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Welcome to the Travel Photography group!

Introduce yourself here and share some of your work. I'll get it started.

I'm an American travel photographer originally from Detroit, USA. I'm currently based in South Africa shooting for the tourism industry and building my Stocksy portfolio.

You can find me here:


The Tuscan Hangover

Tuscany in Spring and Autumn can be magical.

Belvedere is the most photographed villa in Tuscany, but the settings are just too good to resist.

Looking for some Cc on this classic frame.

Prime Lenses for Travel Photography

I typically carry my 24-70 and 70-200mm 2.8 Canon lenses with me when I travel. But I am slowly migrating to the Sony system (love the A7RII). I have the gmaster 85mm and was wondering what other prime lenses are must haves for travel photography?


Hi everyone! I am new to Fstoppers, but not to photography. I have been taking lifestyle and event photos for years without publishing or actively pursuing my gift. However, things have changed and I am excited to develop, inspire, and share my gift. I look forward to connecting with you all.

Just arrived here, hello.

Hi, just introducing myself. I usually work on long-term documentary projects, and haven't had much of an online presence until now. My work can be seen here.

Vietnam Based Photographer

Hello everyone,
My name is Justin Mott, I'm a professional photographer who shoots just about everything and I've been based in Vietnam for 10 years. I've shot news and travel for The New York Times as a freelancer for most of my career but I also shoot commercial work and video. I'm the resident photographer on History Channel's...

Hello from the south of France!!

Hello everybody,
Alex here, french english teacher who got caught into the photography hobby real bad!!! Well,
I live in the Aude region, nearby Narbonne and I am looking forward to improve my photography skills with your help of course!

I love traveling, I've done quite a lot so far, mostly through Europe but also in Africa...

The Oceanographer ( The Diver )

This is the first image from a Continuous series I am working on dedicated to original explorers who paved the way and devoted their lives to exploring the world we travel today.

The entire costume was built from foam and took around 30 Hours to complete.

The look I wanted from the image was to be a Victorian Era portrait. to...

Exploring the world in 4 & a half months.

I'm sharing my pictures from me and my girlfriends trip around the world on my website:

The trip:
[X] Tokyo,Japan.
[X] Beijing,China.
[X] Hong Kong.
[X] Singapore.
[X] Bali,Indonesia.
[X] Australian east coast.
[ /] Queenstown,New Zeeland....

Hello from New Zealand

Now semi-retired travel (& sports) photog from NZ, I'm just filling up my stock library to keep me in first-class air tickets for the rest of my life :-)

Shoot in Paradise aka Costa Rica!

This my Vacation Beach Property I will make my Studio soon,

I will conduct workshops and offers special discount rates for Photographer, Videographers, Models, ect in our business.
Beautiful beaches, rainforests, rivers, & waterfalls make your work amazing!

Backpacking through South-East Asia: zoom vs primes


I'll be travelling to Thailand and Vietnam and plan on doing some documantary and street photography work and need some advice on what equipment to take with me.

Since I'll be backpacking, size and weight are quite an issue and I already decided to leave the 70-200 at home (what a shame). I got some great results with my D750...


Hi everyone, well I guess i'm travel photographer. Originally from Ukraine now living at Washington DC USA. Just take a look on my photos, I hope you like it =)

Shaolin temple in China

Hi everybody, my name is Pavel, I have been using fstoppers for a while but I have just now created my own profile. So take these few pictures as a small introduction :)

Hi everyone - I'm new - And I'm going to visit Dresden and Berlin...

Hi! I'm pretty new to Fstoppers. Really enjoy the positive attitude of the community. My family is traveling to Dresden and Berlin in April. My son (15) and I are photography "enthusiasts" but it's our first trip to those cities. Anyone been there and have advice about interesting locations to shoot (landscapes, buildings, street photography)?...

New to the group and F Stoppers - Hi from the UK

Hi folks,
Doing the newbie hello bit here and just saying Hi from the UK.

Im a Photographer and Workshop Trainer from Scotland originally and now living in Warwickshire, England.
I've been working in the wedding industry after a career in University Education which finally made me leave the normal and return back to my...

Introduction to the group

Hi, im a young aspiring photographer, I've been doing it for around 5 years now but only started to really get to know my facts this past year. Here are a few photos from my latest project in Amsterdam! Love to hear what you guys think:)

Constant Light Photography with LED Lighting in Sydney

For nearly a decade I been doing constant light photography with LED professional lighting.. I use constant light photography for everything I do because it's fast and efficient, what you see is what you get. I shoot celebrities, famous people, sports stars, music artist, supermodels and many more types of subjects. I did the first shot with...

New to the group

Hi everyone!

I am new to the this group and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself! I really want to learn and have aspirations of being a travel photographer!


The strange couple

I spotted this man bringing the elephant into the sea, I was on a scooter nearby and being afraid of losing the moment I dove dress bringing the camera up to the water surface. I must say that the subjects were very helpful with me, despite the astonished gaze of the people on the beach.

'Travelling' in London

Hi, I'm a student studying engineering in London, originally from Hong Kong. Even though it's been my fourth year in London, there's still so much I have not seen. Here is a photo of London from my point of view:) Please give me any comments/opinions, much appreciated!