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Rakesh Karda's picture

Moon Trail

I made star trails before but this is the first time I was trying for moon trail. It was full moon evening so decided to make 30 minutes shot. single shot with 10 stop ND filter.Happy with my experiment and result.

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Cathleen Shea's picture

As you should be.... that is soooo cool! I have got to try this effect. Neato!

Thomas Bak's picture

Very beautiful indeed.

Antoine Violleau's picture

Great idea !

Thomas Tarner's picture

That's pretty cool.

This is awesome. Never seen this technique before.

TANAY DAS's picture

cool shot

Brian Kerls's picture

Wow! very unique!

user-188614's picture

That is awesome! Both concept and execution are perfect!

Manos Tsirantonakis's picture

Outstanding job! At first I thought you combined an hour or so of photos but capturing this in a single exposure is just badass. Well done!

Faris Saffiq's picture

Wow. Superb shot! Try submit this picture soon for critique the community.

Sonny Sluiter's picture

never seen this before. Super cool!

Jason MacIsaac's picture

Never seen this before as well, very cool shot.

Stephen Micalizzi's picture

This is absolutely awesome. I'm gonna have to try to replicate this locally.