Looking back at my first Fine art nude session (two and half years ago)

I'm looking back at my first fine art nudes session that i did more than two years ago. the style and the way i'm presenting my models didn't changed to these days. still love to represent them in a respective way with romantic look as possible. I remember that it was hard for me to use full nudity so i brought all of these sheets with me. also...


Series I was planning to further (but stalled). I was pairing my own pics with tear sheets from actual vintage nude magazines from the 50s and 60s, adding in PS the old tape, etc.
Canon 5DMII, sigma 35 and 50 A lens, AB1600.

Personal project from 2007

Taken with an old Kodak camera. Comprised of two photos and a purchased digital backdrop combined using Photoshop Elements to get the results you see. Critiques appreciated.

Shadows and Curves VII

I shot this image as part of a spontaneous series while on vacation in Greece in August.

As it was a vacation I did not take my usual camera gear with me so this was shot using the pro mode on a samsung s9plus.