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I'm an American travel photographer originally from Detroit, USA. I'm currently based in South Africa shooting for the tourism industry and building my Stocksy portfolio.

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Willy's Rock

When we hear of Aklan Province, the first thing that comes to mind is Boracay Beach, a well-known attraction, and a visit to the beach is not complete if you miss seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary's grotto and take a picture of the beautiful image on top of the Boracay Rock in Station 1.

In 2010, the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary was...

Zoomed vs Wide Landscapes

Hey All,

I travel for work, so I get stuck in odd places for a couple months at a time. Most recently, I'm in Kansas and exploring this interesting state. The longer I shoot, the more I find myself zooming in on different aspects of a particular landscape while photographing.

Those of you who shoot landscapes, do you enjoy a...

Seeking clarity... Can someone help me understand?

First things first, these 2 photos ARE NOT MINE. They belong to Alex Strohl, and I pulled them from the "Travel Alberta" collection on his site. I pulled these to use as an example.

Now that I have my disclosures out of the way, on to the question:

These past few days I've...