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I'm an American travel photographer originally from Detroit, USA. I'm currently based in South Africa shooting for the tourism industry and building my Stocksy portfolio.

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Florida Keys

Took a quick overnight trip down to the Florida Keys with my kids to celebrate my birthday and I can tell you that everything they say is true. The sunsets from Mallory Square in Key West are amazing. Cant wait to get back down there and shoot some more as there are so many more places to explore in the Keys.


Fortunate enough to have a few days in Paris. Family in tow but tripod tolerated so the Big Stopper saw some action to thin the crowds around a few landmarks. Details behind the shots in my profile.

C&C appreciated!

The Tuscan Hangover

Tuscany in Spring and Autumn can be magical.

Belvedere is the most photographed villa in Tuscany, but the settings are just too good to resist.

Looking for some Cc on this classic frame.

Germany - Düsseldorf

This is Königsallee street in Düsseldorf. what's interesting about this street alongside the beautiful view from bridges is that here is the place where parrots live freely in these trees since a few years ago when they escaped from the zoo.

Hello from Berlin!

Hey all!
I took this picture on a recent trip to Berlin. It was amazing seeing the olympic torch in person :-)

Would love some feedback and thoughts on this picture.



A running and skiing trip under the amazing lights and colors of the Great North.
Shoot in Lapland, Finland in December. We had the chance to get auroras :)
Really cool life experience ! We hope the movie will share this.
Shoot with 3 Sony A7S that were recorded on Atomos Inferno, sigma Art lenses and a Dji Phantom 4 Pro....

Oman beach

Pictures from my time in Oman, one of the most beautiful places I have stayed in and I loved the beach and would visit the beach everyday just to capture the beautiful sunset. Non of the pictures are edited as I have no knowledge of editing, only a couple of filters just to peek it up. Any constructive feedback is welcome and I am open to...


People watching in Peru 2016. One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Plenty to see and amazing places, people to photograph.

Bagan photography tips?

Hi guys,

I've been travelling South East Asia for about 4 months now and covered Nepal, Tibet, India and I am currently in Myanmar.

In a week or so I'll be going to the famous Bagan temples. This is obviously a huge place and I was wondering if any photographers had any tips for making the most of my trip there. Any good spots or...

Prague commuters

This shot was taken with a 3 second exposure in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. I was there in early December - very cold and some rain. To me, night photography in a city is made so much more interesting in the rain. By the way - great beer in Prague!

Chittagong, Bangladesh

New here and I thought I'd like to share some pictures from a recent trip to Chittagong in Bangladesh. As well as visiting a garment factory, the fish market and the places where boats are built and repaired, I was lucky enough to gain access to the notorious ship breaking yards where giant tankers, ferries, container ships and the...