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Let me get the ball rolling. My name is Peter House. I am a Toronto based commercial fashion photographer. I mostly work on the product and catalog side of things, but I also shoot a fair bit of editorial. I also run one of the more popular rental studios in...

High-Key B/W Portraits

I'm new here so I wanted to post 2 photos a recent studio shoot.

Three points lighting, white seamless limbo backdrop
Nikon D7100, Tamron 17-50mm VC

Casual outfit & simple look.


Model: Nazerke @KS_Models
Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie
HMUA: @makeup_zhanna_atyrau
Camera: Hasselblad H6d50c Lens: HC 100mm

Studio Fashion Portraits

I'm new here so I wanted to post some photos a recent studio shoot I did.
The styling was done by me and I talked with my makeup artist to achieve a fashion yet simple look.


Model: Sophie Adams
Hair: Andrea Connolly Hair
MUA: Kelly Marie Waters- Makeup Artist
Camera: Hasselblad H6d50c Lens: HC 150mm
Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie


Hi fStoppers gang!

My name's Augustė and I'm super new in the fStoppers community.

I'm a Bristol-base freelance photographer and I work with sustainable fashion and jewellery brands.

Show me some love here or on my Instagram account @chocianaite