Shot on an iphone 7

The last posting reminded me of a photo I took when all I had with me was my iphone 7. For this reason I sometimes think of upgrading my mobile phone just for the benefit of optimising the one camera that is always with me.

Shadows and Curves

I shot this image as part of a spontaneous series while on vacation in Greece in August.

As it was a vacation I did not take my usual camera gear with me so this was shot using the pro mode on a samsung s9plus.

An Open Window

When natural light was fading in the bedroom we decided to take a few shots just outside the window. It was dusk so iso was bumped up to 800 to allow for a hand held shot. Manual focus was used to defocus the subject so as to give a slight voyeuristic effect.

Optimising natural light indoors

These were taken using only natural light and a 55mm prime. The fixed prime forced me to use my feet to zoom out instead of just going to a wide angle that would have change the look and feel of these intimate photos.

Nude in the Outback

Series from the upcoming book Nudes in the Outback, Volume I
Locations: Pinnacles at Cervantes, Sand Dunes at Cervantes, Forest of Margaret River, friend of the forest, Vineyards in Margaret River, Wheat Fields of Hyden, after 6 days of travel even the model gets a bit feral, a long road still to travel.
This was a shoot that took 1...

The Machine Room

Sardinia | 2017

"A gentleman is one who can play the accordian, but doesn't." --Peter Schickele

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I did a shoot with irina earlier this month in the forest using only natural light. We shot using different poses and some with bikini, some with fully clothed and some nude. This was my fist nude photography session ever.


Here is my first Shibari shooting.
It has been incredible to see Miss Eris to do her magic and endure so much, for years I wanted to make a shoting like that but I imagine that the right time always comes when it has to arrive, there are many more photos from other sets of the session but I leave these for the moment.
I made the...


Nude in nature, to me, is the ultimate freedom for naturists, and my model for this trip up in northern Arizona made for a fine poster child. :o) Red rocks and blue sky helped contribute to the beauty of this experimental vision.

First shoot 1

This first time model was interested in lighting. I only had household lighting available so all the light comes from various LED bulbs in existing fixtures in the rooms I shot in. No editing other than cleaning up a few small spots in the background. Simply because I'm not there yet with software....

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