Apollo 11 Rocket, Washington Monument

On July 20 2019, on the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon, a stimulation of the Saturn V rocket was projected onto the Washington monument. Then there was a ~15 min show video show demonstrating the entire mission -- take off till splash down in the pacific -- all projected onto the monument. These are a few of the images I was able...

Portland Head Lighthouse

Long exposure of the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth Maine. One of my favorite places I have photographed. Wish I lived closer to this landmark. It's quite a long drive from North Carolina!


These are few of my takes on the rocky mountains. Weather permitting, I could have bettered the composition. Nevertheless, they are pleasing ones. Maybe the next time.

Local Carnival

I loved the look of these rides! I wish they still used regular light bulbs and not LED but some of the shots really looked cool with the instant color change.

Stockholm by night (from a night photography course)

Last year for my birthday I got a voucher from a couple of friends: "Night photography course". I finally got around to use it couple of weeks ago. I could chose between Gothenburg and Stockholm and I chose Stockholm because I can do it in Gothenburg basically every night.

I went there on a Friday after work and we were about 7 people...

Rocks and Water

One of my favorite photography subjects. Rocks and water. The exposure on this isn't supper long. Somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 a second. I like the photo as is however, I wish I would have taken another longer exposure, like a 5 minute exposure, for the sky and combined them. Might have to try it next time.