Couple shotos in abandon place

Hello. new here so is there that "Photos" cant see any photo or is this only here post photos. take time again when learn new site.. but here couple my new shotos in abandon place with friend.


Hey guys,

This is my first post in this group so... Hi! I thought you might really enjoy the images from my latest gallery exhibition. The project focuses on the Japanese aesthetic principle of "kanso" which translates to "simplicity" in English. I have uploaded a couple of my favorites here but you can view all of the images from the...

The Body

Hello, Just making my 1st post here. I figured it should be a nude :)
I look forward to learning more from this group.

Nude Dance

series that has taken me 3 years to produce.
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 24-105mm f/4
Profoto B1 with Beauty Dish, Octbox

K&K Figure Nudes

Images from my June 2015 photo shoot with Fine art models Keira Grant and Katja Gee at the Copycat Building in Baltimore, MD.

Abstact nudes

I find that abstract nudes hold so much intrigue. Having an abstract project helps me collect my thoughts and define what I want to achieve with my shoot. I find it more relaxing than a nude with a narrative.

Window of light

I just joined the group and I will like to share this with you.
I did this images in my studio with a single strobe on the ceiling.
This is an ongoing project, shooting with the new ideas as they become tangible.


hi i will like to share my nude portrait project, called Elements. its a double exposure experiment. to communicate the nature of human body. hope you like it


What do you think that?

my web

salt pan after sunset

It was cold, she could barely sit still for a moment - the beauty of working with great models is that you'll always get the shot. 5Ds with 85mm f1.2. Available light.

Light Writing

A couple of light writing image. One is outdoors with a flashlight. The other is in the studio with an LED hula hoop.

More from this series:

Help Me Dream

I have a ton of really killer images that I shot in the process of making my last exhibition, “Kanso”. Instead of just letting them reside in the darkness, never to see the light of day, I decided to get with Patreon and take a chance on starting something new and exciting!

Patreon is a website whose goal is...

Not Really Nude, but....

This is not really a nude shot, but wanted some CC on this shot a posted here, on Flickr, and 500px. It has not gotten the attention I anticipated or that I most often get.

Why I think it is pretty good.....I like the lighting, color, composition, and dof. Perhaps I'm misguided or biased because it is my shot, but just wanted to know...

BodyScape 01

Fine art Photography: Marcos Domenech
Models: Sakurako and Mamiko Kawamura
Assistant: Aya Tanaka

2 female models,
1 Kg of Beach Sand,
2 Kg of Dry Ice,
1 pack of Army Men
1pack of StormTroopers
a perfect Time to Shoot the last time with my Canon 6D body before upgrade for a new one....

New to group

Thought I would introduce myself and add a sample image from my work.

Camera: Canon 7D Mark II
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55 IS
ISO: 100
Shutter speed: 1/320
F-stop: f4.5
Focal length: 35mm

The Horses beauty

I would like to introduce everyone to my personal project called "the horses beauty ".
In this project I'm photographing women with trained horses. I'm trying to show the beauty of both and I'm leaving this project into the free interpretation for everyone. Some og the photos are dynamic some of them are static. Possibly The end of the...