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Introduce yourself & share your travel photography links

Welcome to the Travel Photography group!

Introduce yourself here and share some of your work. I'll get it started.

I'm an American travel photographer originally from Detroit, USA. I'm currently based in South Africa shooting for the tourism industry and building my Stocksy portfolio.

You can find me here:


Bagan photography tips?

Hi guys,

I've been travelling South East Asia for about 4 months now and covered Nepal, Tibet, India and I am currently in Myanmar.

In a week or so I'll be going to the famous Bagan temples. This is obviously a huge place and I was wondering if any photographers had any tips for making the most of my trip there. Any good spots or...

Where do I begin?

Hi everyone!

I'm really interested in being a travel photographer; I think that this style of photography is something I would excel in and really love. The industry can be sort of confusing for me. I really don't know where to start if I want to do this as a career, where I should be marketing, how to sell my skills, or who is willing...

How can you make a living as a Travel Photographer?

Hi all,

I'm Felix from the little island of Malta.

I'm just wondering if there's anyone in this group who is a full time Travel Photographer?

Is it still possible to make a living nowadays as a travel photographer?

Anyone can recommend any Professional Travel Photographer who offers private mentoring?


Zanzibar life...

I was in Zanzibar, just once until now, but it was wonderful....

I like to shoot people, in their native areas, and here are some of my photos from there..


Tried High key Processing. Had Discarded the frame earlier but this time eye saw something in it. Am ambiguous about processing of sea within the composition of grey tones. Also if to define the horizon.

Please help with your critical opinion for the image. Thanks.

Too dark...?

Hello, I'm new here and now looking for feedback and suggestions for improvement.
I took this photo in the Swiss Alps and am not unhappy with it, but often I'm unsure if it is too dark after all. On the other hand, I like the contrast very much and I find the special atmosphere interesting. I am looking forward to your comments :)


Vanlife winter expedition in the Arctic circle.

In the winter of 2018/2019 my girlfriend and I traveled through Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland (Lapland), & Norway) with our two dogs in our converted camper-van with only our wood stove and thick king sized sleeping bag to stay warm. in our 1996 Mercedes Sprinter van with over 350,000 miles on its clocks. We traveled through thick snow on un...

Duomo - Siena

I absolutely love this church. The black and white striping is just amazing. I took the same picture 13 years ago and there was scaffolding around it. Not only did I get a great day to snap a new picture, but the floor was uncovered as well. What a treat! It was a bit of wait to get up to this viewing point, so if you go, go early!

Croatian Sunset

I took this photo sailing out of Croatia and I managed to capture this stunning sunset! Let me know what you think. Anything I can improve on? Anything I should edit differently?