First post here.

This came at the end of a portrait shoot at the request of my vivacious model. I used two strobes with strip boxes.

Twin Halos

Shot this great photo with a local model while visiting Toronto earlier this year, it was her idea to hold the mirrors like that and the rest is history.

Hot Spot

I took this one of a kind shot at my photo shoot last month with a local model while I was back visiting Toronto. She seemed quite interested in my small Canon flash and decided to place it in various locations which of course helped to create a lot of interesting shadows and photos. This is probably one of the best from the shoot for obvious...

In search of my own identity

In some societies nudity is still a taboo. People don't want to discuss about it openly. Then what about a nude photographer who finds art in the most raw form of a human - A naked body. He cannot hide from the society in fear of getting mocked or laughed at. He cannot change his genre of photography just because it's a taboo.
I am a nude...

Shadow Play

I shot this inside an old abandoned shack, I loved the way the light created these lines
from the old roof joists.
Natural light
Nikon D750
ISO 100

Nude in the Outback

Series from the upcoming book Nudes in the Outback, Volume I
Locations: Pinnacles at Cervantes, Sand Dunes at Cervantes, Forest of Margaret River, friend of the forest, Vineyards in Margaret River, Wheat Fields of Hyden, after 6 days of travel even the model gets a bit feral, a long road still to travel.
This was a shoot that took 1...

I scream, I dream, I believe

Far away there in the dreams
are my aspirations. I may not reach them but I look up to them. I believe them.
No matter what happens, I will keep dreaming and I will keep following. I'm no more worried about people's opinions. I have my own madness.

on pointe

Latest image from a shoot done a couple of weeks ago of Pam.
Protofoto B1 with 3' Profoto Softbax RiFi Octa
Canon 5D MKII with 85mm f/8 @1/160

Nude Dance

series that has taken me 3 years to produce.
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 24-105mm f/4
Profoto B1 with Beauty Dish, Octbox


I've recently been enjoying bodyscapes. There is an interesting spectrum between the completely abstract image whose origin is almost unidentifiable all the way to the sensual or erotic presentation of the human form. I'm still looking at which places on that spectrum I find most interesting.

Comments and critique are welcome.

New, but not to the game…

Hello, my name is Brian and I am new to this group. I love photography and look forward to sharing, viewing, and conversing with you all. Here are a few pieces of my work…