Allison, 2019

My first shot at this style of work. Constructive criticism welcome!
Last: December 22, 2019


-= strip on tattoo =- Model: Julia Pretzl Fotograf: Christian Zink | Lichtfang Fotografie Weimar Danke an Relax Bali...
Last: November 29, 2019


Nikon D90+1.4G 50mm
Last: November 24, 2019

Pretty Farm Girl

Another image from my book "Nudes on Location" Nikon D700 180 mm 2.8@1000 ISO LO.1.0 Natural Light ND Filter
Last: November 22, 2019

Isa at bed

Canon 60D Strobes . 2 lights
Last: November 22, 2019

Lighting angles for implied

Very new to photography and new to this group. Hoping to get some feedback on lighting angles, implied concept, editing...
Last: November 21, 2019

Nude stretching in diffused morning sun

This was taken using my little Lumix GX80 and a 25mm (50mm equiv) lens. Minimal editing.
Last: November 16, 2019

Full Frontal

Image capture with window light.
Last: November 16, 2019

First studio shoot, 1 light setup

I had my first studio shoot with the french model Morgwen Coste during a workshop with Morten Krogvold. I was limited...
Last: November 16, 2019


Tryed different style of photography and i think i did not too bad.
Last: November 16, 2019

First Nude Shoot

Actually - I don't do people at all very often. But I got the opportunity to give this a try. I posted one or two from...
Last: November 16, 2019

Optimising natural light indoors

These were taken using only natural light and a 55mm prime. The fixed prime forced me to use my feet to zoom out...
Last: November 1, 2019


Composite studio shoot , mild bondage theme. Three light setup , 2 rear left/rigtht , Main fill front top.
Last: October 27, 2019


She tried to fit the right way...
Last: October 24, 2019

Shot on an iphone 7

The last posting reminded me of a photo I took when all I had with me was my iphone 7. For this reason I sometimes...
Last: October 16, 2019

Shadows and Curves

I shot this image as part of a spontaneous series while on vacation in Greece in August. As it was a vacation I did not...
Last: October 11, 2019

An Open Window

When natural light was fading in the bedroom we decided to take a few shots just outside the window. It was dusk so iso...
Last: October 8, 2019

Nude in the Outback

Series from the upcoming book Nudes in the Outback, Volume I Locations: Pinnacles at Cervantes, Sand Dunes at Cervantes...
Last: October 7, 2019

The Machine Room

Sardinia | 2017 "A gentleman is one who can play the accordian, but doesn't." --Peter Schickele NEW workshops @ www...
Last: October 6, 2019

"Urban Rush"

Photo-collage | Left part Mukti Echwantono photography | Right part, Minor White photography
Last: October 4, 2019