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I'm an American travel photographer originally from Detroit, USA. I'm currently based in South Africa shooting for the tourism industry and building my Stocksy portfolio.

You can find me here:


Can I have some feedback about my ”work”

Hi, I love travelling and I love photography.
So I went and bought myself a dslr a year ago.
I share my pics only in instagram and in my porfolio. These are straight from my phone (I am at Cambodia atm) and becouse of that they are 4*5 and 1080p.

I love the amazing work of real travel photographers and I am kind of shy about...

Above the clouds


I've recently started exploring photography and I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Tenerife with some of my good friends. It was an incredible experience, but what really blew my mind away was climbing near the village of Masca, above the clouds, where we were welcomed by one hell of a view.

This is one of my favorite...

I'm about to bail on Canon- Change my mind

I have been a canon shooter since they came out with the 20D, which finally got me to abandon my old Praktica. The 20D wasn't my first digital camera, but it was my first primary camera that was digital. And it was awesome.

I have also used the 30D (I borrowed one from a guy who wa intending to sell it during a Glacier NP shootout,...

Hello !

Hi everyone, I am new to Fstoppers and unsure of how to go about certain things. And would very much appreciate any feedback on my photos, mentally I feel stuck in a sense of not sure of where to take my photography style. Thank you very much.

Great Australian Road Journey

The Nullabor Plain connects South Australia with Western Australia. One of the great road journeys to be had in Australia. Here are some pics from 2006.Galahs are numerous. There are many kangaroos and feral camels and in some places wombats to look out for. You should avoid driving at night on this highway as you are likely to it something.On...

Castle Rock

Standing atop castle rock
Edinburgh Castle, goes back 1100 years. Ancient from antiquity the stories this hill can tell . Walking through it takes you back into time cobble stone streets architecture built by hand.

Junkie chasing light

Figured I'd start getting involved and stop being a lurker. This image was taken during a backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevada. Early morning light, hot coffee, and that alpine start. Travel to me...long sufferfest of intentional grueling days and hours and miles with the hope of either capturing an incredible view, or making an...

Looking for Critiques of my Photos of Prague

New Fstopper here, and I just got back from my first trip that I dedicated to photography and nothing else. I'd love some Fstopper feedback on some select images. The entire gallery I shot of Prague is here:

But here are what I think are the best shots from that gallery....

Whale watching in Alaska

These were taken during a cruise whale watching excursion in 2017. Too bad there was no breeching and I wish I was closer to the whale.

One thing for sure, Alaska is a beautiful place! I will be back!

A roamer trying to create a better world

Hello everyone,
I am working on my photographic and writing skills these days. I have been on the road since 2015 in India. I travel for the love of nature and what it has to offer. At the same time, trying to create a better mind-set among people so that we can use resources wisely and build a better human civilization so that we can...

Inspiring travel photographer

Good morning,

I am inspiring travel photographer and just wanted some of photography critiqued.

Open to constructive criticism as I want to improve my ability. Travelling to Tahiti in October so hoping to take some wonderful photos in paradise.

Thanks for your input.

Travel Photgraphy

Hi my name is Jordyn, I’m 17 years old. As a 17 year old, I am trying to figure out what career path I want to do. I am really passionate about photography especially landscape and animal life. I have a couple of questions to ask to see if travel photographer is a career that I might want to pursue. Here are my questions:
1) Do you have...

First Post - Cape Town from mountain views!

Hi, these were taken in Cape Town, South Africa. Captured from Table Mountain and en route to Lion's Head. I'm new to Fstoppers and glad to be here!

I'm experimenting with new ideas and would love to hear your thoughts and advice.