Introduce Yourself To The Group!

Welcome to the Official Fstoppers Fashion Photography group. Introduce yourself!

Let me get the ball rolling. My name is Peter House. I am a Toronto based commercial fashion photographer. I mostly work on the product and catalog side of things, but I also shoot a fair bit of editorial. I also run one of the more popular rental studios in...

How do you find and collaborate with designers/wardrobe stylists?

Other than living near them, cause sadly I do not have any, or any available and willing to collaborate. I tried model mayhem, nonexistent, including wardrobe stylists which is the closet to a designer or good alternative. I've been trying hard to collaborate with them in my area but none are here, nor others in other cities/states or countries...

Recent personal project

Hello everyone,

This is one of my personal projects, I wanted to make "bodysuits" of glitter (of course with the help of a super talented makeup artist), It peeled very fast so we had to work veryy veryy fast! it ended up matching the black sand from the beach (the first look). (Machuca beach in Puerto Rico)

the second look is red...

The Sun Flower Hotel

We work with model Aline at the historic Sun Flower Hotel in the beautiful city Kiev, Ukraine. We try to utilize natural direct sun and we use a silk china 20x20 from the outside of the window.

We knew we want to get really high contrast and that is why we choose the most spot light available in the day which was at one clock.

My first fashion editorial !

Hello, I tried telling a story here. I find it very cohesive and nicely planned out, but since I want to grow I am showing you these pics to roast me and give me everything you've got. I can take it, don't worry.

From Paris with love

Hi, My name is Kavak & I'm commercial fashion photographer based in Paris. I do fashion editorials too & time to time personal work. Just joined this group today and wanted to share some works to see what do you guys think. I would love to hear every opinion.
Don't hesitate to see more on my website or my Instagram page. Cheers....

Fairytale Fashion

Hi everyone! I am a photographer from Germany and have a big passion for fairy tales, and I love combining fairy tale elements with fashion shoots. I hope you like these!

Photography, make-up and styling by me, model is the beauty Tuyet My.

Check out my other pages for more of my work:
My website: https://www....


Model, Stylist and Hat Maker: Kirby Coleman
Photog/Retoucher: Dan Lubbers (

Two White Lightnings X1600's. One in a 61" PLM and the other in a Beauty Dish overhead.

My Latest Shoot

Hello everyone. I am a new member here. I am also comparatively a new photographer, just around a year in professional photography. I look forward to sharing my work and learning from you all. These are a few photos from my latest shoot. Do give me your feedback pls.

Behind the Fashion.

Hiya all. The name's Myles and I work professionally shooting fashion & BTS in Sydney, Australia. Just wanted to share some my current and past backstage work just to show what it's like behind the runway. Enjoy.


High key shoot.

Goal was not to make the most extreme high key images.

This is the result. What do you think of them by retouching and posing etc?

Low Key Beauty Portrait

Model: Sunny
MUA: Sunny
Jewelry: Custom made Necklace and matching ear rings by Ra Jewelry.
Photog/Retoucher: Dan Lubbers (

*Lit with one Beauty Dish overhead*

Sol Nebula

Hello All,

I have recently done a shoot with a dark feel. The Theme was "Sol Nebula".

I would love to hear some comments and suggestions.