The Machine Room

Sardinia | 2017 "A gentleman is one who can play the accordian, but doesn't." --Peter Schickele NEW workshops @ www...
Last: October 6, 2019

"Urban Rush"

Photo-collage | Left part Mukti Echwantono photography | Right part, Minor White photography
Last: October 4, 2019


I did a shoot with irina earlier this month in the forest using only natural light. We shot using different poses and...
Last: September 29, 2019

Black/White Nude

I like how she posed and had that look. Water beads sprayed on for the beach look.
Last: September 29, 2019

Ladies in the Basement

Photographs of professional models taken in my basement. Shot with a Canon 5D4 using a very basic lighting kit.
Last: September 28, 2019

Granite and Roses

Ann never got Roses from a man .. she decided to take matters in her own hands with this tattoo.
Last: September 27, 2019

Matte Style look

rendered in PS and ON1. I wanted to offer a soft matte finish to this project. I think clouds added to this style
Last: September 26, 2019

Where has all the water gone ??

In Centeral Texas we are mostly green with lots of water for lakes and streams but this was taken during a rare long...

First shoot 1

This first time model was interested in lighting. I only had household lighting available so all the light comes from...
Last: September 24, 2019

The Yellow Rose

Used Tuell fabric and canary yellow from savage pager for this look. Converted to lab in PS to pop the color then back...
Last: September 23, 2019

Show your personal favorite from 2018

Please post your personal favourite from last year. Just a few rules: - Just one Photo per member - Must be your own...
Last: September 5, 2019

Rowan amongst the Rocks

Images from a shoot with Rowan (IG @maine_wanderlass) on the coast of Maine. This niche of a cave had beautifully...
Last: September 22, 2019

Just one photo

Taken as an after thought, at a neighbor's pool. Just a little implied
Last: September 21, 2019

Artistic hotel nude

I shot this last year when I was back in Toronto visiting and had a great time shooting with this middle eastern model...
Last: September 16, 2019

Rasta Man

Hello Group I am a new member and thought I would share one of my work to the group. I call it 'Rasta Man' as it is...
Last: September 11, 2019

beach lines

self portrait from a beach in oregon, taken a few weeks ago
Last: September 8, 2019


This is one picture of my first nude shooting. It was shot in an German vineyard during sunset. Hope you enjoy it. Rate...
Last: September 3, 2019
Last: September 3, 2019
Last: September 1, 2019


I often forget to photograph details, I believe the details are what finalizes the stories you're telling.
Last: August 30, 2019