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Welcome to the Travel Photography group!

Introduce yourself here and share some of your work. I'll get it started.

I'm an American travel photographer originally from Detroit, USA. I'm currently based in South Africa shooting for the tourism industry and building my Stocksy portfolio.

You can find me here:


Kok Beru (aka Dead Goat Polo) - Kyrgyzstan

First post on Fstoppers and as I've just returned from a month hiking/camping in this awesome country I thought I'd post a shot from one of their horse festivals that they are rightly famous (infamous) for.

The national sport of Kyrgyzstan is called Kok Boru (aka dead goat polo or Buzkashi) and highlights the skill of their riders as...

Inspiring travel photographer

Good morning,

I am inspiring travel photographer and just wanted some of photography critiqued.

Open to constructive criticism as I want to improve my ability. Travelling to Tahiti in October so hoping to take some wonderful photos in paradise.

Thanks for your input.

Hi everyone!

I'm new to Fstoppers and was unsure how to start to be freelance/travel photographer. I just finished my Diploma in Business Administration recently and can't decide which degree to pursue :(

First Post - Cape Town from mountain views!

Hi, these were taken in Cape Town, South Africa. Captured from Table Mountain and en route to Lion's Head. I'm new to Fstoppers and glad to be here!

I'm experimenting with new ideas and would love to hear your thoughts and advice.

Junkie chasing light

Figured I'd start getting involved and stop being a lurker. This image was taken during a backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevada. Early morning light, hot coffee, and that alpine start. Travel to me...long sufferfest of intentional grueling days and hours and miles with the hope of either capturing an incredible view, or making an...

Icon - Hoi An, Vietnam

Hey everyone. I just want to share this photo i did in the old town of Hoi An in Vietnam. I thought i try something different and get a way from the typical shots you see most of the time from this place. Comments, critiques and ideas are welcome and appreciated.


I'm not exactly new to photography. I've been taking photos for at least 6 years when I have time or go away. I'm from the northeast. I use a Canon T4i. Here's a photo I recently took in Ogunquit Maine.

Candy - First post on Fstoppers

Hi, I'm a travel photographer who just joined Fstoppers community. Long time fan of Fstoppers Youtube channel and their tutorials.

Proud to join this great community today! This is my first post here, shot couple of weeks back in Manarola while traveling in Italy.

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome :)


I’m new to fstoppers! I would love to become a freelance travel photographer one day, just unsure how to begin right now! I’m travelling around Europe currently so taking lots of pictures and getting more practice!
I have more pictures here on my flickr:

Any tips and feedback...

A beginner took a picture from the sky above Japan


I will excuse poor English.

I am a beginner's illustration letter working.

This is a picture taken from Kyoto in Japan in sky.

The is here

If you are a professional cameraman, would not you be able to shoot more amazing...

North America, Europe and Japan

I became aware of this group from an article that Hillary wrote.

I mostly do real estate and architectural photography plus portraits and fashion in Melbourne Australia.. I have a four month trip coming up soon and going to have a lot of free time on my hands. I’m hoping to do some tfp fashion work plus a bit of architecture and just...


Hi friends,

I am new to this group and I am a hobbyist photographer as of now. However, I want to take my photography skills to next level by learning new things and make photography as my full-time career.
Please let me know what you guys think of this picture.

New to the group, probably out of the norm.

While hauling cable spools from a small town outside of Houston to another small town in eastern Missouri, I stopped at the Winstar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, OK to meet up with one of my real deal truckin' friends. I started out a few years ago just pictures of trucks but within the past few months I've discovered I really enjoy...