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I'm an American travel photographer originally from Detroit, USA. I'm currently based in South Africa shooting for the tourism industry and building my Stocksy portfolio.

You can find me here:


Duomo - Siena

I absolutely love this church. The black and white striping is just amazing. I took the same picture 13 years ago and there was scaffolding around it. Not only did I get a great day to snap a new picture, but the floor was uncovered as well. What a treat! It was a bit of wait to get up to this viewing point, so if you go, go early!

Too dark...?

Hello, I'm new here and now looking for feedback and suggestions for improvement.
I took this photo in the Swiss Alps and am not unhappy with it, but often I'm unsure if it is too dark after all. On the other hand, I like the contrast very much and I find the special atmosphere interesting. I am looking forward to your comments :)


Croatian Sunset

I took this photo sailing out of Croatia and I managed to capture this stunning sunset! Let me know what you think. Anything I can improve on? Anything I should edit differently?

Welcome to Martinique

I finished a cruise in the Caribean and took a photo of the Disney Fantasy in port and thought I would share it. It was a beautiful day for island hopping with a break in the typical rain this time of year. I cropped the photo as a 16x5 pano which I think make it look more impressive. I am interested in getting feedback, suggestions, and...

Where do I begin?

Hi everyone!

I'm really interested in being a travel photographer; I think that this style of photography is something I would excel in and really love. The industry can be sort of confusing for me. I really don't know where to start if I want to do this as a career, where I should be marketing, how to sell my skills, or who is willing...

Star Flyer

Sailing ship Star Flyer, hard to starboard, off the coast of St. Martin. One frame of a video shoot using a Canon 70D and a 100-400mm lens. Given the crop factor, closer to 600mm.

Raotonga Sunset, Mother & Child

I was shooting the sunset at Blackrock beach on Rarotonga, had the tripod set, camera set, and was waiting for the right moment. Then this woman and her child walked right into frame on me! Obviously tourists, and the location is by the airport so it's probably the first spot a lot of visitors stop at for the big vacation selfie - and who...

Australia, Sydney

Hey guys, just wanted to share some of my recent photos i‘ve taken in Sydney. Let me hear what you think and share your thoughts/critique please!

Zanzibar life...

I was in Zanzibar, just once until now, but it was wonderful....

I like to shoot people, in their native areas, and here are some of my photos from there..

Little monks having a funny time.

My name is Carlos. I'm a Brazilian photographer living in Sao Paulo.

I took that picture in Ladakh (meaning ‘land of the passes’) is a cold desert in the Northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is divided into the mainly Muslim Kargil district and the primarily Buddhist Leh district.