Help needed - my camera sunk in a lake

Hi all,

A few weeks ago while traveling to Poland, I went out at night to do some long exposures on the lake next to where we slept (I was with the family). Found my spot about 1 meter into the water where the vegetation didn't hide the view, set my tripod, attached the remote shutter cable and started to shoot. A few minutes later it...

Bridge in Hyde Park

I took this long exposure shot in Hyde Park at sunset. As it turned out a bit too dark in the shadows, I also took some other exposures to under- and overexposed the image. That was very helpful when I edited the picture as some ares were too dark. I blended it all together and here is the final image.

ReEdit on an Old Photo

I took this photo a couple of years ago when I was just learning long exposure photography. This is a re-edit from the original. I've been working on my lightroom skills lately by revisiting some of my old photos. It can be fun to revisit old photos with new editing techniques/skills. I like this photo a lot more now than I did previously.

The USS Lexington... the Blue Ghost

On a trip to Corpus Christi I came upon the Lexington WWII aircraft Carrier. I was trying to take this picture but it is a popular spot and fellow tourists were constantly entering the frame. I decide to try a long exposure hoping to remove most interference and this is the result. I used a 10 plus a 6 stop ND filter which I believe in this...

Lonely tree

Picture took during sunrise at Llyn Padarn in Snowdonia. Thankfully got there before other photographers and managed to get the shot. It is a two shot image so I could fit all the reflection and all the tree in. Any bit of the tree being clipped out would not of been good enough! feel free to comment.

Stern Wheeler in Motion

Cruising down the Columbia River Gorge, riding on a sternwheeler. I am wanting to capture to spinning motion of the paddle wheel against the majesty of the river and the gorge. So I needed a slow shutter speed to get the blurred wheel but a sharp back ground while the boat keeps lurching in the choppy water. I understood then what people mean...