Here is my first Shibari shooting.
It has been incredible to see Miss Eris to do her magic and endure so much, for years I wanted to make a shoting like that but I imagine that the right time always comes when it has to arrive, there are many more photos from other sets of the session but I leave these for the moment.
I made the...

Portrait of Krista

I started trying to be a photographer about a year ago, so naturally, I begged and begged my girlfriend to let me photograph her. Turns out she has ended up being the perfect model for my practice and to her enjoyment.

My favorite nudes. Please, Critique.

I'm new to photography, at least, seriously (maybe a year) and I've always found nudes so interesting. Please, give me your feedback on how to improve.

*These were taken for a Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign.

Lyla in Ocala

Lyla hired me to shoot some photos for a submission to a men's magazine. I have no idea if she ever submitted them or if she ever made it into the magazine, but I loved how the photos came out.


I like bodyscapes and low key images a lot and was looking for something to spice up the images.
I saw bondage pictures a lot recently so I decided to mix the two.