Prime Lenses for Travel Photography

I typically carry my 24-70 and 70-200mm 2.8 Canon lenses with me when I travel. But I am slowly migrating to the Sony system (love the A7RII). I have the gmaster 85mm and was wondering what other prime lenses are must haves for travel photography?

Introduction to the group

Hi, im a young aspiring photographer, I've been doing it for around 5 years now but only started to really get to know my facts this past year. Here are a few photos from my latest project in Amsterdam! Love to hear what you guys think:)

New to the group

Hi everyone!

I am new to the this group and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself! I really want to learn and have aspirations of being a travel photographer!


The strange couple

I spotted this man bringing the elephant into the sea, I was on a scooter nearby and being afraid of losing the moment I dove dress bringing the camera up to the water surface. I must say that the subjects were very helpful with me, despite the astonished...

'Travelling' in London

Hi, I'm a student studying engineering in London, originally from Hong Kong. Even though it's been my fourth year in London, there's still so much I have not seen. Here is a photo of London from my point of view:) Please give me any comments/opinions, much...

Travel photographer!

Hello everyone,
I am a travel photographer from INDIA and have been working for past 6 years photography has always been my first love.
My main are travel,fashion candid and wedding portraits. Currently i am pursuing my masters and would love...

South Thailand Camera

Hey guys
I'm looking into going to south of Thailand again to photograph for a month, I have only been on holiday before so had all my luxurys, This time I'm going to backpack my way through. I am working what type of equipment you can recommend, I...

A lucky shot

Here in Southern Utah, snow is a pretty rare sight, so I was super fortunate to be able to capture Snow Canyon, with even a light dusting of snow because that snow didn't last much longer than a couple hours after this shot was taken.

By the way, if...

Hello all

I am new to fstoppers. I also want to be a traveling photographer. It has been a long dream of mine. Right now I am planning a Costa Rica trip. With in 3 months. Im getting really excited. I never been outside the U.S. dose anyone have any advice? For this...

Hello Everyone- Tenerife images

Hello everyone, I'm new to the community functions of the website. Im a 27 year old aspiring travel photographer, Ive spent a lot of time wondering if I had what it takes and recently I came to the conclusion that I either go for it or Ill spend my life...

Just getting started

Hi everyone I'm a twenty-seven year old photographer based out of Battle Creek,Michigan trying to figure out how to get started in travel photography. I have the basics down, currently because of limited budget I do street photography or shoot anywhere I...

Backpacking Through USA and Europe

Hey all,

So I am planing a trip(well some of the tickets already purchased) from Bolivia(where I currently live) to Florida then in a rental car up to NYC then back to Florida. Once back in Florida I will be taking a transatlantic cruise to a few...

Scottish Highlands

Hi there,

Just joined fstoppers community and this group.
I'm a 35 year old french enthusiast photographer, mostly interested in landscape, travel and nature photography.

I uploaded few photographs from my trip in Scottish Highlands...

Getting my photos out there

Hi, I'm 20 years old, I love to travel, explore and adventure and have been trying to figure this out for a while. I am not planning to become a professional photographer but would love to do more with my photos. Does anyone have (not generic) advice on...

Elephant Rock

If you're ever visiting Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, then you'll want to make sure you have enough time to travel about an hour north to visit the Valley of Fire State Park. The park is filled with some absolutely incredible views!! This feature, aptly named...

Bound for Paradise!

Getting Ready, Photographers, Videographers. & Models Ill be offering my Vacation Beach House & Condos Rentals at Great Discounts for us to do our Work & have an awesome vacation/adventures in paradise aka Costa Rica! Beautiful Beaches, Rain...

Travel photographer in India ?

Hi everyone!
I am a 23 year old filmmaker traveling to India from December to March -with my gear of course-.
I was thinking that it might be cool to make some road with a travel photographer.

Let me know if one you will be in India at...

Seeking career advice from the pros

Hello Everyone,

I hope that this post is appropriate here. If not, I apologize. I am 30 yo and have been working in the humanitarian field for a few years now but I have always have a yearning in my heart for photography.

Is it too late for...

Old Friends

On a little side street in Valletta, Malta two old friends go about the morning as they have for decades.