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Bernd Stoeckl's picture

Available light only

I am an absolute fan of such.
Modern FF cams allow this and the look in my opinion is much more natural and "real"

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Sam David's picture

Absolutely agree with you. Really nice work. Especially like third down. Natural all the way.

George Popescu's picture

They look fantastic! Especially the second one from the top!

Marc Lavergne's picture

Nice work!

Subjects are posing in a natural way.

The first one is flawless, just the right amount of furniture etc to tell a story, natural light is great but a little flat in this one if I have to say something about it.

Great relaxed pose on the second one but I find the clutter behind her somewhat distracting.

On the third one her facial expression could be more relaxed and the chandelier that seems to come out of her shoulder could be removed.

Fourth one is perfect, well done!

The fifth one is spectacular, I'm wondering if you could avoided or removed the white halo (reflection on the glass?) in front of her. Might been even better if her right arm wasn't croped or lowered onto her head.

The last is good other than the bright spot above her head.

Very nice work, I'm impressed by your style but I'm also very critical and see little things that could make great images even better.

Jeff Pitts's picture

Beautiful work

Mike Young's picture

I like 1,2 & 3 but I feel the addition of the clothing on the shoulder tips it because of the soft light, whites in the background and folds of the material are all combining to create a great piece overall.