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Shadows and Curves

I shot this image as part of a spontaneous series while on vacation in Greece in August.

As it was a vacation I did not take my usual camera gear with me so this was shot using the pro mode on a samsung s9plus.

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Dr J's picture

I feel sorry for the model, but you did great with the shadows.

Iain Lea's picture

@dr.j it was her idea ;-)

Jon Miller's picture

nice image, lighting is great and use of shadows, model had a good concept.

Darcy Brown's picture

nice tonality as well as concept and execution

Mike Young's picture

10/10 for athletics and originality- I am seeing a lot of very similar poses on the site, which could be explained by ppl getting started but it's nice to see something fresh.

David Brugman's picture

This really says something about the value of a good eye for composition vs a fancy camera. Very nice. I like the timelessness of the photo.The lack of any modern technology in the photo and the subdued colours and clean lines give it a total 1960s feel.