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Hello !

Here is my first video edited and filmed for a magazine.

Canon 5D MkIII, Amsterdam.

Editorial :

Have a goog night.


Window of light

I just joined the group and I will like to share this with you.
I did this images in my studio with a single strobe on the ceiling.
This is an ongoing project, shooting with the new ideas as they become tangible.

2 light setup

2 softbox 60cm x 60cm D-lite one light and get side light. for me big thing :) but hope all my photos is not bad. now new place where can take photos en peace so winter time can be in own small studio.

Rasta Man

Hello Group
I am a new member and thought I would share one of my work to the group. I call it 'Rasta Man' as it is unusual for a Rasta to take a photo much less a nude photo but he was different.

Rastas is a man or woman living a frugal lifestyle from worldly pleasures and accoutrements. They do not eat meat, salt or any man made...

Black and White in Black & White

Hello, all. This is a concept shot I did recently. The idea was to convey energy and emotion, like love, lust, sex, and sensuality through a black and white, yin and yang, him and her, two are one kind of image. What do you think? Any feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance!

The Body

Hello, Just making my 1st post here. I figured it should be a nude :)
I look forward to learning more from this group.


hi i will like to share my nude portrait project, called Elements. its a double exposure experiment. to communicate the nature of human body. hope you like it

Artistic hotel nude

I shot this last year when I was back in Toronto visiting and had a great time shooting with this middle eastern model. It's one of the few photos that I processed in B&W and not just to make it more artistic but to help eliminate the distractions of colors in the photo.

The Sense of Beauty.

This images be part of a compilation of Hotel portraits with i'm have been working during this year.
Thanks for your comments, kind regards from Mexico City.

Black and White ambience

Hi everyone:
I did a series of images with the same model in two different scenarios.
The ones in white ambience were shot with natural light, and the ones with black background, were done in studio with strobe lightning. In my images my purpose is the admiration of the female figure with an attitude of enigma.

Couple shotos in abandon place

Hello. new here so is there that "Photos" cant see any photo or is this only here post photos. take time again when learn new site.. but here couple my new shotos in abandon place with friend.


Hey guys,

This is my first post in this group so... Hi! I thought you might really enjoy the images from my latest gallery exhibition. The project focuses on the Japanese aesthetic principle of "kanso" which translates to "simplicity" in English. I have uploaded a couple of my favorites here but you can view all of the images from the...

Nude Dance

series that has taken me 3 years to produce.
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 24-105mm f/4
Profoto B1 with Beauty Dish, Octbox

K&K Figure Nudes

Images from my June 2015 photo shoot with Fine art models Keira Grant and Katja Gee at the Copycat Building in Baltimore, MD.

Abstact nudes

I find that abstract nudes hold so much intrigue. Having an abstract project helps me collect my thoughts and define what I want to achieve with my shoot. I find it more relaxing than a nude with a narrative.


What do you think that?

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