacific Coast High Way in Malibu, CA. It's my second time here so mainly explored and looked for composition. Came across this beautiful grouping of rocks. Which made for cool long exposure shot.