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Let me get the ball rolling. My name is Peter House. I am a Toronto based commercial fashion photographer. I mostly work on the product and catalog side of things, but I also shoot a fair bit of editorial. I also run one of the more popular rental studios in...

Sol Nebula

Hello All,

I have recently done a shoot with a dark feel. The Theme was "Sol Nebula".

I would love to hear some comments and suggestions.


Normal Russell FW17

Wanted to help my friend's denim company out so I offered to take these photos of his fall line. Created the backdrop the day before the shoot and we set up in my garage. He was stoked not he results.

New to the group

Just stopping in to say hi and have a look around. High fashion aesthetic is my true love but dont always get the opportunity to shoot that and have to settle for commercial editorial fashion a lot of the time.

Simple Beauty Shots

I love making beautiful portraits with a fashion style. These are recent shots from my studio in Tokyo, Japan. I hope you like them! Bushido Photo, LLC

Image 1: Flower crown by Fiori Couture, Makeup by ChelseaLynnMUA, Photography by me, smoke by...

Dark Forest Witches

Hello All,

I have recently done a fashion shoot with a bit darker note. Theme was Witches and Dark forest.

I would love to hear some comments and suggestions.


CC - Power of Emotion

These pictures ( just 4) have been published by Ellements Magazine December Issue and would like to hear your opinions
Here is crew
Photographer: Ekin Can Bayrakdar
Stylist : Carolina Bergonzoni
Make up : Vanessa Altieri


Photography: Shavonne Wong/ Zhiffy Photography
HMUA: Andrea Claire
Stylist: Jen Su/ SpunkPunkFunk
Wardrobe: SpunkPunkFunk
Model: Luth Seah
Assistant: Steven Foo

If you're interested, I've got a full blogpost on how it's...


Lately I've drawn to dramatic imagery more and more. I've been trying to refine the way I light to match that. Luckily the opportunity to collaborate with some amazingly talented artists from the DC and Baltimore area came up so I jumped at the chance. I bought the background from Gravity specifically to match that dark dramatic look we went...

Out of Thin Air

My name is Kirk Jordan, a photographer from Birmingham,Al.

This series of photos just shows what you can do in a short amount of time if you trust yourself & your vision.

Natural Light Look In Studio Fashion Shoot

For the past 7 yrs I have worked out of a studio in the Flatiron area of New York City. It has been a good serviceable studio for a variety of projects, but it has only one window that is not really conducive to natural light photography, especially for...

Editorial/Fashion Shoot next week, need lighting advice!

Hey guys! Need your help on an important editorial shoot that's coming up next week. These are the references the magazine has sent me. I know the lighting is different on all the images but I think I'll pretty much follow the first image as that's the one I like the most.. What kind of light do you think they have used here? I was thinking of...

Fashion Feedback

Hey guys! My name is Christian and I'm a portrait fashion photographer. I recently started to find my style and i wanted to get some feedback from you guys on these two images! let me know what you guys think!

To check out more of my work you can follow me or check my website!
Instagram: @...


Ph,mua: Kerry Moore
In constant search of cooperation with the clothing catalogs, magazines, and designers. If you are interested in my works write to:
Accept orders for photo shoots and retouching.

New Look

Hey guys! My name is soheil and I'm a portrait fashion photographer. Im new in fstoppers. i wanted to get some feedback from you guys on this images! let me know what you guys think!
Instagram : soheilphotographer

Bridal Editorial

Hey all, just wanted to share a cover photo that I shot as part of an editorial for a bridal magazine - as well as a behind the scenes look of my lighting setup.

Shooting an editorial usually involves a lot of people, and it can become quite stressful when under a lot of pressure.
When you're under this pressure and so focused on "...

Far Far Away - a Star Wars inspired shoot

The Concept: Iconic characters reinterpreted in today's fashion

As a StarWars fan, this project was meaningful and exciting for me. I've been planning this shoot since the end of last year. It was a great experience to get it done and to see it from just little scribbles to pre-production, shooting, pre-production and to the final...