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Critical Feedback Please

For these edits I was going for an ethereal feel, like finding a pixie in her natural environment. I would love critical feedback on these good or bad if you have any.

The images in this post have been flagged as NSFW.
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I think you really did well. I wish I had access to such locations and was able to get there, (Mobility issues.) One thing that needs a little post, in the last picture... lhe shadow under her eye makes it look like she got a bit of a shiner. Maybe a little dodging there.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

When I think “ethereal”, I’m picturing something light and/or soft. These images are too contrasty, IMO. And, they feel overly saturated orange warm.

This won’t make it light/soft, maybe consider adding some blue (or teal, cyan) in the shadows. This should at least compliment the orange tones.

First image:
-- You have some major over exposed areas on her body and face. Try to pick a more even lit area, be it in shadow or in light.
-- Try to not crop the hand/fingers.

Second image:
-- I’m not a fan of backs of the head and their backs when there’s nothing going on in front of them. What’s the point.
-- At this position, looks like she’s a leg amputee. Need to show more of the legs.
-- Watch the hands. Looks awkward like a “J” shaped limb.

Third image:
-- Watch the crops.
-- What is that in her hand? A shirt? Since it’s just partial (or uninteresting), whatever it is, I would have not have her hold it.

In all three, you have to tendency to crop off the hands/fingers. Have some breathing room around the subject.

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The bottom photo is the best. On the top photo, I don't understand what's going on with the coloring on her breasts. In general, I think you need to work on your framing.

Thurston Munn's picture

Nudes in nature are always a favorite for us. However the sun and shadows can prove a bit difficult more often than not. Beautiful model and overall nicely done.