Portrait of Krista

I started trying to be a photographer about a year ago, so naturally, I begged and begged my girlfriend to let me photograph her. Turns out she has ended up being the perfect model for my practice and to her enjoyment.


Series I was planning to further (but stalled). I was pairing my own pics with tear sheets from actual vintage nude magazines from the 50s and 60s, adding in PS the old tape, etc.
Canon 5DMII, sigma 35 and 50 A lens, AB1600.


i just noticed that (up until now) i haven't uploaded any black and while work even though i've been doing quite a bit of it recently.

A how-to guide to shooting Erotic Photoart, a compendium to my Erotic Photoart Magazines, by Carsten Burmeister

When shooting nudes different rules apply. You don’t want to be too clinical, literal or un-adventurous, because you’ll just be shooting pornography. It has been said the difference between porn and erotica is the light. That’s my cue. We’ve got to use innovative lighting for nudes.

The light gives our shots their life … this is a...


A body painting shoot with an American model. Bundle of tnx to my dear mentor Earl for the patience to do the whole body paint for almost 6 hours. In the end it is all worth it.


I did a shoot with irina earlier this month in the forest using only natural light. We shot using different poses and some with bikini, some with fully clothed and some nude. This was my fist nude photography session ever.